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"Early Morning Moans and Screams"



Title: Early Morning Moans and Screams
Author: Moondreams
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Torksmith
Warnings: M/M sex, language
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Monkees and make no claim that this ever really happened. It is purely the result of an overactive imagination.
Summary: Mike gives Peter his other birthday present…
Author’s Note: This just popped into my head while I was half asleep a week or two ago and it just had to be done :) In honour of Peter Tork’s 69th birthday (though there is no 69-ing in it, which would have been so appropriate) and also a little bit for Valentine’s Day. It also screams sequel but it won’t happen…maybe next year!



“I love it! Thanks, Michael.” Peter practically threw himself at the Texan, gift still in hand as he hugged him affectionately.


The wind was momentarily knocked out of him but he managed to cough a little, trying to cover his slight embarrassment at being squished tightly against the younger man. As Peter finally relaxed his grip from around his neck, he pulled back far enough to plant a meaningful yet chaste kiss on Mike’s lips which was eagerly returned.


“Happy Birthday, shotgun.” The blond gave him a brilliant grin which Mike shyly returned before they completely separated.


“Glad you decided to stay here this year, Peter?” Davy asked, making them both jump as they had momentarily forgotten that they weren’t alone.


“Definitely. I know my mom was upset I wasn’t going home but I think she’s finally getting used to the fact that this is actually my home.” It had broken his heart a little bit to break the news to her that he’d be spending this year in California, making it his first birthday with the guys. His first birthday with Mike.


They’d been together for over 6 months now, it was hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened because it had just…well, happened! There was no dramatic declaration of love from either party, no stress and paranoia…they’d just somehow fallen into it and accepted it for what it was.

Mike still had some trouble in front of others, clinging to a sense of privacy (something Peter wasn’t at all bothered by, but respected his reluctance). But when it was just the two of them...it was like he was a totally different person, much more open and passionate. Like Peter was the only person that he would share that with and Peter loved it.


“We’d better make a move if we’re gonna get to Marco’s in time for the reservation.” Peter’s attention suddenly turned to Micky, eyes positively glowing. Marco’s was his favourite place to eat, but they could rarely afford to go there. They must have been planning it for a while to keep some money back for it.


“Oh, wait. I thought Mike had 2 presents for Peter?” Davy said before he really thought about it. Peter’s attention once again returned to a suddenly sheepish looking Mike. Surely he couldn’t have bought him something else? The blues vinyl’s he’d bought him must have set him back quite a bit already. He really was spoilt.


“It’s for tonight.” Mike said, ambiguously. But when his eyes made contact with Peter’s caramel ones, there was no missing the fire that flared in them and Peter could not misinterpret it. He swallowed hard, all of a sudden wishing to skip dinner and go straight to dessert…


But he knew a lot of the fun was in the waiting, plus the guys had gone to a lot of trouble to make the meal arrangements which meant the world to him. So he quickly reined in his libido as they all grabbed their jackets and headed outside. Micky and Davy didn’t fail to miss the heated glances they shot each other as they exited, however.




Peter was wrong; there was no fun in the waiting, only torture.


They got seated quickly enough, in a booth out of the way of everyone else. Also, apparently out of the way of the servers. It took a good 20 minutes after they’d decided on what to eat for someone to actually bother to come and ask them. Another hour later, their starters turned up, all of them wishing they’d just ordered a main course.


Peter was thoroughly enjoying his tomato soup, much to Mike’s dismay. With every enthusiastic lick and suck of the spoon, he could feel his throat tighten that little bit more, not to mention his pants. On the last mouthful, Peter actually moaned around the utensil, eyes blissfully closed while Mike watched intensely, fork forgotten as it remained halfway to his mouth.


When those light brown eyes opened, they immediately focused on the Texan, a wicked, almost challenging glint in them and it was Mike who had to swallow hard this time. Fucking tease, he thought, I knew the soup couldn’t have been that damn good.


By the time they were partway through their main course, Mike was going out of his mind. He couldn’t miss the tormenting sounds, the lust-filled looks and he certainly couldn’t miss the hand that was suddenly running up and down his thigh.


He was too far gone to even care that they were in a public place. As he looked across at his much appreciated groper, the look of pure want that was in his friends eyes went straight to his crotch, making him tense uncontrollably at the answering throb. If he didn’t have him soon, he was sure he was going to lose consciousness.


Once they had finished their meals and were waiting for a waitress to return when it apparently suited them, Peter turned his attention back to Mike, in particular, Mike’s thigh.


In any usual circumstances, Mike would blush slightly and remove Peter’s hand with an apologetic squeeze. But today…today he was relishing it and it made Peter’s heart leap into his throat as he watched the various emotions flit across his features; lust, desire, repression, confusion, panic. It was thrilling and Peter wanted to see how far he could push his luck.


Deftly, his hand travelled up the scrawny thigh to the meatier bulge between his legs. He heard Mike suck in a breath but focused on his movements as he massaged the fabric and the pulsing flesh beneath.


Mike tried to maintain his conversation with Micky but it soon became apparent to the drummer that his mind seemed to be elsewhere when, in response to him saying maybe they should just forget the band and join the circus, Mike spluttered out a ‘God yes…’


Peter himself was starting to get a little hot under the collar as he watched Mike slowly come undone, unable to stop his lower half from bucking slightly into the blonde’s hand.


One of the Texan’s hands shot below the table but he wasn’t quite sure what his intentions were. He wanted to put his hand over Peter’s, to make him speed up, to increase the blissful pressure but, still having some semblance of sanity left, he instead gripped the leather of the seat, the creaking sounding overly loud in the restaurant.


Micky and Davy were trying to have a conversation, more in an attempt to drown out the increasingly loud noises that Mike let escape. Realising things were going to get seriously out of hand if they didn’t stop soon, Mike managed to grab Peter’s wrist, stilling his movements before looking over at him to ask him to stop.


The words died in his throat however when he took in the slightly glazed, slightly flushed look on the younger man’s face. Absently, Peter swiped a tongue across his dry lips which seemed to flip the “off” switch on the sensible part of Mike’s brain. Thinking (and actually saying, if his hearing didn’t deceive him) fuck it, he literally lunged at the unsuspecting blonde, capturing his lips in a series of hungry kisses.


Once Peter’s brain caught up with events, he feverishly returned the kisses, hand automatically reaching up to knit in ebony hair, knocking the defenceless wool hat into the forgotten dinner plate.


Not even noticing, Mike shifted so that he was basically straddling one of Peter’s legs, a strangled moan escaping him at the much welcome friction as he rutted against him, their game of tonsil hockey stepping up a notch.


Meanwhile, Micky and Davy just watched in disbelief and then a mixture of horror and amusement when a different waitress choose that instant to check up on them. “We all done here?” She asked, eyes fixed on her order book.


As with all the other waitresses in the restaurant, Davy sized up the petit redhead before delivering a line so lame even Micky cringed. But it quickly became obvious to them both that she was barely even aware of their existence, her eyes instantly fixed on the pair opposite.


Mike was pressing into Peter so frenziedly, they were almost horizontal on the bench. He finally released the Peter’s now bruised lips to begin trailing urgent kisses along his jawline and collarbone. Peter gripped the blue shirt in sweaty palms, eyes clenched closed as he focused on the sensations.


Mike’s hands meanwhile were beginning to get restless, so one mirrored Peter’s own, working its way into the silken hair while the other carelessly pulled at the hem of the paisley shirt, drawing his fingers over the heated flesh of his back.


Peter’s hips involuntarily bucked upwards at the touch, a desperate whimper escaping him which elicited a groan from the older man.


Micky and Davy also heard a sharp hitch of breath to their right, turning once again to their waitress who now had a very obvious flush across her cheeks which had very little to do with embarrassment. As they saw her eyes go impossibly wider, Micky’s attention quickly turned back to the oblivious couple, seeing that Mike was working furiously at the zipper on Peter’s pants and he realised, as amusing as it all was, this was getting ridiculous.


“Can we get the check please, miss?”


Silence. All movement ceased as everyone seemed to become aware of their surroundings. Mike looked positively startled, while Peter just looked flustered and a little disappointed.


Not as disappointed as the waitress appeared to be, however as she watched them straighten themselves up, Mike retrieving his hat, brushing off the pieces of food now stuck to it while not making eye contact with anyone.

“You sure you don’t want dessert?” The woman asked, almost hopefully.


Peter couldn’t suppress a grin as he replied, “Think we’ll save that for later. I know I haven’t had my fill yet.”


Mike choked a little but shot Peter a glance telling him that damn straight he hadn’t had his fill, things were just getting started.




Davy suggested that maybe it would be a good idea for him to sit in the back with Peter while Micky sat shotgun with Mike to save everyone a road accident caused by excessive groping. While Peter was dismayed at the suggestion, he honestly couldn’t trust himself to keep his hands to himself so reluctantly agreed.


There was certainly no question that Mike broke many a speed limit in his eagerness to get back to the pad, running over his plans again in his mind.


Once back home, Mike instantly gravitated towards the stairs while Peter hung back looking between Micky and Davy.


“Thanks guys, that was great. I had a really good time.”


“Yeah, we noticed.” Micky responded, making Peter look down at the suddenly interesting flooring, having the decency to look somewhat embarrassed. But, hearing a light scoff and looking up to see them both failing to hide amused smirks, Peter’s face lit up in a relieved smile of his own.


“Get goin’, I think you’re present’s about to explode.” Peter turned to see Mike rocking from one foot to the other, hand tightly clenching the banister.


“Just remember you owe us dessert.” Peter heard Micky say, turning to frown at them both in confusion and slight shock.


Davy suddenly realised and quickly tried to save the situation, “No! No, not dessert just, you know, ice cream or…something. Not-I mean-never mind, just go already!” Peter laughed at the suddenly flushed Brit before agreeing to the terms and practically skipping up the stairs, followed closely by Mike.


“What do ya reckon? Safe to stay indoors?” Micky asked with a quirked eyebrow.


“You kiddin’? If Mike’s birthday was anything to go by, we should get the hell out of here before they make it to the bed.” They both nodded in agreement before grabbing some essentials to take down to the beach, leaving the two love birds alone.




Shirts were off before the door was even closed, fingers running over any bare flesh that they could find as the pair went into an immediate lip-lock.


As Mike wordlessly backed Peter up to their makeshift double bed, he picked up from where he left off at Marco’s, struggling to make his fingers undo the zipper. The task was made infinitely harder with Peter trying to close the distance as much as possible, pressing their crotches flush against each other, his hands caressing the Texan’s ass enthusiastically.


In an attempt to give them some distance, Mike knocked Peter off balance so he fell backwards on the bed but alas, it was to no avail. Peter was so hungry for him that he just dragged him down too, making him fall on top of him, legs wrapping around slim hips to keep him in place as their messy kisses continued.


Despite knowing that this wasn’t leading them in the direction he was aiming for, Mike couldn’t help but get in a few glorious thrusts as he ay atop the eager blonde, revelling in the choked cry that escaped him as their clothed erections ground into each other.


But, regardless of his own libido, he had a plan and he was sticking to it so he quickly detached himself from the clinging limbs and lips, sinking to the floor to get those damn pants off once and for all.


Sensing Peter start to sit upright, no doubt to try and latch onto him again, he ran a palm over the clothed bulge, massaging slowly, effectively debilitating the younger man long enough for him to get the pants down and off. It was times like this, Mike truly appreciated the fact that Peter didn’t wear any underwear.


With a naked, flushed and hard Peter in front of him, Mike couldn’t get his own jeans off quick enough, his cock positively straining against its confines.


While he was certainly appreciating the view of the Texan in front of him, Peter’s hands were just itching to reach out and touch. Shifting forward so his legs were dangling off the side of the bed, face almost level with Mike’s groin, he aided him in his task of removing the garment.


Well, maybe aided wasn’t the word seeing as how the instant Peter’s fingers moved, Mike couldn’t make his own work and so just gave up, watching as Peter completed the task, slowly and more deliberate than he would have done it, the tease.


However, Mike had barely stepped out of the pants that were soon pooled around his ankles when Peter sank to the floor, tongue making delicious circles on his stomach and began to travel lower, a low humming noise emitting from him, all the while.


It felt so good, as it always did, Peter certainly had a way with that tongue of his, but Mike knew he had to nip it in the bud because if Peter went any lower, he would certainly not have the wherewithal to –


SHIT! Stick to the plan. Stick to the plan. Stick to the plan…


He repeated it like a mantra as Peter’s mouth moved to place sucking kisses at the base of his cock which twitched in extreme interest, pre-cum already leaking from the tip.


He blindly reached a hand down (purposefully not looking at the delicious sight) but instead of the familiar feel of Mike’s hand threading and tugging on his hair, Peter felt the fingers curl under his chin, pulling him up into a standing position.


Frowning, Peter did as directed, seeing the sweat already building on Mike’s brow and the struggle to keep control all too apparent on his face. He went from confused to cautious as Mike sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling Peter to sit beside him.


He was just playing it as they usually did in this situation. When Mike so clearly wanted to fuck Peter senseless, they’d strip as quickly as possible, Peter would suck Mike off, Mike would prepare Peter and then they’d go at it. Had he been reading this totally wrong.


Mike clearly picked up on the anxiety building on Peter’s face and quickly quelled it with a sweet, lingering kiss. Peter noticeably relaxed but went back to being simply confused.


“It’s your birthday…”




“Whatever you want…I’ll do. Just ask.”


Peter looked at Mike for a moment, processing what he was proposing. He was about to say that all he wanted was to spend the night with Mike, just as they always did, that was present enough but…Well, since he was offering…


A wicked smile began to spread across the blonde’s face as he looked up at Mike through his eyelashes. “Anything?”


Mike shifted forward, his mouth close to Peter’s ear as he whispered, “Name it, babe. I’m all yours.” The hoarseness of his voice sent a shiver down Peter’s spine as his grin broadened before capturing the older man’s lips in a searing kiss.


They crawled their way further up the bed, keeping the distance to a minimum where they could, their tongues duelling together for dominance that neither was willing to relent.


Eventually, Peter placed a hand on Mike’s chest, pushing him away slightly, feeling the manic pounding of his heart beneath his fingers. He expected his sounded much the same, the thrill and anticipation ramping up his already intense arousal.


Mike sat back on his knees, the thick wave of ebony hair falling over his eye as he waited for instructions that Peter was quite clearly trying to think of.


Mike, like Peter, was quite an expert when it came to his tongue. When needed, he could get Peter off in a matter of seconds with some very well placed licks (which had proved very useful at several show intermissions where watching each other worked them up too much). And while Peter was oh-so tempted to put that gorgeous mouth to work on his aching cock right about now, he thought he’d try something outside of their comfort zone. Well, Mike’s comfort zone, at least…Peter was usually up for pretty much anything.


Mirroring Mike’s own position, Peter kneeled in front of the man, running a finger down his chest and abdomen, deliberately avoiding the hard piece of flesh further down and moving over the hip, smirking at the sharp inhale of breath he received.


“Gonna put that tongue of yours to good use…” Peter muttered, running his own tongue down Mike’s neck and back up to his ear.


Quickly moving away, he resituated himself on all fours in front of the now mildly confused Texan. He was all ready to give the ultimate blowjob but suddenly processed that that wasn’t what was being requested of him. But, instead of getting all shy and awkward as Peter partly expected him to, he just let out a gruff noise before arching over him, one arm hooked under him and the other hand in his hair.


The sudden contact forced a whimper out of Peter, the heat from Mike’s body radiating through him and the tip of his cock occasionally brushing against his entrance, tormentingly.


Mike ran his tongue from Peter’s neck all the way down his back making the blond arch and tilt his head back slightly, an appreciative moan accompanying it. Mike trailed the tongue down further, over the swell of his ass, briefly dipping into the crack, seeing the way Peter’s hands abruptly gripped the sheets below.


Pulling away a bit, positioning himself at a more appropriate angle, Mike resumed his teasing licks, this time up Peter’s inner left thigh, feeling the muscle tremble under the touch. Peter almost choked as he felt the appendage quickly flick over the sensitive piece of flesh just behind his balls but the sensation was gone before he could really revel in it, making him sigh in agitation.


Wetting his thumb, Mike suddenly pushed the pad of it against Peter’s entrance, pressing the blond forward slightly though almost instantly he was pushing back. Mike smiled to himself as he continued to press, his other hand roaming over flesh and leaving goosebumps in their wake.


Just as Peter was about to beg him to get the hell on with it, a yelp was dragged out of him when he felt something much wetter breach his passage, catapulting him forward. He could feel coarse hands on each ass cheek, spreading him wide, another flick of the tongue sending an obvious spasm through his body as he thrust back for more contact.


When he didn’t get any, he turned his head as best he could, seeing Mike sat there waiting. Waiting to have the attention he wanted before he would continue. Keeping the eye contact, Mike lowered his head again, pushing his tongue deep inside and being rewarded with a deep groan that he could feel as well as hear.


Every twitch and jerk, every moan and gasp seemed to be hot-wired straight to the older man’s cock and, while he wanted to drag it out and give Peter as much as he could, he wasn’t sure he could stay sane long enough.


This was proved correct when, in an effort to increase the friction, Peter’s hand found Mike’s head, tugging desperately on the ebony locks. He started to tongue-fuck him in earnest then, pushing in so far that Peter had to steady himself on the wall in front of him.


Peter was past the point of intelligible conversation, dialogue only managing to come out in small bites. The pleasure ripping through him was blissfully unexpected, he had no idea it would be so good, that he would be so good. But once Mike started moaning against him, the persistent rumble reverberating through Peter, it was pushing him too close to the edge.


Though completely incoherent, Mike picked up on the suddenly urgent sounds coming from his friend, translating them into “Dear god, please stop before I cum already!” So, reluctantly, and with one finally hard flick that sent a full body shiver through Peter, he pulled back completely, hands remaining on the firm (and now slightly red) ass.

After several deep gulps, Peter managed to flip himself over so he could face Mike, back propped against the headboard. His hair was sticking to his forehead in sodden strings, the force of trying to hold back his orgasm making him sweat more than Mike was so far.


Mike’s eyes drifted down the toned body, focusing on the still hard and now dark red cock jutting out between his legs. Unconsciously, he liked his lips, causing Peter to laugh which came out more like a pant but caught Mike’s attention.

He received a teasing look before Peter said, “All in good time, Michael. I’m not done with you yet.” The promise made Mike’s dick pulse with need, the urge to stroke himself overwhelming but this wasn’t about him so he remained still.


As if reading his mind, Peter smirked suddenly, leaning over the bed to open a draw. The move gave Mike the perfect view of his whole delectable body and he groaned with pure want at the sight of it. Shifting forward so they were almost nose to nose, leaning in as if to kiss him, Peter instead placed something in Mike’s hands before whispering, “Put it on…”


As Peter pulled away, resuming his position against the headboard, Mike looked at what he had been given. A tube of lube. He looked back up at Peter and saw the additional unspoken request written all over his smug yet eager expression: And make a good show of it.


Smirking back, he unpopped the cap and squirted a liberal amount of the lube into his hand. Slowly and deliberately, he rubbed his hands together, warming up the substance while keeping his eyes locked on the rapidly darkening ones across from him.


But as soon as his hands ran over the heated flesh of his member, his eyes fell closed at the delicious contact, his mouth falling open slightly as his head rolled back.


He slowly, agonisingly, ran his fingers over himself, paying particular attention to certain spots. His finger tips brushed over the head, collecting the pre-cum that was oozing from the tip while his palm massaged the throbbing shaft.


Sitting up a little more on his knees, he trailed the other hand down to work his balls. The skilled touch made him gasp in pleasure, a sound that he heard echoed. Cracking open his eyes, he saw Peter no longer looking smug but looking painfully aroused, his chest moving steadily up and down as his breathing got shallower and a hand moving slowly over his own erection.


Mike grinned inwardly, closing his eyes once again and really making a scene.


Peter watched him intensely. At this point, pretty much everything about the guy in front of him, working himself up, was turning him on beyond belief. The little crease in his brow as he concentrated on the sensations, the way his hips occasionally bucked forward into his own hand, the thin layer of sweat covering his body, how his Adam’s apple would bob when he tried to swallow a loud moan…it was quite possibly the hottest sight Peter had ever laid eyes on.


“Michael, look so good…” He stuttered, tongue darting out to moisten his drying lips.


“Babe, you got no fucking idea…” Mike responded, his hand moving a fraction faster at Peter’s hoarse tone.


“Why don’t you tell me?” Peter prompted, attempting to sound authoritative but coming across as more urgent.


“Every time I look at you, I want you. When you’re sat on the couch, just reading, I wanna touch ya. When you’re playin’ that bass and the way you…buck into it,” the sheer thought of it sent a particularly strong spasm through Mike making Peter’s eyes flare in increasing arousal, “So fucking hot and I can barely keep it together. An-and when we’re in public, it drives me nuts not being able to do anything…”


“Like what?” Peter asked, mouth going dry as he stared unblinkingly at the dark-haired man.




“Like touch me?” Mike jumped at the voice suddenly right in his ear, not even realising that Peter had shifted to somewhere behind him. He felt Peter’s fingers run over his back and shoulders, giving a slight nod at his question.


Peter began to leave a trail of wet kisses along his shoulder blades as he whispered again, “Kiss me?”


“Yeah…” Mike groaned, whether in agreement with Peter’s comment or just as a declaration of general enjoyment, Peter wasn’t sure and didn’t really care.


“Like…fuck me?” Mike’s grip tightened on his cock at Peter’s words, heavy with lust and intent. He could sense Peter shift further behind him, his chest occasionally bumping Mike’s back as he continued to pump himself.


“You’re all shy and modest but I reckon you’d love it. Like earlier today…you wanted me. You wanted to fuck me in that restaurant, didn’t you?”


“Ungh, yeah…” His hand picked up the pace a little bit more as his head fell back on Peter’s shoulder, giving the man access to his neck which the blond gladly accepted.


“It would have been so fucking hot,” he continued while licking along Mike’s pulse point, seeing the man clench his eyes tightly closed, “Bending me over the table, sliding straight in and pounding into me over and over and over…”


A choked cry emanated from the Texan, enhanced by Peter’s hands now running of his nipples, tweaking them every now and again.


“And you don’t care…Because it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you’re fucking me and I love it. I love having your cock inside me and everyone can see that. Everyone can hear me as I scream out your name, Michael…”


Mike was sure he was going to lose it soon enough when to add to everything else, he suddenly felt the length of Peter’s shaft rub teasingly against his ass and he instinctively bucked forward, having to steady himself with a hand while the other became a blur on his leaking dick.


He unknowingly spread his legs a little wider, allowing Peter to shift forward a tad further, to press tighter against him.


“And you love it. You love everyone watching, showing everyone that I’m yours and how crazy you make me, how hard you make me,” Peter’s voice was beginning to get rougher as he rutted against the older man, feeling the blood pounding through him as he spoke, “Every thrust, every grunt, every moan, gets me harder and harder until I think I’m gonna explode.”


Peter suddenly bit down on the juncture between Mike’s neck and shoulder, not hard enough to break the skin but definitely enough to cause an intense reaction.


“Sweet, fuck, Peter,” he spluttered as he fell further forward, heart almost pounding through his ribcage, “If-if you want me to f-fuck you…you’d better quit it, babe. Can’t hold on…”


Peter was not in the right state of mind to delay things any further so eased back, wrapping his fingers around Mike’s wrist and yanking his hand away, holding it steady. Mike automatically continued bucking into the space, a frustrated moan leaving his lips at the loss of contact despite the fact that he had basically just requested it.


Peter moved in front of him, looking more flushed than he had after the rimjob despite not doing anything. They quickly met in a frenzied kiss, erections sliding together at the brief contact. Before they got too comfortable in the position, Peter broke away, moving to grip the headboard with both hands, ass offered up to the Texan like an open invitation.


He looked back at Mike, hair falling into his eyes, watching as he wasted no time matching his position; hands twining with his and lining his cock up to sink straight into the blond in one movement.


Both men gasped at the sensation of being so gloriously filled and surrounded by intense heat and tightness. Both knew that there would be no going slow, it had to be a hard fuck, the way they were so wound up by now and it suited them just fine.


Mike bucked into him with short, sharp thrusts, revelling in the continuous keening noise that Peter was emitting. He changed pace to longer, strokes but still maintained the urgency in them. With one particular thrust, Peter gave a strangled groan, grinding back onto the throbbing cock that had struck his prostate, trying to get it to pass the bundle of nerves again.


Mike pushed harder, hands gripping tightly to Peter’s hips to get a better movement going. But, despite everything, he could tell that he wasn’t quite hitting that button as hard as he needed to to fully push Peter over the edge.


Peter realised this too and, without warning, he moved his arms to the bed, burying his face in the pillow below. The move forced his ass higher in the air, allowing Mike an angle that he could fuck him rigorously into the mattress.


Mike pounded into him over and over, hips moving in tight circles to brush that sweet spot every time, Peter crying out shamelessly as his balls began to tighten painfully.


“I-I…shit!” Unable to get the words out, the onslaught of Mike’s actions knocking the breath out of him every time he could fill his lungs, he instead grabbed one of Mike’s hands still tightly gripping the headboard and moved to wrap it around the bar of iron that was his dick.


Without further instruction, Mike began to jerk him furiously in time with his thrusts, an enthusiastic groan echoing through the room. Soon enough, Peter could feel the long awaited orgasm building in his stomach. He gripped the base of the headboard tightly, thrusting back onto the stiff cock inside him and forward into the magnificent friction caused by Mike’s hand before completely losing control, spasms wracking his entire body as his release had his way with him.


“Oh, fuck, PETER! Ngh, shit!” The constricting that the climax caused around Mike’s cock was enough to tip him over the edge as he lost any and all sense of rhythm, riding out the waves of his orgasm, spending himself in the already spent body beneath him.


Once he was down off that wave, Mike carefully slid out of the exhausted body, hearing a light hiss from Peter as he did so. He flopped down beside the blond who managed to sit himself up, the side of his face much redder than the other with the force with which Mike had been pressing him but he looked nothing but content.


Peter cleaned them up half-heartedly before snuggling up next to Mike who put his arm around him, their chests moving in time with each other.


“That…was quite possibly my best birthday present ever,” Peter said, with nothing but sincerity.


“Damn straight,” Mike responded, thinking it was the best present he’d ever had to, and it wasn’t even his birthday!


After a few moments of silence, Peter reached over to his nightstand to look at his watch. After seeing the time, he turned back to look at Mike expectantly.



“It’s 12:50."




“Where’s my Valentine’s present?” He tried to look serious but couldn’t fight the cheeky smile that fought its way onto his face. Mike stared at him for a brief moment before scoffing good naturedly and shaking his head.


“You, are a heck of a lot of work, you know that?” But, nevertheless, Mike reached over to his own night stand, opening a draw to pull out a heart shaped box with a red bow wrapped around it.


He handed it to Peter, hints of the sheepish Mike seeping back into his mannerisms but Peter was positively radiating child-like excitement at the sight of the chocolate-shaped gift.


He gave Mike a dimpled grin as he untied the bow and took off the lid of the box. The smile instantly disappeared off his face as he looked at the contents of the box. What he found inside was certainly not sweet but was unquestionably far more delicious. The dimpled smile was quickly replaced with something a lot more wicked and arousing as he removed the items.


Some cherry flavoured lube, a blindfold and leather handcuffs.


He turned to look at Mike who was quite clearly wondering if he had just done something very stupid. “Want yours?”


Mike nodded, slowly, still not sure where he stood, “OK.”


Peter reached over to take out a square package, wrapped in red paper and also tied with a red bow. Mike took it cautiously, while Peter watched, biting his lip to suppress a smile.


When the Texan looked inside, he couldn’t fight the full-out laugh that burst out of him. Reaching inside he took out a silver cock ring and a dildo. Great minds really do think alike…


“God, I love you…” Mike said, as he turned to face an amused looking Peter. The younger man placed a hand either side of his face, pulling him into a passionate yet tender kiss.


“I know,” he replied cockily, but the pure affection for the other man was abundantly evident in the caramel eyes. “Now, get some sleep. I suspect we have a looong day ahead of us, tomorrow.” He said with a wink, setting their newly acquired toys to one side.


“Yes, sir.” Mike responded, sarcastically, feeling Peter’s chest rumble as he laughed.


“Save some of that for later too, might come in handy.” And with one final kiss, they settle down to sleep, waiting for a Valentine’s Day neither would ever forget.