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"Daydreams (I Believe Them)"



Title: Daydreams (I Believe Them)
Author: Lucy
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: This is where the crack begins... *deep breath* Peter Tork/Aaron Lohr, LB Fisher/Jeff Geddis, with mentions of Peter/Micky, Peter/Mike, and momentary instances of Peter/Jeff Geddis and Aaron Lohr/Jeff Geddis. George Stanchev doesn't get a pairing because the Davy wig makes him mega fugly.
Genre: RPS. Crack. Serious crack. Like, I think I must actually have been on crack to have written this.
Warnings: Sexuality and language. And crack.
Disclaimer: I don't own the Monkees or any of those people listed up there and make no aspersions toward their sexualities.
Summary: On the set of Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story.
Author's Note: Now, this is crack, but it's seriously written crack, so if you're slashily squeamish, you might wanna run. The motivation for this fic is that Aaron Lohr is really hot. Yes, the dude who plays Micky. And I didn't want Jeff Geddis and LB Fisher to feel left out. And Peter is also really hot. And... you can read it if you want to, or don't read it if you don't want to, because let's face it, it's really weird. I'm fully expecting flames. But it's like my baby. So before my author's note gets longer than the fic (which is freakishly long), here we go...

"He's gonna think you're a creepy old man if you don't stop staring."

Peter glowered at Micky.

"Can't help it," he said, eyes darting back to Aaron. "He's pretty."

"Oh, I know," Micky grinned. "Does he know you're lusting after him?"

"Lusting after who?"

"Whom," Peter responded absently. "And nobody. Don't you have scenes to shoot?" He turned to LB Fisher.

"Nope." The other man smiled. "George's scene." He motioned to where 'Davy' was speaking with his 'father'.

"Well, rehearse your lines or something," Peter grumbled.

LB pouted. "You just don't want me to know who you're lusting after."

"He's a smart one, Pete," Micky chimed in on his other side.

"Don't call me that. I don't call you George, do I?"

"What?" George Stanchev's head popped out from behind LB's. "Did you want something?"

"We're trying to figure out who Peter's lusting after," LB replied before Peter could properly shush him.

"I'm not lusting after anyone!" Peter said in exasperation.

"Well, obviously it's somebody," George pointed out. "Otherwise that one," he nodded toward Micky, "Wouldn't be grinning like a madman."

"I hate you," Peter mumbled at Micky. "You always give everything away."

"Do not! Micky protested.

Peter leveled a stare at him.

"Well, I don't!"

"You couldn't stop giggling for threeweeks after we slept together. Even Davy knew, and he's the most oblivious person on the planet."

"You what?!" The two non-Monkees exclaimed in unison, scrambling next to Peter and Micky.

Micky grinned smugly.

"Wasn't me that time, was it, loverboy?"

"Shut up," he shoved Micky's shoulder. "It was once," he glared at LB and George. "One time. It wasn't even that good."

Micky snorted.

"I told you to shut up."

"So you're lusting after a guy?" LB asked. "Hmm..." he scanned the set. "Is it Jeff?"

"Is what Jeff?"

Peter leaned forward, pressing his face into his hands. He groaned.

"No, it's not Jeff," Micky replied for him. "Sorry, Jeff," he added as he craned his head backwards to look up at the younger man.

"No problem," Jeff shrugged, a perplexed look on his face. "I don't even know what's going on."

"We're trying to figure out who Peter's lusting after," George stated.

"Oh, so it's a guy?" Jeff asked, settling into another nearby chair.

"No!" Peter cried, throwing his hands up. "It's not a guy or a girl or a chimpanzee because I'm not lusting after anyone!"

"He said you were," LB replied, unfazed by the outburst. "I think he'd know."

"He does not."

"Yes, I do."

"Shut up."

"Hey, is it Aaron?" George asked suddenly.

There was an awkward silence.

"I hate you so much," Peter growled at Micky.

"Oooh, nice, Peter," Jeff looked over to where Aaron was practicing his lines with Colin Ferguson.

"Good choice." LB nodded enthusiastically.

George smiled. "Is it his body or the things he's been doing with that microphone when he's singing in a scene?"

Micky grinned at the flabbergasted Peter.

"Told you they were smart."

"Shut up, you never listen!"

George grinned conspiratorially at LB and Jeff.

"I love when they fight, it's like they're married."

"Is not!" Peter exclaimed.

"It kind of is." Micky laughed.

"Shut. Up."

"So, Aaron, huh? When are you gonna make your move?" LB asked.

"When - make my - what?!" Peter sputtered. "I'm three times his age!"

"And?" George asked, a questioning look on his face.

"Does he even like guys?"

"Ohh, yes," George responded, looking ahead dreamily. "He definitely does."

The others stared at George in surprise.

"What?" He asked defensively when he noticed their looks. "Peter's the only one allowed to think he's sexy?"

"You... and Aaron? Why didn't I know this?" LB inquired, an offended look on his face.

"Because there is no me and Aaron. My trailer's just next to his. I hear things, is all." George blushed lightly.


"Back to the point," Jeff returned his gaze to Peter, who looked like he wanted to disappear. "You should talk to him."

"What's the use?" Peter asked bitterly. "He's a twenty-something actor who looks great in leather. He could have anybody. Why would he want me?"

LB scoffed in disbelief.

"Um, because you're smoking hot?"

Peter stared at the other man.

"I'm almost sixty!"

"So?" Jeff spoke this time. "Peter, I'm straight and I can tell you're attractive. In fact, I think I'd screw you." He eyed Peter speculatively.

"I know I would," LB commented.

"I already did," Micky grinned salaciously.

"Did what?" Came a sudden voice.

"Peter," Micky said before he could stop himself. He cringed when he recognized which voice had spoken.

Aaron raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" He asked. "That is... interesting."

Peter was glaring at Micky with murderous intent.

"I... hate you!"

Peter then buried his face in his hands again.

Aaron looked warily at his three castmates, all of whom were looking at him with wide grins.

'What?' he mouthed.

LB pointed first to Peter, then to Aaron.

'He wants you.' LB mouthed back.

A smile crept onto Aaron's face.


The other man nodded quickly as he noticed Peter lifting his head.

Aaron swiftly slid behind Peter's chair and placed a hand on the older man's shoulder.

"So, how was it?" he asked, leaning his hip against the chair. "And when?"

"It was terrible. Never sleep with Micky, it's awful, worst sex you'll ever have. And yesterday. I guess there's no hope for him."

Micky huffed.

"It was 1967 and he begged for more-"

"How many times do I have to tell you to shut up?!"

"When have I ever shut up when you told me to?"

"Hmm..." Aaron hummed. "So who topped?"

Micky grinned and Peter glared.

"Ah." Aaron smiled, tilting his head toward Peter. "You don't really strike me as the bottom-y type."

Peter stared up at the other man.

"I'm... uh, I'm not, normally. Micky's just... um... pushy..."

LB, George, and Jeff giggled silently but ferociously at the normally eloquent Peter's stuttering.

Aaron slid back around the bank of chairs and Micky quickly slid into another one so that Aaron could sit in the chair next to Peter. Peter was too busy watching Aaron walk to notice.

Aaron settled into the chair, propping an elbow on the arm and placing his chin in his hand. He looked up at Peter innocently.

"So you've done it more than once?" He breathed.

Peter's eyes flickered up and down the younger man's face.

"Yeah... I, I have..." Was it his imagination, or was Aaron's face getting closer?

Aaron smiled, craning his neck, ever so slightly moving towards Peter.

"Anyone I know?"

Peter's eyes widened, flitting about nervously and settling on Micky before returning to Aaron.

"Um... uh, no," Peter stuttered.

Micky was looking at Peter suspiciously.



"Is it someone I know?"

"... No."


"... Maybe."

Micky narrowed his eyes.



"Peter! When?"

"Look, it was only once and he started it and we never talked about it ever again!"

"Please... please tell me it was Davy..." Micky begged.

Peter bit his lip and slowly shook his head.

Micky's eyes closed briefly before opening again.

"... Mike?"

Peter's head dipped in a small nod.

"... the hell?"





The others all looked at Aaron with wide eyes.

"What? Depending on when, that man was delicious."

Peter sighed.

"... It was in 1968 and in a bathroom and it didn't mean anything so drop it," he grumped.

Micky looked at him incredulously.

"Peter, you fucked my best friend. No, I'm not gonna drop it!"

Peter looked at him pleadingly.

"Micky... it didn't mean anything, I swear. It was just sex. We both wanted to get off and I was really high and I guess he was feeling... vulnerable or something, and he just... let me fuck him. I don't know, Mike was weird, you know that!"

"Yeah," Micky sighed, settling down. "He probably wanted to screw with your head or something."


There was silence for a few beats.

"God, you guys were screwed up."

"Yeah. I think Dave escaped most of it, though..." Peter trailed of, looking over to Davy's trailer. "Hopefully."

"Is there anybody you haven't done?" Aaron asked, chin still resting on his hand. "Besides Davy?"

"Um..." His eyes traveled down to Aaron's lips again.

"So you're experienced?" Aaron licked his lower lip.

"I've been around the block..." Peter whispered, leaning closer to Aaron.

"Are you good?"

"You'd have to ask him," he motioned to Micky. "Never fucked myself."

Aaron looked over at Micky, raising an eyebrow.


Micky sensed that this was not a time to joke.

"Only guy I'd ever sleep with again. It was amazing."

"That's... good to hear," Aaron said, turning back to Peter.

"Why?" Peter tilted his head curiously.

Aaron moved so that he was speaking directly into Peter's ear.

"Because if I'm gonna let you fuck me, I want to know you're going to be good at it," he lingered at Peter's ear, loving the hitch of breath he heard as he trailed a finger up the other man's thigh.

"What - what makes you so sure I want to?" Peter asked, out of breath and cursing his age.

Aaron leaned back in his seat casually.

"LB told me." He grinned at the now stricken man on Peter's other side. "That's for short-sheeting my bed. Dick."

"Sorry," LB squeaked, looking at the glare on Peter's face with trepidation. "But come on," he argued, "You were never gonna make a move!"

Peter rolled his eyes. He wasn't that upset.

"Well, I ought to get going. I should work on my lines," Aaron said nonchalantly, beginning to stand up. "Oh, one more thing..."

"What?" Peter asked, focusing only on keeping his voice steady.

He was, therefore, surprised when there was another mouth pressed against his, soft lips and a demanding tongue pressing against his mouth.

He kissed Aaron back passionately, sliding his tongue against the other man's.

Peter sighed into his mouth, twining a hand into the curly hair. He felt a smile forming against his lips and broke away slowly.

"What?" he asked breathily.

"We're giving them a show," Aaron whispered, nodding at their captive audience.

"So? One of them's already fucked me and another one apparently listens to you having sex. And one of them is LB. Unless Jeff's uncomfortable-?"


"We're fine."

Aaron shrugged.


Peter looked on in amusement as Aaron straddled his lap, a comfortable weight settling on him as their lips pressed together once again.

Peter felt a hand creep up to rest on the back of his neck and he mentally smiled, yet again twining his hands in the other man's hair, similar but different from the hair he had tangled his hands in so many years ago.

"You feel like him," he mumbled into Aaron's lips.

"Glad I'm capturing my character," was the muffled response.

"Hmm," Peter slid a dexterous hand up Aaron's shirt, running it up his stomach and around to dig his fingertips into the indentation of his spine.

Aaron shuddered, breaking from Peter, both of them breathing heavily.

Aaron looked at Micky.

"You're right, he's good at this," he licked his lips appreciatively.

"I almost want to make out with you, Peter," Jeff said, eyeing the other man curiously.

Peter grinned, looking the man up and down.

Jeff blushed slightly.

"Wow, Pete, he's almost as hard to embarrass as Mike was. Good job," Micky complimented.

"Thanks," Peter replied, his hands resting gently on Aaron's hips. He smiled up at him. "You're still sitting on me."

"You mind?" Aaron asked, shifting his hips slightly forward.

"Not at all," Peter replied. He moved his hands down so that they cupped Aaron's ass. "So you don't fall," he responded to Aaron's amused look.

"You're so kind to be concerned," Aaron said, scooting forward slightly more, to further ensure that he didn't fall.

"Mhmm," Peter hummed as Aaron leaned down yet again.

"Do you think they're ever gonna stop? Or, you know, leave?" Peter heard, he thought probably LB, faintly in the back of his mind. He felt Aaron smile against his lips and smiled in return before breaking from him yet again.

"We'll leave if you want us to. I have a trailer, you know."

"NO!" Chorused four voices.

Jeff smacked LB's arm.

"Stop talking, you doof," he ordered.

'Doof?' Micky mouthed at LB, who shrugged.

'Jeff thing,' he mouthed back.

LB rubbed his arm sulkily.

"Why does everybody hit me?" he asked, a forlorn look on his face.

"Uh, because you were gonna make them leave?" Jeff responded sarcastically.

Peter eyed Jeff with speculation.

"For a straight man, you're sure enthusiastic about watching us make out." Aaron voiced what Jeff was thinking.

Jeff looked suddenly unsure of himself.

"I think... I think it's just you two, actually."

Peter and Aaron looked at each other in amusement. Peter tilted his head and raised his eyebrows. Aaron nodded.

"Come here," Peter beckoned Jeff with a finger.

"Why?" the other man asked suspiciously.

"Because I want to kiss you to see if you're straight," Aaron responded in a matter-of-fact manner.

Jeff gaped at him disbelievingly.

"What?! No!"

"You want me to kiss you to see if you're straight?" Peter asked, a mischievous look on his face.

"No! I - you - No!" Jeff sputtered, his face a light pink.

"I think you doooo," Aaron sing-songed. "Just c'mere. If you don't like it, no harm done, right?"

"I guess," Jeff answered unsurely. "But-"

"Ah!" Aaron put his finger to his mouth and shook his head. The message was clear: 'Shut up.'

Jeff stood on wobbly legs, taking two steps to stand next to Aaron and Peter's chair.

"Sit." Aaron pointed to the chair he had vacated and Jeff sat in it shakily.

Aaron leaned over.

"Just relax," he whispered. "It's only me."

Jeff exhaled slowly and nodded.

Aaron closed the distance between them, pressing his lips gently to Jeff's. He felt Jeff's lips moving gently against his and opened his mouth to deepen the kiss.

Jeff tentatively reached out a hand, settling it lightly on Aaron's hip. Aaron slid a hand up his arm, finally gripping his shoulder.

Aaron coaxed Jeff to open his mouth with his tongue, almost moaning as Jeff finally did so. He delved his tongue inside and touched it to Jeff's, sliding them together before backing off.

They broke apart, breathing heavily.

Again, a few beats of silence.

"I think you like guys, Jeff," George said solemnly.

"I think he likes Aaron," commented LB.

"I think I want to kiss Jeff," Peter replied hungrily, looking at Jeff's lips.

Jeff smiled slightly.

"I guess it's only fair... besides, I have been wondering..." He leaned past Aaron to join his lips to Peter's.

"Hmm," Peter hummed as Jeff immediately parted his lips in preparation for his tongue. Peter gave him what the both wanted and slid his tongue into Jeff's mouth, massaging his tongue with his own.

"Mmm," Jeff moaned into Peter's mouth as he felt what could only be Aaron's hand resting on his upper thigh and creeping even higher.

Jeff tore himself from Peter's lips.

"Yeah," he panted, "Yeah, it's definitely you two."

Peter and Aaron glanced at each other wickedly and then both returned their gazes to Jeff.

Aaron leaned over carefully, wary of spilling out of Peter's lap.

"Want more?" He whispered into his castmate's ear, punctuating his offer by ghosting his tongue over the shell of Jeff's ear and smirking slightly as the other man shuddered.

Jeff looked up into Aaron's eyes in challenge.

"How much more are you wiling to give me?"

"Um, yeah, hey, hi?"

Peter, Aaron, and Jeff all groaned, glaring at the offending voice.

"Yeah, we're still here, you know." LB grinned at the frustrated threesome.

"We know," Peter grumbled. "But we had almost managed to forget."

LB pouted.

"That's mean. I just wanted to make sure you knew. I mean, I know you two-" he waved a hand in the general direction of Peter and Aaron, "- are total exhibitionists, but maybe Jeff would like to move into a more private sector?"

Aaron shrugged at Peter.

"Didn't really think about it," he said, turning to flash an apologetic look at Jeff.

Jeff shrugged apathetically.

"Actually, I didn't really think about the fact that the entire crew's about twenty feet away until LB mentioned it. Now that he has, though..." He looked slightly uncomfortable.

"It's fine," Peter said, nudging Aaron slightly to coax him from his lap.

Aaron groused slightly as he stood, holding out a hand to pull Peter to his feet. Jeff stood as well.

"We can just head to my trailer," Peter assured, grasping Aaron's hand in his own and smirking at the surprised look he received.

"Can I come?" LB asked, smiling slightly as though the question were asked in jest.

He was surprised as the other three exchaned looks amongst themselves before shrugging agreeably.

"Seriously?" he asked.

Peter nodded.

"I don't care."

"Me, either," Jeff said.

Aaron looked LB up and down.

"Don't mind at all," he said with a wink.

Peter looked at Aaron in amusement.

"Is there anything you don't want to sleep with?"

Aaron thought for a minute.


Micky finally spoke up skeptically.

"Are you sure?"

Aaron smirked.

"Is it 1967?"


"Then I don't want to sleep with Davy."

"Hey, where did George go?" Jeff suddenly asked.

LB shrugged.

"He left sometime while you three were fucking on the chair."

Aaron spoke up indignantly.

"We were not 'fucking,' as you so crudely put it. We were-"

"Groping," Peter interrupted, grinning at LB. He looked at Micky curiously.

"Hey, do you want to come? I'm fairly sure nobody'd mind," he commented sardonically.

"Nah," Micky declined nonchalantly. "I don't think these old bones could take that much sexy in one room."

Peter looked at him skeptically.

"You're younger than me."

"Yeah, but you're in better shape. Besides, I really should talk to Davy about something." He made a face.

Peter cringed sympathetically.

"Yeah, have fun with that."

"I'm sure," Micky answered sarcastically before groaning as he rose from his chair. "See you."

He was followed by a myriad of farewells as he departed in the direction of Davy's trailer.

Peter turned back to the other three and sighed.

"I feel like a pimp," he mumbled. "Or one of those millionaires with harems following them around."

"Does that make us your hoes?" Aaron asked cheerfully.

Peter groaned.

"C'mon." He gestured for the others to follow him.

'Oh, this is going to be interesting...' he thought as he lead the way up the stairs to the door.

As soon as they had all entered and Peter closed the door, Aaron was on him. Aaron shoved the older man against the door, pressing his lips to Peter's demandingly.

While Peter and Aaron began kissing ever more intensely upon the door, LB became aware that Jeff was looking at him rather intently.

"What?" He asked in a self-conscious tone.

"I want to kiss you."

All the action in the room stopped.

"Wh-what?" LB stuttered. He began blushing slightly.

Jeff shrugged.

"I want to see if it's just them." He nodded at the still intertwined couple , both of whom were listening to their conversation.

"Are you blushing?" Aaron asked incredulously. "You can watch me and Peter bump and grind for half an hour no problem, but Jeff talking about kissing you makes you blush?"

"Methinks someone has a crush," Peter said sagely, planting a kiss on Aaron's neck.

"No," LB responded too quickly to be believable. "I'm not blushing. It's hot in here."

"I won't argue with that," Aaron said, tilting his head back to allow Peter easier access to his neck. "But you're still blushing."

"I am not."

"You are, you have a crush on Jeff," Aaron teased.

"I do not!"

"No?" Came a silky voice from next to LB. "You don't?"

LB whimpered.

"Should I take that as a yes?" Jeff asked the other two.

They nodded in unison.

LB shook his head furiously, still blushing.

"No, I-mmph!"

Jeff had slammed his lips to LB's, licking at his lower lip to ask for entrance.

Groaning, LB let him in.

"That's kinda hot," Aaron stated as he watched his costars become more and more involved in their kiss. "And by kind of, I mean extremely," he clarified as his eyes followed one of Jeff's hands as it slid to LB's waist and up under his shirt.

"Yeah," Peter muttered against Aaron's neck. "Sort of strange. Not used to watching imitations of Michael and I get it on. But still sexy."

"Mmm," was Aaron's response as Peter began unbuttoning his shirt and trailing kisses along his collarbone.

Jeff broke from LB, panting heavily but grinning.

"I am definitely going to have to rethink this straight thing.."

LB's chuckle was but off as Jeff pressed their lips together again, backing them up against a counter of some sort and running a hand up his side.

LB groaned again, pulling Jeff into him and settling his arms around the other man's hips.

On the other side of the room, Aaron gasped as Peter slid a hand into his pants and slowly stroked his erection.

Aaron tore himself away.

"You, in me, right now," he commanded, grasping Peter's hand and pulling him towards the bedroom.

Peter watched Aaron drag him in amusement.

"Should we bring them?" he jerked a thumb over his head at the still frantically kissing pair.

Aaron shrugged, then nodded.

"They're entertaining."

Peter laughed before bringing his fingers to his mouth to let out a sharp whistle.

"Hey! Lovebirds!"

The two in question looked over in inquiry and slight annoyance.

"You coming?"

"I was getting there before you interrupted," LB grumbled. Jeff hit his arm lightly before answering Peter's question.


The foursome trooped over to the bedroom, Aaron falling onto the bed and pulling Peter down on top of him.

Jeff looked at LB and shrugged.

"Wall's free," he stated before pushing LB up against it.

"No complaints here," LB managed to say as Jeff grabbed the back of his shirt and yanked it over his head.

Neither noticed Aaron and Peter simply watching quietly from the bed.

"This is better than porn," Aaron whispered quietly.

"Well," Peter nodded, "With porn, you can only look. Here, we can..." he reached out and placed a hand on Jeff's ass, squeezing slightly and grinning as the younger man let out a moan. "Touch."

"Mmm," Aaron hummed in agreement before continuing to watch the 'show'.

LB's hand trailed down to rest where Peter's just was, his other hand reaching up to tangle in Jeff's hair.

LB whimpered into Jeff's mouth as the other man rocked his lower half against him. He moved the hand that had been resting on Jeff's ass to swiftly undo the buttons of his shirt, shoving the shirt off Jeff's shoulders once he had finished unbuttoning.

Jeff moaned as LB slid his hands up the newly revealed chest.

They thrust their hips into one another erratically, not paying attention to anything but the intense heat between them and the delicious friction of their clothed cocks rubbing together.

Jeff felt his climax rising and kissed down LB's neck, biting into the joint where his neck and shoulder met as he came with one more thrust.

"Oh! Ohhhh," LB cried as his own orgasm hit, tilting his head back against the wall.

There was a long moment of silence as the two caught their breath.

"Well, that was awesome," Aaron applauded before looking to Peter predatorily. "My turn now."

On that note, he pounced.

He leaped onto Peter, kissing him hungrily and yanking his own shirt over his head. Peter pressed back against him and slid his hand down Aaron's chest. He felt, rather than saw the other man's quick intake of breath.

Peter planted his foot on the bed and pushed, smirking as he successfully reversed their positions. He fumbled with Aaron's belt, grinning triumphantly as it finally slid free, tossing it over his head where he heard a dull clunk as it impacted something that he hoped wasn't Jeff or LB and pulling the pants down and off.

Aaron returned the favor, greedily tugging at Peter's pants until they loosened. Peter shoved them down past his thighs but couldn't be bothered to move them farther than that. It wouldn't be necessary, anyway.

Peter leaned forward to speak into Aaron's ear.

"How flexible are you?" He asked, smiling as his breath ghosted over the younger man's ear, making him shudder.

Aaron flashed a grin, grasping his legs behind the knee and pulling them back to rest on either side of his chest.

"Good?" he asked cockily.

"Mmm," Peter hummed in reply, his eyes raking over the delicious display of flesh before him.

He reached into a conveniently placed side drawer, pulling out a small tube of gel. He squeezed come into his hand, coating his fingers before sliding one into Aaron.

"Yea!" Aaron gasped. "More!"

Peter slid in another finger, scissoring them and loving the low moans Aaron was releasing.

He liberally coated his hard length, positioning himself at Aaron's entrance.

"Ready?" He asked, more out of politeness than any real concern.

"Please!" Was Aaron's response.

Peter eased forward, groaning in unison with Aaron as he penetrated him. Aaron dug his heels into Peter's ass, urging him forward.

Peter paused to catch his breath as he fully slid into Aaron.

"Please," Aaron begged. "Fuck me, please!"

He moaned as Peter removed his dick most of the way before thrusting forward again.

Peter set a rough pace, thoroughly filling Aaron, urgently pumping in and out.

He leaned down to kiss him, their tongues sliding together while Peter brought a hand to the younger man's erection, stroking him in time with his thrusts.

Aaron whimpered with each thrust, tilting his head back as Peter trailed open-mouthed kisses down his neck. He felt the overload of sensations come to a fever pitch as his orgasm neared.

"Gonna come... Please, Peter, make me come," he pleaded, pulling the other man's head down for another kiss.

Peter quickened both his strokes and his rhythm.

"Yeah... Come for me, Aaron," he nipped at Aaron's ear.

Aaron did, groaning his release into Peter's neck and clenching around him.

Peter followed not far after, pulled along by the strength of Aaron's climax.

They lay, panting, covered in sweat and the smell of sex.

"So, good day." Jeff's voice drifted over from the end of the bed.

There were varying mumbles of agreement.

"They're probably wondering where we are."

"Micky'll tell them eventually," Peter muttered. "Until then, they can just... shoot all of George's scenes or something."

"Mm." Was the general response.

"Unless, of course, anyone currently feels like moving..."

"Fuck off."

"Bite me."


"That's what I thought."