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"Can’t Find a Place to Hide"



Title: Can't Find A Place to Hide
Author: Gondorbunny
Pairing: None really, other than a passing mention.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Again, none. Some references to slashy relationships.
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Summary: Davy notices more than he lets on.
Author's Note: This is one of those fill-in chapters to kind of keep things moving and well as to set the stage for things to come. I've also slipped in a humorous reference to the ongoing habit we have for making Davy seem clueless all the time. :)

He could tell that things weren’t right with Mike, and he had a strong feeling that it had something to do with Peter and Micky. Even though he never tried to interfere in any aspect of their odd relationship, he still tried to be a friend to all of them as well as a fellow band mate, and he could tell when the scent of disaster was on the wind.

It had all started about a week ago, when Mike had come home to the Pad in a foul temper. He had been out to one of the local clubs, and had run into Peter and Micky, and from there things had evidently just gone downhill.

Davy knew that Mike was volatile at best when he was in a bad mood, and potentially violent at worst. However, he knew his duties as a friend, and he wasn’t about to let the tall Texan intimidate him.

“What’s going on, Mike?” he asked, strolling up to where Mike sat brooding on the couch, picking rather aimlessly at his guitar.

Mike’s eyes flashed up. They were angry eyes, yes, but Davy could also discern a touch of sadness in them as well just before they turned their attention back to the guitar before him.

“Nothing you’d want to hear about,” Mike said gruffly, dismissing the Englishman as he attempted to concentrate more on what he was attempting to play.

Davy was not so easily dissuaded, however. Consequences or not, he was determined to find out what Mike had on his mind, and try to help if he could.

“Try me,” Davy said now, moving to the chair alongside the couch and sitting down.

Mike tightened his lips and was silent, continuing to feign total interest in the guitar, although he was doing nothing more than just strumming.

“Mike,” Davy tried again. “I know I’m not all up on what’s going on between you and Peter and Micky, but I’ve not been
totally oblivious, as everyone probably believes.”

Mike’s eyes cut briefly to Davy again, but in that split second, Davy could see that the spark of pain was brighter this time. As he suspected, their odd relationship was where the trouble lay.

Not that Davy was completely surprised about that. As he had just stated, he hadn’t been as ignorant to the goings-on around him as might have been perceived. He knew well enough that Micky and Peter were deeply in love and very committed to one another. He also knew that Mike was also very much in love with Peter...though Mike probably believed he was keeping this fact well hidden...and for reasons that were totally lost on Davy, Micky and Peter had mutually agreed to bring Mike into their relationship. Davy had suspected that such a move was just a train wreck waiting to happen, and now it seemed that the damage had begun.

Mike shifted uncomfortably on the couch, and then said, “No...It’s got nothing to do with what the three of us have together...” He trailed off for a moment, and then resumed with, “It’s just that it seems the band isn’t doing so well these days. With the music, I mean. Our playing is just way off. It’s probably why we’ve had trouble getting gigs lately.”

This was a direction that caught Davy off-guard. He didn’t think that Mike would simply open up about his personal feelings. That was definitely not Mike’s way at all, but Davy certainly had not expected any complaints about the group musically.

“What do you mean, Mike?” Davy asked cautiously. “I thought we sounded all right in rehearsals.”

Mike shook his head. “To you, maybe. But to me we’re sounding weak...not as harmonized, or something.” He paused again, licking his lips, and then said with a little added vehemence, “and most of our problems are from a lack of focused bass playing.”

Davy’s eyes widened somewhat. “Peter? What’s wrong with his playing?”

“Oh, come on, Davy. He’s all over the place lately. He’s sounding terrible.” Mike shook his head again, laying his guitar to the side and then looking down at his hands. “That’s part of what I tried to explain to him tonight at the club when I saw him, but he totally blew me off and took off with Micky to that new discotheque across town.”

“So why didn’t you just go there with them?” Davy asked, frowning as the warning bell inside him rang louder and louder with each passing moment.

“I’d had enough of them by that time,” Mike said, almost spitting out the words. “They don’t want to listen to me, so why should I waste my breath? Either he cares or he doesn’t. It’s up to him to make the decision of where his heart truly lies.” For a brief moment his lips twitched, and Davy saw a brief flash of that same pain he had noticed earlier. Just a millisecond’s worth of emotion breaking up the surly, impassive mask.

Mike suddenly stood up before Davy could open his mouth to speak. “Well, thanks for listening, Davy, but I’ve got to get out of here and grab some new strings for my guitar before the store closes. Later, babe.”

As the banging of the door announced Mike’s exit from the Pad again, Davy could only sit in dazzled silence and think miserably about train wrecks impending disaster.

About an hour later, Micky and Peter returned, fresh from an evening of frugging and cavorting and feeling on top of the world. They appeared to be exactly what they were...two young men who were completely in love and completely in tune with themselves and the world around them. Davy smiled to see it. Ever since Mike’s abrupt departure earlier, he had been rather downcast himself, but the happiness generated by his two other roommates was simply infectious. One couldn’t help but be caught up in it.

Now the question for Davy was should he intrude on his friends’ happiness to relate to them how Mike was acting this evening? It was all so strange. From the way Mike had described it, he had attempted an intense conversation with both of them this evening, which had led to Mike being left alone at the club while Peter and Micky took off elsewhere without him. However, there was no such indication right now that any sort of off-putting confrontation had taken place.

Had Mike exaggerated the whole scene, then? Davy just didn’t know, but since it didn’t appear that Micky or Peter were getting any strange vibes from Mike, it was probably best for all concerned to just drop the whole thing by now.

After all, it wasn’t as if Mike hadn’t exhibited moody behavior before, Davy reasoned. It would likely blow over in time.

Oh yeah? Since when does it take Mike over an hour to buy some guitar strings?

Davy listened to Micky and Peter chatter on excitedly about their evening, and the vague feelings of dread and worry persisted.










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