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"Fanning the Flames"



Title: Fanning the Flames
Author: Lucy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Torklenzmith
Genre: Slash
Warnings: Smut, language
Disclaimer: I don't own the Monkees and make no aspersions toward their sexualities.
Summary: An after-coitus snuggle session (though Mike will deny such a thing ever happened) brings about a discussion. And more coitus, of course.
Author's Note: I seriously think my favorite part of writing this series is coming up with the titles ^_^ And then I write the story, and no. No, that is definitely not my favorite part of writing these. This one's a bit shorter, but it's one of my favorites :)

Peter nuzzled into Mike's chest, a pleasant fuzzy feeling settling in his brain. He smiled as he felt Micky behind him curl into his back. Mike raised a hand and began to play with Micky's curls, and Micky made a soft noise of contentment as he bumped Mike's hand with his head.

"That feels nice..." he murmured, absentmindedly running his fingers up Peter's side. Peter shivered, Micky's touch raising goosebumps on his skin. He felt Micky's mouth curve into a grin against his shoulder at his reaction.

Micky placed a soft kiss against one of Peter's freckles. "Love you."

"Mmm," Peter hummed. "Love you, too."

Mike leaned over and rested his head on top of Peter's, inhaling and then smiling.

"How do you always smell good? You should smell like sex. Instead, you smell like..." He inhaled again. "Baby shampoo. And..." He wracked his brain.

"Strawberry incense," Micky said, stretching and sitting up on his elbow to look at Mike over Peter. "That stuff he always gets from Mark."

"Yeah! Yeah, that's it." Mike grinned, planting a kiss on Peter's hair. "Smells a lot better on
you then when you're burning it."

"Stop it, Mike," Peter mumbled, blushing.

"Stop what? Tellin' you you smell good? That's just the truth, shotgun," Mike squeezed Peter closer. "I love the way you smell, even though I've got no idea how."

"I smell like sweat, Mike," Peter insisted, still red.

He pouted indignantly when Micky tugged his head over to investigate this for himself.

"No, Mike's right, you still smell like baby shampoo and strawberry incense."

"I do

"Why do you use baby shampoo?" Micky asked curiously. He looked up to see that Mike's face was incredibly close to his due to his own sniffing of Peter and couldn't resist pressing a short kiss to his lips.

Peter frowned. "My hair is... sensitive. Most other shampoos are too harsh. They hurt. Can we talk about something else?"

It was Mike's turn to frown. "Why do you have a hang-up about this? It's not like we're saying you smell

Peter's face reddened impossibly further. "It's just, uh, weird. I'm not used to people talking about me like that."

"Like what?" Micky inquired, wrapping an arm around Peter's waist. "Like you smell good?"

"Like I'm.... I don't know..." Peter looked down.

"Like you're actually worth something?" Mike asked, fire flashing in his eyes. He bit back a curse when Peter inclined his head slightly. He and Micky had talked about this a few days ago. How Peter always tried to deflect compliments or avoid conversation about anything that could be construed as good about him.

Micky's eyes narrowed. "Well, then. I guess we'll just have to tell you."

"Tell me what?" Peter's voice was almost silent.

Micky exchanged a look with Mike, then lifted Peter's chin with a finger.

"That we think you're beautiful. And sexy. And gorgeous. And you smell delicious."

Peter giggled softly at the last one, and Micky smiled. Mission halfway accomplished. Now for the second part.

"But maybe we need to show you," he said quietly.

Before Peter could figure out what was going on, Mike had taken hold of his chin and turned him, crushing their lips together. Micky focused on his neck, placing sucking kisses in a trail for his ear to his collarbone.

Peter moaned, already hardening again. Mike slipped his tongue into Peter's mouth, mapping out the contours of it while he grabbed Peter's hand and guided it down to his own erection. He broke away to speak into Peter's ear as Micky nibbled at the lobe of the other one.

"Do you see what you do to me, Peter?" he panted. "How hard I am for you? How sexy I think you are?"

Peter wrapped his hand around Mike and stroked him gently, but Mike removed his hand.

"No, this is about you."

Peter whined in his throat. "Mike, I wanna - Oh!" He cut himself off when Micky bit down gently on his neck. He groaned softly as the other man soothed the bite with his tongue.

Mike took Peter's erection in hand and began to pump it slowly as Micky ducked down to settle between Peter's legs. Peter was already stretched from earlier, so Micky slipped inside easily and Peter arched against him, gasping.

"Yes, yes, God, Micky," he breathed before Mike covered his mouth with his own again, still stroking his cock.

Their tongues slid together messily as Peter lost control, steadily thrusting into Mike's hand.

Please, Mike," Peter begged once Mike leaned back, eyes locked together, one set wide, filled with desperation, the other half-lidded and sure.

Mike sucked another kiss from Peter's lower lip, not looking away.

"You're so beautiful when you're about to come."

"So good," Micky added, "
God, I love fucking you, you feel so good when I'm inside you, and that look you get right before you let go..."

"Mike... Micky, Mike..." Peter thought he might die.

that look..."

"Go on, Peter... come for us." Mike took Peter's lips again and Peter's cry of release was swallowed by the other man's mouth.

Mike continued to place soft kisses on Peter's lips while Micky removed himself from Peter and slid back up next to him.

"Do you believe us yet?" Micky asked, turning Peter's head to steal a few kisses of his own.

Peter attempted to catch his breath before speaking.

"I'm not sure." And then he smiled
that smile, the one that made the other two horny enough to jump him in public. "Maybe I need some more convincing..."




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