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"Don’t Listen to Mike"



Title: Don't Listen to Mike

Author: 861Hedge-hog

Pairing: Yes,Torksmith!

Rating: G

Warnings: warnings?

Summary: Two of them, getting better.

Author's Note: This story borned from me &my friend's e-mail interaction. I wish after read this,you have a small laugh.


(One day  in the Tour, Mike and Peter has become a bit dangerous.

But in the night,there was a figure walk into the Peter's room in silence.

He approached the bed still silence, Peter was asleep there.

So He came into Peter's chest)


Peter "Who ... What? Mike?"

Mike" (the nose pressed against Peter's chest) ... ..."

*Tight hugs *

Peter, "Wow, tough! What is it, Mike!?"

Mike "Peter ..."

Peter, "Yes."

Mike "Sing something."

Peter"Why? Because you hate my singing voice."

Mike "I hate it. So you do sing."

Peter "Well What?"

Mike "Quick! (*More tight!*)"

Peter "Oh hell! I do! .... oh... what song do you wanna hear?"

Mike "Any songs!"

Peter, "Okay! Well ..."

(And he sings "The shade of gray." Peter's deep nursing voice are small echoes in his room.

Peter "... Michael?"

Mike "Very poor."

Peter "Hey (angry). Sorry by me poor."

Mike "Yes, bad."

Peter "Well, I don't sing any more."

Mike "No, Sing."

Peter, "Hey,what do you wanna say to me?"


Mike "Your sing are bad but, I'm relieved to hear that."


Peter "... ... Oh, thanks."

Mike "I sleep."

Peter "Yes."

Mike "sing something."

Peter "wha...what? Well, umm...Can I sing "Mr.Webster"?"

Mike "Yes."

Peter "You may sleep in the middle."

Mike "Shut up. Sing."

Peter "Well, yes yes!"

Mike "Pete?"

Peter "Huh?"


Mike "... I lost what I say."

Peter "You...you're foolish.(small laugh)"


So on,Peter sing that song.

In the arms of Peter, Mike just fall asleep.

What lost,he started to say ?

Only Mike knows.


The End