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"Dressed to Impress"



Title: Dressed to Impress
Author: Moondreams
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mike/Peter
Warnings: Language, sexuality
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Monkees and make no claim that this ever really happened. It is purely the result of an overactive imagination.
Summary: Peter’s off for a job interview to get some money for rent but his choice of clothes aren’t exactly what one would expect…
Author’s Note: Wow, I’ve been slacking! I feel a little rusty actually so apologies if it really shows in this fic! I’d intended it to be another PWP but, as always seems to be the case with me, it wound up being fluff! I don’t know how I do it! Inspired by these delicious screen caps, this is a prequel if you will to the episode Monkees on the Wheel. I always thought it odd that Mike would wear such a hideous tie and seeing these screen caps with my slash head on, I had an idea. (And I also know I have taken some artistic license with the bedroom arrangements but it worked better with the season one format.)

“Well, what do you think?”

The other three stared at Peter, looking him up and down. Davy and Micky were trying so hard not to laugh and Mike was having to nudge them to shut them up.

Peter’s face fell a little at their silence and Mike, quickly picking up on it, spoke up.

“It’s very unique Pete. I’m sure it will make an impression.” Peter beamed back at him and then looked to the other two for comment.

“Yeah, it’s…very you, Petah.” Davy said, still stifling a laugh. Peter’s smile slipped a little before turning to face Micky.

“You’re serious? You’re actually gonna wear that to the interview?” Now Peter’s face fell completely.

“Micky…” Mike cautioned.

“No, we need the money, Mike. They won’t take him seriously if he goes like that.” Micky whispered to Mike but Peter could still hear them and his confidence began to waver drastically.

They looked at him again. Peter knew he didn’t have anything suitable for an interview, having exchanged most of his old clothes for the paisley and such so he had gone out to find the cheapest suit he could.

What he came back with was an incredibly hideous and garish orange suit. But it wasn’t even complete, it had the jacket, the trousers and a tie but no shirt so he had to improvise with one of his gaudy blue pieces.

It was an absolute eye-sore but you had to love him for trying.

“I mean, he’s wearing a tie with…with
that! It doesn’t even have a collar!”

“You can’t have a suit without a tie, Micky. They show a strong personality and I think they make people look handsome.” Peter said, his eyes flicking over to Mike for a moment forcing Mike to look away, blushing uncontrollably.

“Mike, they’re gonna cut the power, man. We need him to get this job…” Mike shot a warning glance at Micky. He knew he was right but Peter’s hopeful expression was too much for him to just shoot down.

“I think you look great, Peter. You’ll do fine, it’s not all about the clothes anyway. Go get ‘em, man.”

“Yeah, Petah, knock them dead.” Davy chimed in, feeling bad about his previous behaviour. Micky sighed and gave Peter the once over one last time.

“Good luck, man. We’re counting on ya.” And he sure meant it.

Peter strolled out of the Pad, taking the Monkeemobile with him to the interview. Micky turned to face Mike.

“’You look great’? Mike, they’re gonna laugh at him. He’ll never get the job.”

“Well, so what!? He’s not even qualified, he probably won’t get it anyway. He just wants to help. If we have to live without any hot water or somethin’ for a while then whatever, we’ll think of something Mick.”

Micky sighed again, Mike was right. They always did come up with something but they’d never left it this long before. They were three months late on their rent, they hadn’t had a gig in weeks and Mr Babbit was threatening to cut them off if they didn’t pay up soon.

Mike suspected that Micky was taking it worse than anyone when he got fired from his job for sleeping in too many times. He knew he’d let them down and in all honesty, he was their last chance at getting some money in. He needed Peter to get this job so he wouldn’t get the blame.

But the fact was that none of them had been able to hold onto a job, maybe Peter would turn things around for them.


Mike sat alone on the sofa, strumming distractedly on his guitar. It was 8pm, Peter had been gone all afternoon and evening and Mike was beginning to worry.

Micky and Davy had gone out hours ago in search of a backup should Peter not get the job. They could usually rely on Micky coming up with some bizarre idea. Whether it worked or not was a different matter.

Suddenly, Mike’s ears picked up the sound of the car pulling up outside followed by heavy footsteps. The door swung open.

“Hey Pete! So how…did…it-“


Peter had walked straight through the room, thrown his jacket on the floor, not even acknowledging Mike and fled to his and Davy’s bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Mike sat in shocked silence for a while, wondering whether to give him his space or check in on him. He decided on the latter. He strode quietly over to the closed door, tapping lightly.

“Peter?” The only reply he received was a loud sniff which he took as an invitation to enter.

Peter was sat on his bed, back pressed against the headboard, knees brought up to his chest. He avoided any eye contact with Mike, who was steadily making his way towards him.

He felt the weight shift on the bed as Mike took up a similar position beside him and Peter instinctively shifted over to make more room.

“Wanna tell me what happened?” Peter turned his head, laying it on his knees to look up at Mike with red, swollen eyes.

“I didn’t get it.” Mike nodded, sombrely. It wasn’t a huge surprise but Mike still felt really bad for Peter. It probably didn’t help that he’d been so encouraging, building his hopes up so high.

“Micky was right. They said I looked like a giant popsicle.” Mike tried to cover a smile.

“Well, you do look good enough to eat.” Mike suddenly frowned at himself.
What the hell? God, I hope he didn’t read anything into that. What am I thinking, this is Peter…

“Thanks, Mike.”
Phew. “I should have listened to you guys. Do you hate me now, Mike?” Mike looked horrified.

“Hate you? Why on earth would I hate you? You tried, Peter. Don’t sweat it.”

Peter started crying again, more from Mike’s forgiving attitude than anything else. He turned his head away again, hugging his knees tighter.

Mike wrapped an arm around his shoulder and rubbed it up and down, soothingly. The tears eased a little but still fell.

Before Mike even thought about what he was doing, he kissed the crown of Peter’s head with a feather light touch. Peter noticeably got quieter, the tears slowing still further. He turned his head back towards Mike but still didn’t look at him.

Mike leant down again and kissed him a little harder on the temple this time, lingering a little and subconsciously stroking the luscious sandy hair.

He loved Peter’s hair, the way it was always so shiny and fell limply around his face, framing his perfect features. He loved how it always smelt of baby shampoo, how delicate it was and how silky. He loved the way it would bounce and get in his eyes when he performed.

He hated that he noticed it. These were the sorts of things you’d notice about a girl you had the hots for,
not your friend and bandmate.

But he did. And that wasn’t the only thing he noticed about him.

Over the last few months he’d been noticing more and more, like how he moved when he played the bass. Those enthusiastic bumps and swivels of the hips as he got into the song. He noticed the way his smile seemed to light up a whole room and left everyone else smiling too. He always noticed when Peter was wearing something new, like when he’d got those insanely tight white trousers that made him notice…other things.

He hated himself for it. This was Peter, someone that depended on him and trusted him and here he was secretly lusting after him…but what bothered Mike more was that that wasn’t it. He wasn’t lusting. He was in love with Peter. He didn’t just want him, he wanted to look after him.


Peter’s soft voice promptly brought him out of his reverie as looked into Peter’s questioning and slightly concerned eyes. Mike gave him a sad smile.

“Feel better now?” Peter nodded slightly, still not moving his head from his knees. Mike realised that his arm was still slouched over Peter’s shoulder so he removed it without trying to seem too hasty.

Peter sat up and they both just stayed in an awkward silence for a bit. The silence was quickly broken, however, by Peter’s stomach grumbling. Peter looked at Mike suddenly with an apologetic smile but Mike just laughed.

“Hungry, shotgun?”

“I haven’t eaten all evening."

“Well, let’s see if we can’t do something about that. Come on.”

Just as they were both about to move off the bed, the lights went out. They both gasped and resumed their positions against the headboard.

“What happened?” Peter whispered.

“I guess Babbit weren’t bluffin’. Looks like he cut us off.”

“We...We’re cut off? He can actually do that?!” Mike picked up the cracking in Peter’s voice and knew he was on the verge of tears again.


“It’s all my fault, Mike! Now we won’t be able to practice and we won’t get any gigs and then we won’t get any money so we won’t be able to pay our rent so we won’t get the power back so we won’t be able to practice and we won’t get any gigs...”

Peter continued to ramble as Mike’s arm returned to his shoulder, gently rocking him backwards and forwards. The calming motions did nothing to pacify Peter this time though.

“Micky’s gonna hate me. He knew I was gonna screw it up, I screw everything up.”

“Don’t talk like that Peter, it’s not true.”

“Yes, it is! Why do you always stick up for me?”

Don’t say it. Don’t. Say it.

“Well?” Even though Mike couldn’t see his face in the darkness, he knew he was staring at him with a defiant expression. That adorable little frown, those large puppy dog eyes, those pouty lips...

Without another coherent thought, Mike practically lunged at Peter, capturing his lips in a desperate kiss.

Peter flailed his arms, trying to stop himself from toppling off the bed with the sheer force of the advance. He was so taken aback that he didn’t know what to do so he just remained frozen.

Mike picked up on this, forcing his brain into a reboot, fully comprehending what he was actually doing. He abruptly tore himself away, eyes fiercely gazing at nothing in the darkness. He could feel Peter’s horrified stare on him.

“I am...so sorry, Peter. I...” But any more words completely escaped him. How could he justify what he just did? How could he do such a thing? He was taking advantage of a good friend when he was in need of comfort, thinking only of his own needs.

Peter continued to stare at Mike but it wasn’t with a look of horror, purely astonishment.
What made him do that? Pity? Sympathy? To shut me up? ...Something else? Now that he thought about it, Mike had been acting a little differently around him lately, especially the last couple of weeks.

Peter had always had very strong feelings for the Texan but dismissed them as just the kind of feelings people had for close friends. But in the back of his mind, he knew it was different. He didn’t have the same feelings for Micky and Davy as he did Mike. Their praise for his music made him happy but when Mike praised him, his stomach did flips.

He’d chosen to ignore it and continue as if nothing was bothering him but the feelings continued to grow until he couldn’t deny it any more. But he had to keep them to himself, how could he possibly confess such feelings, especially to Mike. He’d never feel the same way…right? The last few seconds had thrown him into serious confusion.

Mike couldn’t stand the silence any longer and started to move away again. “Look, I’ll uh...I’ll just get ya somethin’ to eat-“

But as he began to move, he felt a hand grip around his wrist. A sound vaguely resembling a ‘no’ appeared to escape from Peter’s lips. Wide-eyed, Mike sat tentatively back down on the bed, moving right up close to Peter’s face to study his expression.

Peter stared back at him with a mixed look of confusion and a deer caught in headlights. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but he knew more than anything in that moment that he couldn’t let Mike leave.

Mike delicately brushed Peter’s cheek with the back of his hand, stroking away a residual tear. Peter never broke eye contact, tingling at the Texans gentle touch. His eyes glazed over slightly as he subconsciously ran his tongue over his bottom lip. The gesture was too inviting for Mike and once again he leant in, albeit more gingerly, for another kiss.

Peter closed his eyes, this time relishing the feeling of those full lips against his. He opened his mouth a little, allowing for Mike to slip his tongue in, probing that warm and willing mouth.

They stayed that way for several moments before Mike felt Peter’s hand creep up his arm then around his shoulder before settling behind his neck, pulling him in tighter. A small sigh of appreciation escaped Peter at the increased contact which spurred Mike on further.

He pressed his lips firmly to Peter’s, pushing him back against the headboard and felt Peter’s lips curl a little at the sudden change in pace but he didn’t try and stop him, far from it. Peter eagerly lapped at Mike’s mouth, tongues duelling furiously.

Getting carried away with the moment, Mike attempted to move position slightly to be able to deepen the kiss still further. However, the darkness made him mis-judge his hand placement as he tried to sit up. Instead of propping himself up to Peter’s side, his hand fell straight into the blond man’s lap.

A strangled moan escaped Peter at the unexpected contact. He broke away from the kiss, breathing heavily and his eyes now full of lust. Although Mike immediately retracted his hand, he hadn’t failed to notice the prominent bulge that lay below. Before Mike even had a chance to think about his next move, Peter attacked him with a flurry of intense kisses, pulling Mike on top of him so he was straddling his hips.

“Mmm, Michael,” he mumbled in between kisses. “Touch me again. Please.”

Mike was pretty sure Peter could have asked him to do just about anything at that moment and he’d have done it. The urgency in his voice was far too much for Mike to resist.

As he leant in for another kiss, he groped Peter roughly through those awful orange pants, eliciting another moan. Peter tilted his head back, trying to get some air into his lungs so Mike continued his kisses down his neck. The fit of his shirt and that ridiculous tie made it impossible for him to get very far so they had to go.

Reluctant to remove his hands from Peter’s groin and stop those wonderful noises, he instead removed the tie one handed and unbuttoned the shirt but left it hanging loosely on his shoulders.

God, I wish I could see that body... Mike knew how toned and tanned Peter was (he’d made sure to sneak a peek whenever he thought no-one was looking) but to see him looking like that underneath him, just begging to be touched... well, merely the thought of it made Mike’s cock jump inside his pants.

He claimed Peter’s lips in another heated kiss while increasing his pace on Peter’s throbbing member. Peter began to get restless, he wanted to feel Mike’s hand on him, not the fabric.

He lifted his hips slightly, pressing eagerly into Mike’s hand and Mike took the hint and ever so slowly pulled the zipper down. Peter gripped Mike’s shoulder, trying to keep himself in check as his pants were pulled down and off leaving him completely exposed.

Mike wasted no time, immediately wrapping his long fingers around the rigid, needy erection before him making Peter gasp suddenly.

“Oh god, Michael...”

“You like that, huh?” Mike leant in close to his ear, allowing him to absorb his reactions. In the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but marvel at how massive Peter’s cock felt and he thought it was getting bigger by the second.

Peter began to whimper slightly as Mike ran his fingers over the head, spreading around the pre-cum that had already began to collect there.

“God, it feels so good when you do it. So much better than I-“ But Peter quickly cut himself off, panicking a little that he’d said too much. Mike’s movements slowed as he contemplated Peter, curiously.

“Better than you what?”


“Peter, tell me.”

He faltered but saw no point in lying when there Mike was giving him one hell of a hand job. “Better than I imagined...” Peter finished, almost ashamed of the confession. Mike smiled softly although he was sure Peter couldn’t actually see it.

“You’ve thought about this before? About me jerkin’ you off?” He asked, squeezing a little harder and earning another groan.

“All the time.” He answered, not really thinking about what he was saying anymore, just reacting to the ministrations. “Sometimes...it’s all I can think about and...and I don’t know what to do. I can’t think straight, it messes me up. Thank god Davy’s such a deep sleeper cos I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to get myself off in the middle of the night thinking about you...”

Mike’s mind was reeling by now, Peter’s words stirring every part of his body. How could Peter have gone so long and not told him?
Haven’t you been doing the exact same thing? He thought to himself. All this time, they both wanted each other. And now here they were and Mike was overcome with the urge to give Peter everything he wanted.

He leant in for another kiss which travelled down his neck, onto his bare chest. The kisses became gentle bites followed by soothing licks. As much as Peter was enjoying it, he wasn’t sure how much more teasing he could stand.

Mike continued his trail downwards, finally reaching his goal. He could literally feel the heat radiating off of Peter’s cock and wasted no more time in giving Peter what he needed. He took the tip into his mouth, sliding his velvety tongue over the head.

“Ohhhh, fuck Michael...” He thrust automatically into that hot mouth, gripping the sheets below him as Mike took more and more of him into his mouth.

He was relentless, running his tongue up and down the shaft, swirling it back over the head, roughly massaging his balls at the same time. It was unlike anything Peter had ever experienced.

In his whole life, Peter had only ever received head five times. Each and every time, he had had to suggest it with varying degrees of subtlety. When the girls finally got down to it, it was as if it was some sort of chore, like they were doing it just so he would return the favour. If he so much as touched them, they’d look at him with an expression as if to say “you should be grateful I’m even doing this, don’t even
think about touching me.”


But this...this was incredible. Not only had Mike taken it upon himself to go down on him but he was sucking him off with so much enthusiasm you’d have thought Peter’s cock held the cure for cancer!

“Ungh, s’good. God, it’s good.” Mike groaned around Peter’s cock at his words, making Peter groan in return as the vibrations shot down his shaft making him tremble. His hands scrabbled for a grip on something, anything, making him shift uncontrollably preventing Mike from keeping up a good pace.

Suddenly, he grabbed one of Peter’s straying hands and thrust it into his own hair. Peter made a sound that resembled more of a growl as he began to fist Mike’s coarse, ebony hair. He’d never been given control of a blow job before and he knew it would be his undoing.

The growl was echoed below him as Mike found himself being pushed down further onto that massive cock. He couldn’t get enough of Peter’s insatiable side, the aggressive, urgent tugs on his hair shooting straight to his cock which now pressed insistently at his zipper.

With Peter’s added guidance, Mike managed to take Peter down to the root, continuing to suck greedily. Peter’s head fell back onto the headboard as he struggled to stay sane, feeling the head of his cock nudging the back of Mike’s throat. He thrust harder into his mouth as his balls began to tighten almost painfully.

Mike sensed the change, feeling the taut thighs tremble either side of him and the increased, uncontrolled pace.

“Mike...I think I’m...I think I’m...” Mike knew what Peter was trying to say but took no heed, instead choosing to rake his fingers up the outside of Peter’s thighs before slipping his hands underneath and roughly groping Peter’s ass.

“Oh, shit! FUCK!” Peter bucked mindlessly, arching off the bed as his orgasm shot through him explosively. Jets of come shot down Mike’s throat almost choking him but he didn’t move until Peter’s body began to relax and he slumped back on the bed, panting heavily. God, he wanted to touch himself so badly but he refrained.

Peter’s hand was still knitted in Mike’s hair but was now subconsciously stroking it in an affectionate, loving way. Even though he was reluctant to move from his comfortable position, Mike decided to sit up and resume his place beside Peter. He looked over at him and could just about make out that Peter’s eyes were still closed. He began to shift his hands uncomfortably in his lap, worrying about what he’d done.

“That was...wow.” Peter said, breaking the silence.

“Was it OK?” This time Mike could see Peter turn his head to face Mike, a mystified look on his face.

“OK? Michael, that was incredible. You’re incredible. I just...I can’t believe it actually happened.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Another silence followed. “So...what should we do now?”

A wicked smile played on Peter’s lips and Mike would have been grateful that he couldn’t see it at that moment as it would undoubtedly have undone him there and then. He proceeded to slink on top of Mike, straddling his hips.

“Oh, I don’t know. I can think of a few things.”

An intense tingling went through Mike, gravitating straight to his groin. But he was still left with a feeling of uneasiness. Was this
really what Peter wanted, or was he just being his usual self and not wanting to upset anyone?

“Listen Peter, I don’t want to make you do anything you’re not comfortable with. What do you want?”

Peter pretended to think about it. “Hmmm. I want...your cock, in my ass-“ He leant up right to Mike’s ear, his breath ghosting over it. “Right. Now.”

Mike shakily let out a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding, his eyes losing all focus as Peter began to pull the tight trousers off of his slim hips. He slipped a hand below the waistband of his underwear, grasping the already leaking cock firmly in his hand.

“Shit...” Mike muttered, eyes closing tightly as he tried to stop himself from just pouncing on the blond man perched above him. Now that Peter’s immediate need had been sated, he was more than happy to take his time in tormenting Mike.

The pace on his cock was slow and languid. He inserted a squeeze every few strokes, hearing Mike almost suffocating in front of him. He could tell that Mike wouldn’t hold out much longer so he changed tactics, instead moving to kiss him forcefully on the lips, diving his tongue in while completely removing his underwear.

His hands moved to Mike’s shoulders then traced lightly over the pale skin, brushing the dark hairs that adorned his chest. His mouth latched on to the juncture between Mike’s neck and shoulder, eliciting a satisfied groan from Mike.

“Oh, that’s it babe. Yeah...” His hands moved to Peter’s hips, rubbing them softly, rocking him back and forth a little. Unbelievably, Peter began to feel his cock stirring once again under Mike’s deft touch as it slid against Mike’s stomach. He knew he had to get down to business quickly.

He dove in for a fierce kiss, lifting himself up so he could rub his cock against Mike’s throbbing erection. Mike whimpered desperately, lifting his hips up to try and increase the contact. Peter flashed that smile again, leaning his forehead to Mike’s and feeling the layer of sweat that had begun to form there.

“You’re so fucking hot, you know that, Michael?” Mike writhed beneath him, his dirty words making him hotter by the second.
Please, Peter...God just do something!

“I’ve wanted this for so long. So long.” He became more serious at that moment, staring intensely at the man before him who now stared back into those big hazel eyes. Mike’s breath hitched in his throat as he suddenly saw the raw emotion in the other man, saw how big a deal this really was and any apprehension he had felt melted away immediately.

Mike smiled brightly at Peter, moving a hand from his hip to the back of his neck, pulling him in for another passionate kiss. Peter responded, humming at the back of his throat blissfully.

Mike was just enjoying the moment, enjoying the weight of Peter on top of him, feeling his tie and shirt being removed and discarded while he finished removing Peter’s own shirt. He didn’t think things could be any better than this-

“HOLY SHIT!!” Mike’s exclamation was muffled slightly by Peter’s lips still on his. While Mike had been in his own little world, Peter had lined himself up over Mike’s rigid cock and thrust down. The tightness was almost unbearable and Mike clenched his eyes tight.

Peter was holding his breath. Maybe if he had gotten a good look at that massive cock he wouldn’t have been as keen to impale himself on it. But it was too late now, besides, the pain was beginning to subside to a bearable sting.

Mike noticed Peter’s hesitancy, caressing his face and running his fingers through the damp blond hair. “Breathe, babe. Try and relax, it’ll get better...” Mike tried to sound convincing but what did he know? This might be the most painful thing Peter’s ever experienced and he’s the one causing it. The thought unsettled him greatly and he wasn’t sure he wanted to put Peter through this after all.

But then Peter did begin to relax and managed to start a rocking motion.

“Ohhhh, fuck...” The sheer tightness of Peter made him slip out of any thoughts for the moment, focusing instead on his most primal needs. He began to arch up, meeting Peter’s hips in time with his thrusts.

Peter began to moan happily to himself, head rolling backwards on his shoulders. He lifted himself up, lowering himself back down further on that pulsating piece of flesh as Mike thrust up again, brushing something deep within Peter.

“OH MY GOD!! Wha- what the hell? Holy...do that again!” Peter’s eyes were suddenly wild, never had he felt so much pleasure in his entire life. Mike didn’t know what he’d done but was desperate to hear Peter lose control again, it really was the sweetest music.

He grabbed firmly to Peter’s hips, controlling his movements. He lifted him up before ramming him back down on his cock. That did it. Peter cried out, unable to form coherent words anymore, gripping Mike’s shoulders with so much force there would undoubtedly be bruises.

“Yes, fuck, that’s it Peter. Take that cock, you love it, don’t you?” Peter nodded vigorously even though Mike couldn’t see. He didn’t need to, he could tell that Peter was on the edge, his cock already rock hard again.

Mike was angling himself so that he was hitting Peter’s prostate on every upward thrust, rapidly crumbling Peter’s remaining resolve. He was barely able to keep his balance as his movements became more erratic, forcing Mike to move his hands to his lower back.

“Michael. I need to come. I don’t think I can...I need to...”

“I know, babe, just...can you hold off? I’m so close, babe. So close.”

Amazingly, Peter managed to utter a moan that resembled an OK which filled Mike with an overwhelming feeling of love and arousal.

Mike had a habit of being able to go for a long time during sex without coming which was all well and good but not when he wanted to come with someone. There was nothing quite like hearing your own orgasm mingling with your partners. Countless times he’d asked a girl to try and hold on and she just ignored him, seeking her own release and then losing interest in him.

Again. Women...

But Peter, he was prepared to try and give Mike everything he needed. The position wasn’t far removed from fucking a girl but it was so different. He’d never been with anyone that was quite as responsive as Peter, as involved in the ministrations.

Mike began thrusting harder and faster, trying to speed up his orgasm, feeling it building in his stomach. Peter was making a constant keening noise at the back of his throat, trying his hardest to keep from coming which was being made ever harder by Mike nudging that spot on every thrust.

He could tell that Mike’s need was getting more and more critical and it was going to be up to him to push him over the edge. He suddenly grabbed Mike’s hand, pressing it against his erection which Mike instinctively wrapped his fingers around, jerking furiously. Peter then threw himself forward, gripping Mike’s chin in his hand, forcing him to look at him.

“You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met, Michael. You make me feel like I can’t do anything wrong. That I’m special.” He struggled to keep his brain working as Mike maintained his pace on his cock although his attention was fully on Peter’s face.

“I want you, more than anything. I want to be with you, Michael. Please, can I?” Mike looked at the pleading look on the young man’s face with utter incomprehension.
Why did he even think he had to ask?

Mike leaned in even further so their noses were touching, both breathing heavily trying to focus on each other in the darkness.

“Peter. You are the most beautiful person I know. You
are special and I need you, I just wanna make you happy.” Peter captured Mike’s mouth in a brief kiss, cementing their feelings before moving over to his ear.

“Then why don’t you fucking come in me, Michael? Fuck me hard and come in my ass.”

Mike slipped out of himself again, picking up the pace of his thrusts and his hand. Peter began to shake, unable to hold out any longer.

“Oh, shit Michael! I’m coming...it’s-“ Then he found himself being pulled forward again as his orgasm overtook him.

Seeing Peter’s face contort in absolute ecstasy while hearing his cries of release and feeling the fresh jet of liquid spilling into his hand were more than enough to finally tip Mike over the edge.

“Oh, sweet Jesus! Peter, fuck!” Both of their bodies slid and jerked together as they reached their pinnacle simultaneously. Mike took it back:
that was the sweetest music.

As their breathing began to get back to normal and Peter found the use of his limbs, he climbed off of Mike and slouched beside him. Mike put his arm around Peter’s shoulder, encouraging him to lay his head on Mike’s chest. Mike looked down at the figure and smiled to himself.

“Feel better now?” A faint affirmative left Peter’s mouth but it was obvious that he was already lost to the world of sleep. Mike stroked the blond mane peacefully, drifting off himself into a satisfied sleep.


Not even 10 minutes must have passed when Mike dimly registered a low rumbling outside. It wasn’t until he heard the unmistakable sound of the front door opening that he truly woke up.

He looked down at the still sleeping figure below him, reluctant to wake him but the ever approaching sound of voices brought him back to the reality of such a compromising situation.

Peter! Wake up, man.” Peter stirred slightly, stretching his whole body out. Goddamn it, why does he always have to look so inviting!?

“What’s up, Mike-“ But he didn’t need Mike to answer as he heard Micky and Davy talking in the Pad. His eyes went wide as he looked at himself, then at Mike.

“Shit! Quick, get dressed!” Peter threw himself out of the bed, trying to locate the clothing in the darkness. Mike joined him, scrabbling around on the floor.

“Ow, shit!”

“Shhh!! They’ll hear us. Here, I think this is yours.” Peter threw Mike a bundle of clothes, picking up some others that, if he recalled the events correctly, were probably his pants.

“Hey, Mike? Is my tie over there, I can’t find it…”

“Forget the tie, man. It’s
really horrible.” Peter froze and looked to Mike with a slight pout that Mike wouldn’t have been able to resist.

“I thought you liked that tie, Michael.” Mike quickly made his way over to Peter, grabbing him by the arms.

“Babe, I have since realised that I
much prefer you without any clothes at all.” Peter beamed and chuckled slightly, making Mike lean in for a brief but loving kiss. “Now, you presentable?”

“I don’t know. You?”

“I guess so. Come on.”

“Wait! What are we gonna say? About being shut in the room together?”

Mike thought about it for a minute. “We’ll just say I was comforting you, that’s all. Not exactly a lie now, is it?” Peter smirked again.

“Definitely not.”

They made it just in time as Micky and Davy were about to open the door.

“Hey, what’s goin’ on? What you doin’ in there?” Micky leaned over their shoulders to see inside the room but Mike quickly shut the door. They may have had time to clear themselves up but the room would give them away instantly.

“Peter didn’t get the job. He was upset so I…went to cheer him up.” They shared a brief look and had to hold back a laugh.

“Oh man, sorry Pete…that sucks. Why you got the lights turned off?” Davy asked, taking their reasoning with a pinch of salt.

“Babbitt cut the power.”

“What!?” They both yelled. Micky composed himself while Davy went off in search of something.

“Gentlemen, fear not. For I, Micky Dolenz, have a plan!”

“Told ya…” Mike whispered to Peter.

“I have got us a gig.”

“Oh, Micky that’s great! Where is it? When is it?” Peter asked, his childlike excitement shining through.

“Las Vegas.”

“Las Vegas?! Micky-“

“Tomorrow night.” Mike just stared blankly at Micky. Yep, you could always rely on Micky for the most insane ideas. “And then, while we’re there, we can make a ton of money in the casinos.”

“I don’t know, Micky…”

“Hey, don’t they call Las Vegas the City of Sin?” Peter asked, innocently. Innocently to everyone, except Mike. He could hear the sexuality that dripped all over that sentence and it turned him on to no end. He looked into those eyes and saw the wicked flicker in them. He turned back to Micky.

“On second thought, that sounds like a great idea, Mick.”

Davy returned with a torch, allowing them to see each other properly in the dark. Mike noticed that Peter’s jaw soundly fell open and a mixed look of horror and amusement crossed his face. He looked to Micky who just looked confused, as did Davy. He then noticed they were all looking at his chest. As he looked down, his brain went into meltdown.
Oh, shit.

“Isn’t that Peter’s tie?” Micky asked, dumbly.


“I thought you said it was the most hideous tie you’d ever seen and you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing such a thing.”

Mike chanced a look at Peter, but thankfully only saw amusement in his face.
God, I love him… he thought randomly.

“Well, you see Micky, Mike was trying to cheer me up and when I said how much they hated the suit he said that it shouldn’t have made a difference and that he’d wear it for the next week if it made me feel better. So I agreed.”

“Wow, Mike.” Davy chimed in. “You’re gonna sacrifice a whole week of girls for Peter by wearin’ that thing. That’s friendship, man.”

“I’ll say! Have you seen the chicks in Vegas, man!?”

“I’m sure I’ll live.” Mike said as Micky and Davy began to pack the equipment up. As Mike and Peter stood alone, Mike quickly leant over to whisper in Peter’s ear.

“You are so gonna get it.”

“I sure hope so…” Peter responded, playfully. He then tugged on the orange tie and planted a kiss on Mike’s lips, making sure that they were out of sight. As Mike pulled back, dazed and aroused once again, he coughed loudly.

“Well, uh, s’pose we better uh, get our stuff ready. I mean, my stuff. And your stuff. Your stuff being, uh, separate from…from my stuff…” Micky and Davy looked at Mike in utter confusion.

“Sure, Mike. Whatever, just hurry it up now.”

“So gonna get it…” He muttered again at Peter who just smiled brilliantly back at him.