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"Do You Know What You Do?"



Title Do You Know What You Do?
Pairing Torklenz...For now...*smiles mysteriously*
Rating NC-17
Warnings More hot m/m lovin'.
Summary Based on the events depicted during "Monkee Mother".
Author's Note: Why? Because Peter and Micky demanded it. They're insatiable and I love them to bits, so I do as they ask of me. :)

“Mike is totally into you,” Micky said softly in the darkness. His tone not one of anger, but one of thoughtful musing.

Peter jerked his head up, his heart leaping into his throat. “What??”

He could almost sense Micky’s smile. There was a soft creak as Micky shifted his position on the bed.

“At Millie’s reception tonight, when we did ‘Here Comes Tomorrow’. Mike was definitely giving you the eye. You had to have noticed it.” Micky said, his voice still musing, but with a hint of amusement that told Peter that he was still smiling.

Peter felt at a loss. He
had seen Mike was watching him a bit more than usual during tonight’s set, but he hadn’t really thought much of it. He also vividly remembered what had happened last time he had set off Micky’s jealousy. Things had almost turned very ugly indeed. He had absolutely no desire to recreate that scene.

Micky must have sensed Peter’s confusion from the long silence that followed. Quietly, he slipped off his bed and came over to Peter’s, lying down on the narrow space beside his friend. Peter noted again that, like himself, Micky had taken to sleeping in the nude ever since the two of them had started sharing a room.

“It’s okay, Pete,” Micky said, stretching his body out to press full-length against Peter’s and Peter was shocked at the hardness of the erection that poked against his left thigh. Was Micky actually
turned on by the idea of Mike digging Peter?

“Micky…” Peter began, not quite sure about what he wanted to say, but he never got a chance to say anything before Micky’s mouth was descending on his, sweeping him up into a kiss so deep, so passionate, that it left him instantly hard and aching as well.

“Wow…” That was all Peter could manage as they separated. He felt dazed and very, very horny. “What was
that for??”

“Just for being the hottest, sexiest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a bed with,” Micky purred, nuzzling Peter’s neck so that Peter was encouraged to tilt his head back.

“For making me absolutely crazy with every move you make,” Micky continued, licking a path up Peter’s throat, feeling hot skin and a quickening pulse beneath his tongue. Peter sighed softly, melting into Micky’s embrace, though part of his mind was still on guard.

“And for reminding me, over and over again, how lucky I am to have you,” Micky finished in a bare whisper as his lips found Peter’s again and plunged him into another of those whirlwind kisses that left him dizzy and wanting more.

Peter hadn’t even realized that Micky had already lubed himself up until Micky suddenly sat up, lifting Peter’s legs over his shoulders, and entered him completely with one long thrust of his hips.

Peter groaned, the end of the groan turning into a sharp gasp as Micky immediately pulled back and pistoned forward again, hard, hitting Peter’s sweet spot as he did so.

A thin sweat broke out over Peter’s body as the debilitating pleasure flooded his senses. He bit his lip hard, almost hard enough to draw blood.

“Micky,” he ground out in a pleading tone. “Please. Millie. She’s still here. We can’t…”

“Oh yes we can,” Micky insisted, his whisper edged with wickedness. With that, he pulled back and thrust in to the hilt again…and again…and again.

Normally such treatment would have Peter shamelessly crying out, but with Millie still in the Pad until she moved out tomorrow morning to set up housekeeping with Larry, Peter had no choice but to tone it down. If Millie found out that two of “her boys” were fucking each others’ brains out on an almost nightly basis, she would likely drop dead of shock, hence the reason that the two of them had temporarily moved their beds apart again while she had been living there.

Also, in deference to her, Peter and Micky had greatly curbed their normal activities…until tonight.

Peter was gritting his teeth so hard he thought they would shatter inside his mouth. Desperate-sounding whimpers and moans escaped his throat as he fought with every ounce of restraint he had not to give full voice to his pleasure.

Smiling in the dark, Micky continued to fuck Peter ruthlessly. Peter had no clue how deeply his little display on the bandstand tonight had affected Micky. Those almost torturously sexy moves he did as he was playing were bad enough, but then to see the way that Mike’s attention had been caught as well, and the smoldering expression that had appeared in those dark eyes that could only have been sheer desire…

Groaning softly, Micky picked up the pace of his thrusts, feeling the tremor in Peter’s thighs as his tension level grew, the muscles in his long, lean legs hard and taut as he struggled within himself to keep quiet.

Far from being jealous about what he had seen, Micky on the contrary had been filled with an enormous sense of pride. To see Mike wanting what Micky could have pretty much anytime he wanted to…that was such an incredibly groovy feeling.

Mike could only imagine how well Peter could apply his stage moves to a much more intimate, horizontal setting; Could only imagine what it was like to have these succulent lips, this massive cock, this hot ass; To feel and to hear and to see Peter in the throes of passion. To see that want…that
need…in those gorgeously expressive toffee-colored eyes.

Micky didn’t have to imagine. He knew, and he was now the only man that did.

Micky leaned forward, never missing a beat with his thrusting hips as he did so, seeking out Peter’s lips. As their mouths entangled, Peter was able to release some of the sounds that were stopped up inside of him, their volume muffled due to Micky’s tongue being halfway down his throat.

“Micky….please…” Peter pleaded as they separated, his voice trembling and almost sounding on the brink of tears. “Please…I can’t take anymore. I’m going to go crazy. It feels too good…” He hitched in breath as Micky brushed his prostrate again, and barely contained the cry that wanted to burst from him.

Micky’s smile was gentler this time. He pushed Peter’s sweaty bangs off his face, and then kissed his moist forehead. “I love you,” he murmured as he slipped his hand down to grasp Peter’s cock, starting to stroke it firmly in time to his thrusts.

Peter arched beneath him, his restraint really starting to crack now as a loud groan escaped him. His breath fanned over Micky’s neck, hot and quick and urgent.

“Shhh…” Micky whispered, though he felt like he couldn’t contain himself much longer either. The tension in Peter’s body was causing him to clamp down even harder on Micky’s cock than usual, and the friction was driving him wild.

At the moment that Peter’s orgasm struck, the only way he could keep from waking the entire household was to abruptly sink his teeth into Micky’s shoulder. Micky hissed, tensing all over, though the pain served to give him his final push as well, and he began to come even as the muscular contractions from Peter’s release were pulsing around his cock. He moaned against Peter’s neck as his final throes had their way with him.

As they collapsed together, Peter wrapped his arms around Micky’s body, tenderly licking and kissing the bite mark he had left. He hadn’t drawn blood, but there would be quite a bruise there come morning, he was sure.

As the pair in the bed seesawed down toward sleep again, completely sated and content, upstairs in the other bedroom there was still some activity that was just wrapping up.

Mike arched off the bed, his pajama bottoms pooled around his knees, his body wet with sweat, his hand moving up and down his throbbing erection at a furious pace. A barely suppressed groan locked behind his lips as he came violently, coating his hand and abdomen with his sticky fluids.

“Oh god…Peter…” he whisper-moaned in the darkness.



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