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"Driving Test"



Title: Driving Test
Pairing: Micky/Mike
Rating: NC-17
Author: Erin
Summary: This is a short story about what happened when Mike and Micky came to Britain and had to be smuggled in the back of a limo to get to the Top Of The Pops studio's.

Micky Dolenz paced impatiently up and down the spacious hotel suite waiting for his friend to arrive. He and Mike had only been in London two days and already they had witnessed the sites and sounds of the British music scene.

For Micky partying with the Beatles had to be the highlight. They had spent the evening going into the early hours of the following morning, at Paul's house. Micky had taken to Paul like they had been friends all his life, despite his affectionate feelings for Mike, he shared a special bond with Paul. Their opinions almost mirrored each other and Micky loved the fact he was treated as a equal, not a secondary towards the Beatle.

Micky checked his watch again, Mike was always late. He was only in the suite down from his but he was never on time. Micky was just about the leave and go and hunt out the Texan when the door flew open and Mike came charging through.

"Sorry Mick, fucking alarm didn't go off."

"It's ok Mike," came the reply through a receptive smile. Micky always forgave Mike for anything, he admired and respected him too much to cause a argument over something as inferior as lateness.

"What time's the car coming then?"

"About ten minutes. Hey, what's this show like anyway?"

"Just ya regular music show, I guess," said Mike sitting down on the nearest chair.

"I think it's kinda cool, they don't even know we're coming."

"I bet someone does, fans always know." Mike smiled as Micky's expression changed to a worried frown. "Don't worry Mick, I'll hold ya hand."

"Very funny Nesmith."

Micky laughed off Mike's sarcastic response, but he had already witnessed the British fans when they arrived at the airport and these girls could be dangerous. Micky was never any good with large crowds, he felt safe with Mike but if they ever got separated he went into blind panic.

Mike stood up and went to the window, he could see a small crowd of teenagers anxiously standing on the rain drenched street below.

"I think we may have some problems getting outta here."

"Huh," said Micky looking up.

"See for yourself."

Micky joined him at the window to see the people below. His stomach sank, how were they gonna get out of their now? He wished they would go away but he knew that was impossible.

"Oh no!"

"And here comes the car, come on we'd better make a run for it."

* * * * * *

Outside the door, the hotel security had been waiting patiently for the two stars to emerge. They followed them down the corridor and headed for the elevator. They too had expected the crowds forming on the pavement and knew their job, they had practiced it a million times before.

"Ok guys, on three and we go."

"Wait, we'll never get out there. Have the car go round the back." Mike took charge, he could feel Micky grab his arm tightly and knew he couldn't subject his pal to this.

"Sure Mike, I'll inform the driver now," said the guard and with that he disappeared into a sea of pubescent faces and spoke quickly to the driver.

"Come on Micky, it'll be ok. We better hurry though or we'll be late."

Micky was breathing hard as he tagged along behind his mentor. He didn't know when he started getting panic attacks, but they seem to be happening more and more lately.

They hurried through the kitchens and made it safely to the alley where the car was now parked.

* * * * * *

"Guys, I've been asked to tell you that the bosses at the studio think it'll be best if you travel in the boot of the car."

The driver couldn't help but smirk as he re-laid this information to the two bemused Monkees. He had seen the fans camping outside as he'd left the studio that morning. Apparently the Monkees visit had caused a stir within the British media and the studio weren't taking any chances.

"You want us to get in the trunk?" exclaimed Mike slightly angered.

"I'm sorry but it's the only way."

Mike looked across at Micky, who face was, as usual, expressing his feelings of fear. He knew Micky would hate being confined in such a small space but then if the crowds were that intense maybe it would for the best.

"Come on Mick, I guess it won't be so bad."

The driver opened the car boot door and Mike and Micky peered into the darkened space.

"It doesn't look that small does it Mike?" Once again Micky was looking for his reassurance from Mike. The only way he was getting in there was if Mike was coming with him.

"No buddy, we'll be fine," smiled Mike, touching his shoulder warmly.

They both clambered inside. The cramped conditions made it difficult for either of the taller Monkees to lie down completely but they adjusted themselves to make the journey as comfortable for them both as possible.

"How long will it take?" asked Mike glancing at Micky whose face was covered with a light film of sweat.

"About half an hour, providing the traffic is clear. Don't worry though, there are small vents in the side of this car, so you'll be able to breath."

'That's if Micky doesn't use all the oxygen up first,' thought Mike.

* * * * * *

As the driver closed the boot down, the last sliver of light peeked through before the darkness encased around them. Mike heard the driver door shut and the engine start up followed by a sharp jolt as the car backed up and out into the busy street.

Micky felt a sickness rising in his stomach. He kept his eyes shut pretending that he was in a open field. This was possibly the worst situation for the drummer to be in. He feared the dark, he hated closed spaces and his muscles ached at the awkward way his body was curved around Mike's.

Mike too was uncomfortable but he could sense in the darkness that this was the least of his worries. Micky was afraid and he needed to help him first and foremost. Although Mike always portrayed a rather harsh exterior, his feelings for Micky had always run deeper than just band-mates. He often felt compelled to protect, almost over-protect his best friend and now more than ever, he had to give that assurance.

"Um…Mick, how are you bearing up?"

Micky couldn't respond, his eyes still shut he just wanted to be back at the hotel.

Mike decided to act on his impulses and shifted position to be closer to Micky. He pulled himself towards the frightened drummer and placed his strong arms either side of the slender shoulders. He could tell as his eyes had adjusted to the darkness that Micky's eyes were still closed.

"Mick, look at me. Come on I know you hate this but it isn't for long."

Micky opened his eyes slowly to be surprised with how close Mike was. His face was almost touching his and he gave him a small smile. Micky shyly smiled back, unconditionally sending out signals to Mike.

Mike was a little taken aback but slightly stirred by this look from Micky. He could tell he was still scared and Mike needed to prove that there wasn't any reason for him to be fearful of the situation. Mike took the initiative and leant forward to kiss him so softly on the mouth.

Micky jumped but didn't pull away. He wanted something, anything to take his mind off where he was. Mike's kiss was proving to be the tonic he needed. He even felt himself kissing him back, pressing his tongue against Mike's. He wasn't sure why this was happening but at that very moment it didn't seem to matter.

They broke from the kiss and Micky smiled. He breathing became a little calmer and he felt a warm tingle all over his body.

"That's what I like to see." Mike was happy that he'd brought that familiar grin back to Micky's face.

"Mmm, I've never done that with you before," chuckled Micky mischievously.

"No, I guess not. In fact there are many things we've never done before." Mike's confidence was increasing and he had taken that plunge into the unknown and he was anxious to take it further.

He kissed Micky again, this time with more heat. Stealing his strong hands tightly round his lover's waist and pulling his body parallel to his. Micky moaned as he ran his hands down his spine and grabbed playfully at the tight ass below. He wasted no time in removing Micky's belt and unzipping his pants sliding his hand inside to feel the mounting erection beneath his fingers.

Micky closed his eyes, this time in pleasure. He senses hazed and made him believe his was dreaming as Mike positioned himself kissing down Micky's body as he did so. The fact that the boot seemed so small only made the passion more extreme. Mike had never felt so close to Micky before and he wanted that intensity to last as long as possible.

He managed to tuck his own legs under himself and as he reached the moist fuzz at the base of the shaft he was ready to move their relationship on. He took his time gently licking the tip and then down one side before going down the other. Every moan, every gasp escaping from Micky's mouth only convinced him that this was right. He took the fully erect cock in his mouth and slid it easily into his moist hot mouth. Building a rhythm he kept pumping Micky's cock back and forth, deeper into his mouth till he was almost choking, but ever persistent Mike continued until he heard a loud groan escape from Micky's mouth and tasted the salty cum as it slid down his throat.

Micky looked down and gave him a bashful smile. He had never been given head like that before. He was basking in his new found activity when they heard the car stop and a muffled voice calling to them.

"Sorry guys, roadwork's. Might be a little longer than I'd anticipated."

Mike grinned. He could tell Micky was no longer interested in where he was. He was more content with who he was with. Mike's own erection was needing some attention and he knew how he was going to get it. He quickly unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down to his knees.

"So Mick, you ready for some more fun?"

"Hell yeah. What did you have in mind?"

Micky was already working on another erection of his own. The news that the trip was going to take longer would have sent him into blind panic twenty minutes ago but now he had Mike and that was all he cared about.

Mike didn't explain his actions, he thought it would be more exciting to leave Micky hanging on his every move. Which of course is exactly what Micky was doing and gave Mike the control he always craved. He kissed Micky again as he lay across the semi naked man and allowed his cock to rub up against his own. Turning Micky over he admired that gorgeous ass in all it's glory. Mike manoeuvred himself across Micky's back and planted kisses across the nape of his neck and down to his ass before encircling the entrance with his tongue.

Micky groaned again. He had never experience pleasure like this before. Whatever Mike was doing, he wanted it to continue. He had no fear of what was too come, all he wanted was to be as close to Mike as he could. He hoped he didn't disappoint him.

Disappointment, was the furthest thing from Mike's mind as he slipped his tongue deep inside his lover. This was enough to almost bring himself to the edge but Mike wanted that to happen when he was inside Micky. He straddled himself across the small frame and began to inch himself inside slowly at first and building a gentle rhythm. The tightness encasing his cock was immense, he had never felt so close to anyone like that before. He pushed a little further, hearing the pleasurable agreement from Micky as he did so.

Micky was reeling in the pleasure that Mike was giving him that he didn't even sense the pain that he was causing. His body was encased in a numbness that made him awash with orgasmic rushes.

Mike began to thrust harder quickening his pace and allow them to move that a finely oiled machine. Suddenly from outside they could hear the cheers and screams echoing round the car. As Mike came, his orgasmic moan was drowned out by the hysterical screaming that now filled them from every angle.

Quickly Mike retracted himself from his lover and dressed himself as Micky responded in the same way. They could barely contain the grins spreading across their faces and the flirtatious glances passing between them as they lay in silence waiting for the car to stop.

* * * * * *

As the driver opened the car boot, the boys were faced with the glare of daylight shining down on them.

"You two ok, you seem a little flushed."

"Yeah we're fine, just a little short of breath," teased Mike.

"What about you Micky, you seemed a little worried before."

"Nah, I'm fine man. I just can't wait for the trip back." And with that he and Mike headed into the studio's for their interview.