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"Every Dream That You Have I’ll Fulfil"



Title: Every Dream That You Have I'll Fulfil
Author: Gondorbunny
Pairing: At long last...Torksmith! (With later suggestion of Torklenzmith)
Rating: Hmmm...I'd say R
Warnings: Slash slash slash and some naughty words
Summary: Mike has the best friends ever!
Author's Note: This actually came out longer than I had expected it to. I also underestimated how much I adore Peter/Micky. Writing Peter with someone else...even Mike...was hard. I think I did okay with it, though. I did try really hard to keep everyone in character. Hopefully you like the results!

“So what d’ya think of that one?” Davy asked, pointing off the deck and out toward the beach, where a small group of scantily-clad teenaged girls were giggling and splashing in the surf. Davy had pointed out one in a green bikini that was spreading out her towel on the sand.

Mike studied her. She was a typical California girl. Blonde, tanned, tall and leggy. She looked to be just Davy’s type.

What am I thinking? Davy doesn’t even have a “type”, Mike thought, his lips turning up a bit at the corners.

Davy saw the small smile, but of course misinterpreted the reason for it. “So you do like her, then?”

Mike shrugged. “Yeah, she’s a groovy-looking chick. But why do you need my opinion?”

Davy’s expression turned a bit serious. “’Cuz I was kind of hoping
you’d make a move on her. I’m worried about you, man. You’ve been acting kind of down lately.”

Mike felt a little quiver of unease pass through him. Had he been that obvious? He thought he was hiding his emotions better than that. Hopefully Davy hadn’t guessed everything.

If Davy had, he certainly wasn’t letting on about it. “So I talked to Micky about it the other day…about my worries, I mean…and he suggested that maybe we needed to find you a girl.”

The unease felt stronger now. Did Micky suspect something? Did he want Davy to find a girl for Mike to keep Mike away from Peter?

Oh, for crying out loud, Michael…Stop thinking so crazy. Davy and Micky are just being pals and trying to help you, that’s all.

“I don’t know, Davy….She’s pretty and all, but she’s not really what I would go for.”

Davy extended his arm over the deck again, this time with his hand open, gesturing toward the group of girls in general. “Well, wha’ about any of them? There’s a whole selection out there.”

Mike studied them, but none of them were really appealing to him at all. “Honestly, Davy, man. I’m just not in the mood.”

“Not in the mood for what?” Peter asked, stepping out onto the deck with them, munching on an apple.

Mike swallowed hard. Great. This was all he needed.

“Girls,” Davy said in a slightly disgusted voice. “I’m trying to pick out a date for Mike, and he’s not interested. Can you believe that, Peter?” He pointed down to the girls on the beach. “I mean, I know you’re with Micky and all, man…But seriously, could you turn down
all of those birds down there?”

Peter craned his neck to get a good look, and Mike couldn’t help but notice the way the sea breeze slightly ruffled his hair.

Peter smiled. “Wow, there’s some pretty ones down there.”

“Exactly!” Davy said, throwing his hands up. “But Mr. Texas Charmer over ‘ere doesn’t think they’re good enough, I guess. Either that or he’s following your lead and just giving up on girls altogether.”

Mike’s eyes widened at Davy’s comment, and he felt his face growing hot.
Oh shit, he thought. Please don’t let Peter notice that I’m blushing...

Peter gave no sign that he noticed, however. He only gave Mike a slightly sympathetic glance, speaking to Davy at the same time, “Aw, come on, Davy. Don’t pick on Mike. He’ll find the right person when he’s ready.” He paused, and flashed his bright smile at Mike, adding, “Won’t you, Mike?”

I already have, Peter. I just wish I could tell you that.

“That’s right,” Mike said now, watching Peter delicately nibble the remaining bits of apple from around the core, his attention focused on the motion of his lips. Peter dropped the denuded apple core over the side of the deck, and then proceeded to suck the juice off his fingers, one by one, in a completely innocent and absent fashion.

“Well!” Mike suddenly said, clearing his throat as the word came out in a cracked voice. “All this sun and salt air has made me tired. I think I’m going to go take a nap.”

Davy shrugged. “Suit yourself, man. I still think you’re cracked for not trying for one of those chicks, though.”

“Look at it this way, Davy,” Mike drawled. “It just leaves all the more for you.”

With that, he quickly moved inside, feeling Peter’s smile on him like an extra ray of sunshine as he did so. Without another backwards glance, he climbed up the spiral staircase and entered his room.

With the door safely shut behind him, he leaned back against it for a minute, his eyes closed.

“I’ve got to find a way to snap out of this,” he murmured to himself. “It’s getting ridiculous.”

With these unhappy thoughts, he moved to his bed, sitting down and removing his shoes, then stretching his long body out. Even though his mind was full of thoughts, within a few minutes he was sound asleep.


Hearing his name, Mike slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was the pattern of sunlight on the ceiling, shining through the opening between the top of the curtain rod and the top of the window frame. It was still daytime. He hadn’t been napping too long, then.

He let his gaze move down, sweeping lazily over the familiar sights of the bedroom door, the slightly faded bedspread…and then he noticed something that wasn’t so familiar.

His mind was still fuzzy with sleep, but awake enough to see Peter stretched out beside him on his bed. Peter lay on his stomach, his head propped up on one elbow, watching him. He was wearing only a pair of white cotton drawstring pants and a single strand of beads around his neck. He had a small, mysterious smile on his face, his eyes were calm.

Mike’s eyes, on the other hand, suddenly widened as realization sunk in. “Peter!” he exclaimed, sitting up abruptly. Then just as quickly, an expression of disappointment replaced the shock on Mike’s face.

He slumped back onto the pillow and covered his face with both hands. “No…” he moaned in a completely forlorn voice. “This isn’t really happening. I’m just dreaming again.”

Peter, who had been temporarily confused by Mike’s reaction, suddenly understood and smiled again, using his free hand to gently pull Mike’s hands away from his face.

“No, Michael,” Peter said softly. “It’s not a dream. Not this time.”

Before Mike knew what was happening, Peter had pulled himself forward until he was leaning over Mike’s prone form. Giving Mike plenty of time to pull away if he had wished, Peter slowly bent his neck and let his lips lightly caress those of the man beneath him.

Mike had absolutely no intention of moving away. In fact, he felt as if he couldn’t even move at the moment. The shock was back, but this time it was a shock that was tinged with hope. This was playing out just like his dreams, but did Peter’s lips feel this soft in his dream? This warm? This

Feeling absolutely no resistance from Mike, Peter now shifted his head, deepening the kiss. As he opened his mouth against Peter’s to welcome in his probing tongue, Mike let out another soft moan that had nothing to do with disappointment this time. He tentatively lifted one arm, hooking his hand around the back of Peter’s head, plunging his fingers into that soft golden hair the way he had always been dying to do.

As they separated, Mike’s dazed mind suddenly shocked him back to full awareness of what they were doing.

“But Peter…What if Micky…?”

Peter’s lips curved into another smile that was so knowing, so entirely different from his usual innocent smile, that Mike ached to kiss him again.

“Don’t worry, Mike,” Peter said, his deep voice as smooth and rich to Mike’s ears as fresh-drawn honey. “Micky already knows.”

“Already knows?” Mike repeated, a bit stupidly. He blinked at Peter. “Already knows what?”

“Everything,” Peter said simply, shrugging, his smile broadening a bit at Mike’s state of confusion. “He’s known for a long time that you’ve wanted me….and so have I.”

Mike’s head was positively spinning from everything that had taken place in just the past five minutes. So Peter and Micky had known all this time, and now Peter was here to…to
what, exactly??

Before Mike could ask, however, Peter seemed to anticipate his question. “Micky and I have talked about this, and it seems the best way to handle it would be to invite you…into the inner circle, shall we say? You’re a good friend to both of us. You watch out for us. You watch out for the band. How could Micky and I
not love you?”

Mike listened to this small speech, his heart pounding harder with each subsequent sentence. At that last utterance, however, his heart and his breathing seemed to stop in their tracks.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Mike suddenly stammered, holding up a hand. “Back up a second there, shotgun. Did you just say that you and Mick…”

“That we love you,” Peter repeated clearly, his gaze never wavering from Mike’s. “You know me well enough to know that I don’t lie, Michael…and I don’t say those words to just anybody either. Neither does Micky, even though he’s not really saying them right now. I’m kind of saying them for him, but it’s still true nevertheless.”

Mike’s eyes brightened still more, and a ghost of a smile touched his lips. He was, for one of the few times in his life, completely stuck for something to say. Then something else suddenly occurred to him.

“What about Davy, though? Does he…?”

Peter nodded slowly. “He knows too. At least he does now. That’s where Micky is right now, out with Davy, kind of explaining things to him. I think he’ll be cool with it.”

“But is he going to…?”

It was almost funny the way Peter kept giving all the right answers to Mike’s partially asked questions.

“No,” Peter said, smiling more broadly. “Davy is completely and unswervingly straight. He wants girls, and only girls.” Peter’s smile now turned a bit quizzical. “I always thought you were that way too, Mike. I never really figured you as someone who would dig on guys.”

Shyly, Mike glanced down, unable temporarily to meet Peter’s gaze as he murmured quietly, “I never really felt that way before ever…Until you, Pete…”

He glanced back up to see Peter still looking at him. As soon as Peter had Mike’s full attention again, he took Mike’s mouth once more. Mike sighed deeply, his tongue tangling softly with Peter’s, his hands making contact with Peter’s bare skin and then jerking away again, as if his fingers would be burned if he kept them in contact too long.

“It’s okay, you know,” Peter murmured reassuringly against Mike’s lips. “You can touch me.”

Slowly, he moved his hand down, pulling at the drawstrings on his own pants, loosening them. Mike watched as if hypnotized, his breath catching in his throat again as Peter drew his cock out. Then Peter grasped Mike’s hand, placing it around his erection.

“Touch me, Michael,” Peter breathed, laying both of his hands against Mike’s chest and arching his neck to resume the kiss.

Almost overwhelmed, Mike did as Peter ordered. He couldn’t believe this was really happening. None of his dreams had ever seemed as sweet as this reality. He slowly started pumping Peter’s length through his loosely clenched fist, and when Peter melted against him and purred deep in his throat, Mike felt his confidence and his natural instinct to dominate coming to the forefront.

Without any warning, Mike suddenly sat up and rolled, pinning Peter to the bed beneath him. He continued to stroke Peter’s cock, thrilling at its size, its heat, its reality. He stared down into Peter’s face, watching each minute change that came across it as his self-control wore away bit by bit. Mike had wanted to see this for himself for so long that he didn’t intend to miss a moment of it.

Peter gasped and arched into Mike’s hand, his eyelids fluttering.

“No,” Mike said, his voice soft but with a smooth edge of command. “Keep your eyes on me, babe. I want to see what I’m doing to you.”

Peter looped his arms around Mike’s neck, his hands tangling in Mike’s thick black hair. He chewed at the softness of his lower lip, a gesture that was completely unconscious but almost unbearably sexy to Mike.

As the tension built, Peter began to thrust his hips in time to Mike’s movements, pumping his cock in and out of the fist that gripped him so exquisitely. He began to tremble all over, his eyes growing dark and hungry as he strained toward his release.

And then, Mike heard what he had always wanted to hear.


Mike almost came in his pants at the urgent, impassioned sound of that voice speaking his very own name. It was, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous sounds he had ever heard in his life.

“Come for me, Peter,” Mike urged, his own voice not quite steady. “I want to see you come.”

Peter’s grip around him tightened, his face flushed, his eyes narrowing in concentration, but not closing. His tongue darted out to lick across his upper lip. Then, suddenly, his mouth dropped open as his body tensed all over.

“Oh fuck….Michael!” he cried, and then he was erupting all over his stomach and Mike’s fingers.

Mike watched, fascinated, as Peter became completely unraveled. He tipped his head back, groaning, his face and upper body sheened with sweat as his orgasm tore through him.

“Jesus, you are fucking beautiful,” Mike murmured in a voice that was filled with awe, barely even aware he had spoken the words out loud. Never in his life had he thought of another man as beautiful before, but once again, Peter had changed his perceptions of the world at large.

He only knew he had really spoken aloud when a pleased, almost catlike smile spread across Peter’s features. “Why, thank you, Mike!”

It was only now that Mike became fully aware that although Peter’s need had been well satisfied for the time being, his own erection was almost bursting through his zipper. It ached and throbbed and demanded immediate attention.

This brought Mike’s type-A personality back to the surface again. It didn’t help that Peter was lying complacently beneath him, looking slightly mussed and debauched.

Mike suddenly hopped over the side of the bed, standing beside it.

“Come over here and sit on the edge,” he said, a bit gruffly.

With a smooth flex of muscles, Peter sat up, swinging his legs over the side and facing Mike, looking up into his face expectantly.

Mike paused for a moment to remove his shirt, tossing it aside.

Licking his lips, Mike ordered softly, “Unzip me and suck my cock.”

The heat returned to Peter’s eyes, flaring at Mike’s words. He wasted no time in doing Mike’s bidding, gently pulling his pants down over his hips and stroking his hand over the solid length that curved impressively away from Mike's body.

“Mmm....Very nice,” Peter purred, leaning forward to lave his tongue over the head, which was glistening with pre-cum.

Mike drew in a sharp breath as Peter licked up the slightly sticky fluid. He placed his hands on Peter’s shoulders, realizing instinctively that he’d better hang on for this ride.

He wasn’t wrong either. Once Peter had got a taste of Mike, he was greedy for all he could get. With one fluid movement, he had swallowed Mike’s cock completely.

“Ohhhhh fuck,” Mike groaned, his eyes growing unfocused. He could feel the head of his cock nudging the back of Peter’s throat, but Peter didn’t seem disturbed by it in the slightest. On the contrary, he appeared to be reveling in it. He pushed forward until his lips were actually rubbing through the thick thatch of black hair that surrounded the base of Mike’s cock, humming happily to himself as he did so. Mike shivered as the humming created a mild vibration through his shaft.

Then Peter got down to business, and Mike’s senses skyrocketed out of control as he experienced the hottest blowjob he had ever had in his life. This wasn’t just someone giving head...this was the art of fellatio raised to the nth power.

“Jesus H Christ,” Mike gasped. His hands tightened on Peter’s shoulders, trembling. His knees braced against the side of the bed to keep them from buckling. His balls drew up tighter and tighter as he felt as though Peter were trying to siphon the come right out of them.

“Peter...Oh god, Peter. That is so fucking good,” Mike panted. He let out a long impassioned groan as that clever tongue flickered over his distended flesh.

Even though he knew it was bad form, Mike began to rock his hips in time to Peter’s movements, fucking that gorgeous sucking mouth. Peter didn’t seem anymore put out by that than he had any of Mike’s other slight breaches of sexual etiquette, however. He merely pressed on, sucking greedily, devouring Mike grandly, as if he were starving to death and needed a steady supply of hot cock in order to survive.

Mike knew he was teetering on the brink. His balls were throbbing. His cock was like a bar of iron. Relief had to come soon. He thrust more enthusiastically into Peter’s mouth, driving down his throat again and again, sweating fiercely, his head tipped back, the tendons on his neck standing out.

“Ohhhh....god.....fuck....I’m going to come....” Mike moaned. Mere moments later, he let go in a blinding white flash of ecstasy. He cried out, gripping Peter so hard that he knew he would probably be leaving finger-shaped bruises on his shoulders. He could feel Peter’s throat rippling around his over-sensitized cockhead as he swallowed each hot jet of seed that Mike spurted into his mouth.

Completely drained, Mike tottered over the edge of balance and leaned forward, letting his depleted cock slip from between Peter’s lips and bracing himself on the bed with one hand. The other hand still lay on Peter’s shoulder.

“Hot damn, Peter,” he panted, his head dizzy, his heart pounding. “That was fucking incredible.”

Peter smiled, reaching up run his hand slowly down one of Mike’s wet cheeks. “There’s lots more where that came from.”

“Shit, I don’t know if I’d survive it,” Mike said, laughing shakily. He teetered a bit again, and then said in a slightly warning tone. “You might want to move. Otherwise I’m liable to fall on you.”

Peter’s smile widened as he scooted over, watching as Mike climbed up on the bed, kicking his pants the rest of the way off as he did so.

Mike flopped down on his back, still breathing hard, and reached over to gather Peter’s body against his, one hand resting against the small of his back, the other one slipping up to tangle in his hair again, drawing his head forward into a deep kiss. He could taste his own come in Peter’s mouth, and found he was more entranced by this than disgusted.

This has certainly been a day of surprises, he thought dimly. Then he pulled back to gaze at Peter. All of the former wickedness in Peter’s eyes had vanished, and he was just Peter again; His old, familiar Peter that he played music with and hung out with; His friend.

Mike smiled, mystified. “How the hell do you do it, Pete?”

“Do what?” Peter asked, his eyes widening a bit in curiosity.

Mike’s smile widened. “That. Right there. You can give me those big innocent eyes not three minutes after you just got done swallowing my cock like it was the tastiest thing you’ve ever had in your mouth.”

A slight blush crept over Peter’s cheeks. “Well, it
did taste pretty good,” he said sheepishly.

Mike laughed softly. “You’re such a slut, aren’t you?” Then, without warning, he suddenly lifted his other hand off Peter’s lower back and used it to deal a sharp smack to Peter’s buttocks.

Peter squeaked in surprise, jumping in Mike’s embrace. However, Mike also noticed the way that Peter’s cock jumped as well in response to such treatment, and that for a split second that hungry, wanting look re-appeared deep in his eyes.

Hmmm....Interesting. Mike noted, mentally filing this away for future consideration.

Just then, a voice spoke from the doorway.

“Hey! Careful not to bruise the merchandise.”

Both men looked up in surprise to see Micky standing leaned up against the doorframe, his arms folded. Neither one of them had even noticed the door opening.

“Hey Mick...” Mike said, clearing his throat. He felt absurdly awkward to be lying here naked with Micky’s lover in his arms, even though Peter had already explained the scene to him. “Errr...How long have you been there?”

“Just long enough to see that I should see this whole show from the beginning sometime,” Micky said, moving closer to them, a wide grin now appearing on his face. “Or better yet, make an appearance as a special guest star!” With that, he took a running leap and landed on the bed with his two friends, bouncing them in the process and causing the over-burdened springs to creak alarmingly.

“I think that could be arranged,” Mike said lazily, feeling more at ease now. He cast an appraising eye over Micky. “Of course you’ll have to see our wardrobe people before you can start. You’re wearing entirely too many clothes for this production, shotgun.”

“Well, well, well...” Micky said, looking a bit surprised, but also pleased. “Just listen to you. Peter goes down on you like the champ he is, and you suddenly fancy yourself the director, eh?” He let his gaze move over the red marks on Peter’s shoulders made by the pressure of Mike’s clenching fingers, and then down to the larger flaring spot on the shapely curve of Peter’s backside. “And it looks like you’ve been none-too-gentle with your willing co-star either. He’s delicate, y’know.”

“Uh-huh,” Mike said in a skeptical tone. “Delicate, huh? Seems to me that your ‘merchandise’ quite enjoys being bruised.” To prove his point, he suddenly spanked Peter again, and Peter repeated the jump and the squeak again, but this time could not restrain also a small moan of appreciation.

Micky watched this with bright, attentive eyes. “Hmmm...You might be right, Mike. We might be able to build a whole new act for this show, from what I’ve seen.” Now he moved to Peter, who eagerly accepted his lover’s hungry, tongue-tangling kiss.

“That all right with you, baby?” Micky asked, his tone still light, but Peter could see a much different question in his eyes.
Are you really okay with this?

Peter smiled reassuringly. “Sounds great to me, Mick.”

Micky sighed, nuzzling into Peter’s neck and kissing it gently. “I love you,” he whispered quickly before pulling away. Then he was facing Mike again.

“And I suppose Peter went and told you that we both love you too, and stuff,” he said, almost casually.

Mike smiled. “Yeah, he might have mentioned something along those lines.” Then his smile faded a bit as he said seriously, “and after what you’ve both done for me...I mean...I think I’ve loved Peter here for a while now,” He paused to give Peter a brief, affectionate squeeze. “But you, Micky...Letting Peter share himself with me like this...I can’t help but love you too for that.”

Then, impulsively, Mike suddenly sat up, drawing Micky toward him and kissing him gently on the lips. Micky responded eagerly, opening his mouth against Mike’s, inviting in his tongue.

Peter lay propped up on his side, watching them, his fingers idly toying with the strand of beads around his neck, feeling deliciously at peace and eager to see where this new course would take them all.



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