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"Collide (Feels Like I’m Falling)"



Title: Collide (Feels Like I'm Falling)
Author: Lucy
Rating: R-ish. I don't think it's NC-17, at least, it's nowhere near full on sexytimes.
Pairing: Mike/Davy. Yeah, shocking, I know.
Genre: Slash.
Warnings: Language and sexuality.
Disclaimer: I don't own the Monkees and make no aspersions toward their sexualities.
Summary: Mike's got an answer (of sorts) to a question Davy has.
Author's Note: My first dabble into this pairing, so I'm rather nervous. The idea, as well as a few lines, were given to me by a friend of mine :)

Davy looked up when the door to the pad banged open.

"Hey, babe," A slightly winded Mike Nesmith greeted as he entered. "Seen Mick anywhere?"

"No, sorry," Davy answered with a shrug. "I think he might've gone to find us a job, he said something about that yesterday."

"Oh, groovy, hope he finds something," Mike replied. "We could really use the work." He glanced with disgust at the cupboards which he didn't have to open to know were empty.

"Oh, yeah, Peter's got a bug or something, he's been down all day."

Mike looked vaguely concerned. "Is he alright? Did you take him to see Dr. Williams?"

"No, he says he'll go tomorrow. Right now he's sleeping in our room, and I told him I'd sleep out here tonight if he needed the quiet."

"Maybe I'll head in there later," Mike said, casting a worried glance over at the closed door to Peter and Davy's room. "You know how he gets when he's sick. I'll check up on him if he doesn't wake up for dinner."

Davy shrugged. "Up to you."

Mike noticed that his younger room-mate seemed abnormally succinct. "Hey, are you alright?" he asked as he strode toward the couch. "You seem a little out of it. Maybe you caught what Peter's got." He laid a hand on Davy's forehead to check for fever.

Davy gave Mike an annoyed look under his bangs. "I'm fine. I just... I wanted to talk to Peter about something, that's all."

"Well, I'm here," Mike offered as he sat next to Davy on the couch. "I'll try to help you."

Davy gave a bitter laugh. "I sincerely doubt you'll be as eager once you hear what I want to talk to him about."

Mike frowned. "Well, shoot anyway. You never know 'til you try, right?"

"I guess..." Davy replied uncertainly. "But I really don't think-"

"Try me," Mike challenged.

"Okay." Davy took a deep breath. "Er... okay..." he seemed unsure what to say next.

"Just say it, Dave. I promise, I'll try to help."

Davy still looked skeptical, but plowed forward.

"I think... I think I might like blokes."

"You what?" Mike blurted, looking uncharacteristically flummoxed.

"Bloody hell, I knew this was a bad idea." Davy began to get up from the couch, but Mike grabbed his arm to pull him back down.

"No! No, Davy, no," Mike assured an embarrassed looking Davy. "You just... you just surprised me, is all." He seemed to realize that he was still holding Davy's arm and released it, a red tinge coming to his face. "So... So, are you..." he appeared to be unable to finish his sentence.

"Queer?" Davy asked darkly. "I... I don't think so." He looked up at Mike, eyes wide and unsure. "I mean, I think girls are pretty, I just, recently, I've been wondering... what it'd be like, you know?"

Mike didn't know, not really, but he nodded anyway and was glad to note that Davy looked a bit more relaxed.

"I just..." Here, Davy began to blush. "I wanted to try it with someone I knew I could trust, and... you know... Peter's very... open-minded about that sort of thing."

Now Mike nodded and meant it. They all knew that Peter was extremely open-minded. In fact, more than once, Mike had had cause to wonder about him...

"Wait," Mike said, squinting at Davy's reddened face. "So you were gonna ask Peter to...?" He trailed off. Christ, but this was an embarrassing conversation.

"...What?" Davy asked, perplexed.

Mike made a crude motion with his hands and Davy reddened impossibly further.

"What?! No! I just wanted to talk to him, maybe..." He was bright red now. "Maybe a kiss, but that's... that's it! I swear, Mike, I wasn't gonna do anything else, I promise!" He looked almost ready to cry.

"It's okay, Davy!" Mike tried to calm the younger man. "I was just wondering!"

"Well, that's all I was gonna do," Davy muttered sheepishly, perhaps realizing how overboard he had gone. "I just... Mike, I just want to know!" he burst out desperately. "It's like... like a burning or something, like I have to know or I'm going to explode!"

Mike watched Davy as he ranted, for the first time noticing how large his eyes were, his slim, almost girlish build, how soft his lips looked...

"I don't know what to do, Mike, I'm so-"

He was cut off by the sudden pressure of Mike's lips on his. He was startled at first, but almost immediately relaxed into it. At that moment, however, Mike pulled away, blushing harder than Davy had ever seen.

"Oh, Jesus, Davy, I'm sorry! I, you looked, you were, oh, Christ..." Mike buried his face in his hands.

"No, Mike, it's alright," Davy said, taking advantage of Mike's inability to see him by looking him over as he reached a hand up to his still tingling lips.

"No, Davy, no it's not!"

"It's fine, Mike!" Davy attempted to reassure.

"It is not fine!" Mike finally lifted his head. "Just 'cause you think you might like fellows don't mean I got the right to... to force myself on you!"

"Mike!" Davy cried, alarmed. "You weren't forcing yourself on me! You only did what I said I wanted!"

"No, I'm a horrible person-"


Mike finally calmed slightly at the unfamiliar use of his full first name.


"I should be thanking you."

"Th-thanking me? What for?!" Mike sputtered.

Davy took a deep breath.

"You answered my question."

"I - I did?" Mike looked extremely confused and this stuttering was very unlike him.

"Yeah." Another breath. "I definitely like blokes."



"Um... oh."

"Hey - hey, Mike?" Davy asked, looking down in a way that Mike would have construed as shy had he been looking at anyone but Davy.

"Yeah, Dave?" Mike's blush was finally going down.

"Would you - would you do that again? I mean," he began backtracking hastily. "If you don't want to, that's alright, I was just wondmmph!"

Davy stopped talking as Mike's lips slammed against his.

He moaned into his friend's mouth, immediately reciprocating.

Mike pressed harder against Davy, tentatively touching his tongue to the other man's lips in order to ask for entrance. Davy happily allowed him in.

Mike plunged his tongue into his bandmate's mouth, eagerly tasting Davy. He must have had some sort of chocolate earlier, Mike could taste it on his tongue.

They slowly pulled apart, both breathing heavily.

"...Damn," Davy commented breathily. "That was.."

"Intense," Mike agreed, looking directly into Davy's eyes.

They looked at each other straightforwardly.

Davy opened his mouth as if to speak, closed it, and then opened it again.

"...D'you... want to do that again?"

Mike paused, considering.

"Yeah, okay."

He was caught by surprise as Davy lunged desperately for him, managing to straddle his lap and press their lips together simultaneously. Mike kissed back just as desperately.

He groaned when Davy, inhibitions gone, pressed his hips forward against his.

Mike slid his hands down from where they had been resting on Davy's shoulders, down the slim back, circling his waist, and then finally settling on his ass. Davy moaned in appreciation.

As they continued to kiss, tongues twining with one another, Davy began unbuttoning Mike's shirt. Mike broke away after he felt Davy undo his third button, leaning away as Davy followed his lips, attempting to reconnect them. Mike placed a firm hand in the middle of Davy's chest.

"Are you-" he cleared his throat to remove the gruffness he heard there. "Are you sure you want to do this Dave?"

Davy finally ceased squirming for more contact, looking straight into Mike's serious brown eyes as Mike looked into his own, lust-glazed but sure.

"Mike, I," he licked his dry lips. "I trust you. I'm sure."

He leaned forward, calmly this time, pressing his lips gently to Mike's.

"Okay, babe," Mike murmured against his lips.

This time, they let the kiss escalate slowly, savoring each other's flavor and letting their tongues dance and slide against each other with a delicious smoothness.

Soon enough, Davy began pressing his hips forward again as Mike replaced his hands on Davy's ass.

Davy continued unbuttoning, picking up where he had left off. Once he had succeeded in undoing every button, he pushed the shirt off Mike's shoulders and slid his hands back down the strong, lean chest, then up to tangle in his friend's dark hair.

Mike broke apart from Davy's lips, bending to trail a series of hot, open-mouthed kisses down his slender neck. Davy sighed with pleasure, craning his head back to receive more of Mike's ministrations.

Frustrated with the lack of skin contact, Mike grasped the bottom of Davy's t-shirt and yanked it over his head before encircling Davy's waist to pull him against his chest. They both groaned with the sudden contact of so much warm skin.

"Less clothes now!" Davy gasped, tugging insistently at Mike's belt buckle.

"Mmph," Mike agreed against Davy's throat, running his hand down the tanned chest to fiddle with Davy's buckle until it came undone, whipping it out of his belt loops and throwing it behind him where he heard it clunk against the floor.

Mike fastened his lips to Davy's shoulder, sucking at the smooth flesh while he arched upward, groaning as he felt Davy's erection, only separated from his by a few layers of clothing.

"Oh, God," Davy exhaled, a hand fisting in Mike's hair as their hips ground together. "Mike, so good, please," Davy didn't even know what he was begging for.

Mike's blood pounded in his ears as it threatened to become too much, and he was almost there, and shit, he hadn't come just from dry humping since he was about fifteen, but that's what was happening, wasn't it, and then he was there, white the only thing before his eyes, and he faintly heard Davy's own choked cry of release as he bit down onto his shoulder to muffle his own shout and hopefully not wake Peter.

They panted into each other until Davy slid bonelessly off of Mike's lap to slump into the couch cushions.

"... Thanks, Mike," he said with a small smile on his face. "Helped a lot."

"Glad we had this talk, Davybabe," Mike replied exhaustedly. "Should do it again sometime."

"If we don't, I think my dick'll explode."

"Well, can't have that."