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"Blushes and Butterflies"



Title: Blushes and Butterflies
Author: Lucy and Ramona
Rating: Going with R.
Pairing: Showverse Torksmith!
Genre: Slash.
Warnings: Language. Gets a bit smutty towards the end.
Disclaimer: This certainly never happened, although it would have made one frickin' awesome episode.
Summary: Everybody's where they want to be.
Author's Note: So, this one's co-written by me and Ramona. This is our baby. We almost cried when it ended. You don't even know.

Peter walks into the pad from the beach.

He's covered in sand from head to toe and is headed for the shower.

He knocks on the door and hears a beautiful Texas drawl singing on the other side.


"Yeah, Pete?" Mike calls as he stops singing and reaches for the shampoo. "Didja need somthing?"

"Oh, no, it's nothing, really... Just... I was going to take a shower, but I'll wait." Peter leans his head against the door hoping Mike will start to sing again.

"Oh, alright!" Mike hollers. "I'll be out in a minute, just gotta do my hair!"

"Alright, I'll wait downstairs," Peter calls.

After a few seconds, though, Peter hears a new song he's never heard before.

♫I've known for a long time the kind of man you are
of the smile that covers teardrops the way your head yields to your heart
of things you've kept inside that most men couldn't bear
I've known you for a long time, but I've just begun to care...♫

Mike sighs as he finishes washing his hair, turning off the water and grabbing a towel to dry himself off.

'Oh,' Peter thinks, stunned. 'That was so beautiful, oh wow... am I blushing? Why am I blushing?'

Peter can't help but lean his head against the door and hope for an encore.

The door begins to open and a surprised Peter flies against the opposite wall.


Mike is standing in front of him in only a towel.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"What - Peter - were you - did you hear-?" Mike sputters, blushing a light red.

"Well, uh, yeah... if it makes you feel any better... It was beautiful." Peter's face turns pink. "I'm sorry... I'll just go take a shower..."

"Uh, alright."

Mike stands aside so Peter can go inside the bathroom, still blushing slightly.

Peter walks into the bathroom and closes the door. He leans against the bathtub and starts blushing beyond his own control.

'Oh my gosh, that was so close, I feel so weird, why am I still blushing? Oh my...'

Peter turns on the water and strips down. He enters the warm water and realizes that he is happier than he thought.

He reaches a hand around himself and for some reason he's not sure of, Mike is the only person who pops into his head.

'Oh wow. This has had some weird effect on me...ah, this feels amazing!'

Peter starts panting lightly, breathing out words he isn't saying in his conscious mind.

"Michael... oh yes, Michael... I've just begun to care about you too... Oh, Michael..."

Mike enters the bedroom he shares with Micky and flings his towel on the bed.

'That was close,' he thinks. 'I've got to be more careful.'

He looks down to see that little Mike has reacted to being so close to Peter.

'You know,' he tells it as he wraps a hand around himself, 'Life would be a lot easier if you wouldn't start pokin' every time the wind blows.'

As he brings himself off, eyes closed and teeth clenched, there is only one word on his mind.


Peter walks out the bathroom, clad in only a towel. He makes his way into the living room, stopping to get a drink from the fridge before heading to his and Davy's room.

He turns around to see Mike standing at the staircase and smiles up at him brightly before walking to his door.

'Oh gosh, he doesn't even know what I've been thinking of for the past 15 minutes.'

Peter goes into his room and dresses himself.

'I've never felt this way before. Should I be afraid?'

Peter blushes to himself.

'Oh goodness, I'm blushing again.'

Mike still stands at the staircase, captivated by Peter's smile and nearly drooling over the image of his bandmate in a towel, which he thinks will never leave his brain.

'He's so innocent,' he muses. 'What would he think of me if he knew what I thought every time he smiles at me?'

Peter makes his way back out into the living room and sees Mike still standing at the staircase.

"Hi, Michael," Peter grins. He looks around the pad. "Where did Davy and Micky go?"

"I'm not sure... maybe double dating with that set of twins they met." Mike responds, looking intently at Peter without realizing it.

Mike walks down the stairs. Peter blushes again under his gaze.

“Oh, I see... So we're alone then...” Peter replies, unsure of the reason for his emphasis.

Mike looks slightly panicked. ‘What is he...?’

"Uh, sure, Pete, I guess," he says, trying his best to look puzzled.

"Okay. Wow, it's storming outside. That's so strange, I was just outside and it was clear and beautiful."

Peter looks out the window at the beach.

"I do love storms, though. They somehow have a calming effect. So nice. Don't you think so, Michael?"

Mike steps up the bandstand and stands next to Peter.

"Yeah... they do..." he says, taking the opportunity while Peter stares out the window to look over him.

‘God... he's so... beautiful. I never thought I'd say that about another man, but there's no denying that Peter is pretty. He looks like... an angel.’

The sun comes out from behind the clouds, illuminating Peter's face with a bright glow.

‘Definitely an angel...’

Peter turns around, looking at Mike's face. ‘He's so pretty. He has a perfect face. Perfect lips, perfect eyes, perfect nose. Everything.’

"Look, Michael! The sun came back out!"

Peter points outside.

Mike smiles softly.

"Yeah, Pete, I guess it did." ‘You are the sun.’

"I wonder what we should do until Micky and Davy get back. I guess we could practice. We could do that song that you were singing in the shower." Peter smiles brightly at Mike. "It was lovely."

‘Don't. Blush. Don't. Blush. Don't. Blush. For God's sake, man, don't blush!’

"Uh, that one's... not quite ready yet, Pete. I gotta... change some stuff around," Mike said, scratching his head. "Once it's ready, you'll be the first to know.” He clears his throat slightly awkwardly. "Um, you got any songs you wanna work on, Peter?"

"No, I haven't written anything lately. Come on Mike, we can work on it together! We can be like the next Lennon/McCartney!" Peter looks to Mike excitedly. "And I think it sounded amazing the way it is!"

‘Oh, Christ, I'm blushing, I'm blushing, I'm blushing, stop blushing!’

"Uh, as much as I love the idea of bein' a Beatle, I'm not sure, Pete. It's... it's kinda a personal song."


Peter looks down, ashamed of himself for even asking.

"I'm sorry, Michael. I guess you wouldn't want to tell someone like me... I guess we just aren't close enough."

‘Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. And I'm still blushing. Fuck.’

"Aw, no, Pete, that's not it at all! You're one of my... best friends. And once it's better, I'd be happy to get your opinion on it. It's just... right now, I haven't had a chance to fix it up yet. I can barely sing it to myself, that's how bad it is,” Mike attempted to reassure.

"You sounded amazing, though. It was very sweet and just... perfect... How did it go? Umm...It's taken me a while...something something found... hmm... Anyway, it was great."


"Well, thanks, Pete. I guess... I guess you could help me with parts. If you really want to."

'I'll just think fast, that's all. Just... make up new words as you go. I've known for a long time the... um... kind of girl you are, okay, yes, I can do this.'

"Really?" Peter smiles brightly. "I mean, only if you want me to. If not, I'll just have to wait."

Peter looks at Mike's face.

"Michael, are you sunburned? You look like it. Oh, I know! I'll go get the sunscreen lotion!"

Mike stares at Peter peculiarly.

'Well, sunburned is better than blushing, I suppose...'

"That's alright, Pete, I already... got some."

Mike walks over to the instruments and picks up his guitar, then sets it back down.

"Hey, Pete?"

"Yes, Michael? And are you sure you don't want any lotion? If you're worried about not being able to reach your back, I can help! I always need help with that, too..." Peter rambles on. "Oh gosh, I lost track of myself there. Sometimes I just have a lot of thoughts that all come in at the same time. Has that ever happened to you, Michael?" Peter tilts his head at Mike curiously. "Oh but you, you were saying something. What were you going to say?" He looks up at Mike eyes wide and innocent.

Mike stares at Peter as he talks.

'God, I love... what? I what? No... I can't...'

"I just... wanted to know if you'd play acoustic on this one. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with it and I think you might have some ideas."

"Oh, really, Michael?" Peter exclaims. "I'd love to!" He flashes Michael a grin.

'Love... that's a funny word...'

"Yeah, Pete... I'm sure. I think you could add a lot to it."

Mike picks up Peter's acoustic guitar and holds it out to him.

Peter takes the guitar and holds it tightly in his arms.

"Are you sure about this Michael? If you want to work on it some more alone... I understand. I can wait."

Peter smiles at him.

'A smile...' Mike thinks. 'So simple... Why am I still hiding? This is Peter... he'd understand - NO, that's wishful thinking, Nesmith, now answer the man's question!'

"That's alright, Pete, I was just bein' stubborn. I'd actually really like some help on it." Mike says to reassure Peter. "And you're the only one I really trust to help me with my music."

"Really, Michael?"

Peter looks to Mike, eyes full of disbelief.

"I'm glad you feel that way! Because you are the only person I would trust with something so personal. That's what I love about you."

Peter smiles a Mike, a big grin that says he has no idea of how his words just affected Mike.

Mike laughs breathlessly. "Wow, thanks, Pete. I appreciate that."

'Wow, my heart started beating faster. Love... It means so many things...'

"Here, let's get started," Mike says, sitting down on the edge of the bandstand. "Do you wanna hear the words before we try the tune or what?"

"Oh, yes! They sounded so pretty. Please sing them." Peter looks at Mike hopefully.

"Alright... I guess... here we go..." Mike clears his throat.

♫I've known for a long time the kind of- girl you are,
from the smile that covers teardrops the way your head yields to your heart,
of things you've kept inside-♫

Mike is starting to get very into the song.

♫-that most men couldn't bear-♫

Mike stops suddenly, eyes wide.

'Shit. Shit shit shit. Tell me he didn't notice. Please tell me he didn't notice.' Mike looks at Peter in slight trepidation.

♫I've known you for a long time but I've just begun to care...♫ he finishes quietly.

"Michael, that was beautiful. I mean, it sounded a little different then I remember, but then again... that was through the bathroom door. It was still beautiful. Who's it about?" Peter looks up at Mike unknowingly.

Mike breathes a soft sigh of relief and toys with the hem of his shirt.

"Nobody in particular, Peter... I was just tryin' to write a love song, y'know..." he mumbles.

"Oh...well I was just wondering. It just sounds very...personal...so I figured it was from a personal experience...It's pretty either way though..."

Peter gives Mike a slight smile.

"Oh, well thanks, Pete... well, I guess it's sort of... about someone... I don't know..." Mike trails off, smiling at Peter smiling. "Anyway, do you know what you want to do for the guitar part?"

Peter takes his time to think of the perfect idea.

"How about this?"

Peter plays a tune lightly and then looks up at Mike hopefully.

"Is that what you were going for? You know, I don't know why, but that song, it really hit home with me. It's wonderful, Michael."

Mike inhales lightly. "I'm glad... that my songs can make people relate other than me."

"Yeah, Pete, I like that... but maybe add a... Here," Mike reaches out and hesitates before adjusting Peter's hands to the right position. A shudder, not unpleasant, runs through his body.

"J-just..." Mike cleared his throat. "Maybe that just before the chorus."

Peter looks at Mike, eyes wide and innocent. Their faces are so close to each other.

-Oh wow. Why am I blushing? I'm not used to having this much attention from Michael... It's different...different, but I like it. A part of me wants to have him reach out and just... Oh god, what am I thinking?-

Peter looks down, ashamed of his own thoughts. He coughs awkwardly.

"Uh... Yeah, Michael... I see what you mean..." He turns a deeper shade of pink.

Realizing how close his face is to Peter's, Mike jerks back before he does something he'll regret.

'What are you doing?' Mike asks himself bitterly. 'He'd never care about you like that, you sick freak.'

"Ah... I'm glad," he stutters before going silent.

'Wow, this isn't awkward at all...' He thinks sarcastically.

'Really?' Peter wonders. 'I shouldn't have these kinds of thoughts! He's one of my best friends! Why do I feel so affected by his song?'

"Alright," Peter says, feeling the tension between them.

He plays the notes again, now with Mike's new chord.

"How's that, Michael?" Peter asks sheepishly.

"That's great, Peter... I mean... don't you think so?" Mike looks at Peter uncertainly.

'Why am I so eager for his opinion? Used to be, the only person I cared about liking my music was me. Now... It's like, if he doesn't like it...' "He has to like it..." Mike unknowingly mumbles the last part aloud.

"I do like it, Michael. In fact, I love it!"

'Almost as much as you - Oh my god, there I go again!'

"It's amazing!"

Mike blushes a bright scarlet red.

"I... said that out loud, didn't I?" he manages to ask.

His hands clench on the edge of the bandstand.

'FUCK. Not good. Fuck fuck fuck.'

"It's alright, Michael. If it helps, I feel that way about you, too...I feel like I need to have you like... things that I do... to like... me..."

Peter looks down at his feet, blushing lightly.

'Well, I dunno if it helps, but my heart did that double beat thing again...'

"That's... Really, Pete?"


Peter looks down and blushes even harder.

'Oh my, this is a close situation... I really do like him... don't I? Oh god, I can't... he'd hate me.'

Mike shakes out of his reverie, realizing that staring at Peter like some psycho queer isn't gonna do him any good.

"Uh... you alright, Peter? You seem sort of... off. Pete?" Mike asks as Peter continues to avoid his gaze. "Why aren't you looking at me?"

'Does he know?' Mike wonders frantically. 'No, no, no, he can't know, he can never know, he would hate me.'

A small part of Mike whispered that Peter couldn't hate anybody, but he ignored it. There was no point in going down that path.

"N-no, Michael... I'm just... oh, it's nothing, really."

'I could look at your beauty all day... Oh god, what's going on with me? Do I... Do I... love Michael?'

"Peter," Mike whispers, "Tell me."

He turns Peter's face to his gently.

"You know that you can talk to me about anything."

'Talk to me. About anything. I don't care, I just want to hear your voice... Christ, Nesmith, you're turning into a lovesick ol' fool...'

"Well, uh... I guess it's just... I like you Michael. And I want you to like me just as much... I think you're amazing."

Peter blushes, looking down at himself again. 'Oh god, he's going to hate me forever.'

Mike's heart thuds in his chest.

'Stop it, stop thinking like that, he can't possibly mean it like you want him to.'

Mike clears his throat.

"Uh, well, I like you a lot, too, Pete... You're one of my... best friends."

Peter gulps. 'This is like committing suicide.'

"Michael, that's not what I meant."

Peter looks Mike square in the face to see his response.

Mike's heart jumps up into his throat.

'No, no, Nesmith, don't do this to yourself, you'll only end up hurt and alone.'

"What..." Mike clears his throat again. "What did you mean?"

Peter fidgets in his seat.

'I can't believe I'm doing this to myself.'

"M-Michael, I... I really like you. Like... as more than a friend..."

Peter turns away quickly. 'He's going to punch me.'

'He doesn't mean... he couldn't mean... Oh. He probably means like a brother. That's... so sweet. I wish I loved him like a brother. That wouldn't be screwed up. I wouldn't be a queer freak, then. Well, if I can't have him like I want him, a brother's the next best thing... isn't it?'

"Like... a brother? That's, that's real sweet, Pete. I... feel the same way." Mike's sentence ends in a whisper and he knows that it's obvious to anyone really listening that he's lying.

"Well... not exactly, Michael" Peter looks to his feet. "I mean... I REALLY like you... like... I think you're the most amazing person I've ever met."

Peter blushes at his own words. 'Did he get it that time? I don't think I can do much else to explain it to him... oh gosh... he's going to say something.'

'What the hell does that mean? REALLY liking someone can only mean one thing, right? NO. NO, Nesmith, stop going there, it'll never happen.'

"Well, gee, thanks, Peter... I guess I think you're pretty amazing, too... you're the only one I can really talk to. I mean, Mick and Dave are great friends, but you always seem to really... get me, you know?" 'stop talking right now, stop talking' "You're a great friend. But what did you mean by 'Not exactly'?"

"M-Michael... I... I have stronger feelings for you." Peter's breath hitches. "I... Sometimes, I wish that those songs you wrote... were about me.Does that make any sense?"

'I'm not hiding anymore. I'm ready for him to know.'

"Michael... I think I'm..." Peter stops himself.

"You think you're what, Peter?" Mike prods gently, eyes fixated unwaveringly on Peter's face. "Tell me."

-I have to know.' Mike insists in his head. 'Even if he doesn't say what I want him to... I need to know if he feels like I do. Maybe I'm not alone in all this. Maybe he feels the same way. Maybe... Maybe I can sing my songs to him the way they were meant to be...'

"I-" Peter stammers nervously. "Michael, please just listen. I don't want us to loose our friendship over this. But... I think I'm in love with you."

-There. I said it.-

"I'm sorry for just coming at you like that, it's just... I've felt this way for a long time, and...I just, I couldn't hold it in anymore. You're everything I've ever wanted in a person Michael... and I love you for it. Like really love you. Not as a brother. Not as a friend. As a man. I love you."

Peter turns away from Michael, afraid of what his reaction will be.

"Peter..." Mike trails off.

'Why aren't you saying anything? This is everything you've ever hoped for! SAY YOU LOVE HIM TOO.'

'But what if he just thinks he does?' Another voice asks in Mike's head. 'What if he's not sure... I have to know.'

"Are you sure? I can't... I can't... You have to be sure. I... Please, Peter. Please tell me you're really... Please..." -Love me.- Mike ends in his head.

"Michael, I'm positive. I've felt this way for a long time. I've just never been able to express it in words. You know how bad I am with words." Peter frowns slightly at himself. "Michael, I just...I was afraid of how you'd react to me. I want you to feel the same. I want you to love me too. I'm so sorry. Please don't feel pressured into having feelings."

'Not that he will, anyway.'

"I just...wish..."

Mike places a hand on Peter's cheek, running his fingers over the smooth skin.

"Peter, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to say that. It's like you just said everything that I've ever felt about you."

Mike clears his throat.

♫I've known for a long time the kind of man you are
your smile's an open secret second only to your heart
I was looking for a brother and found a lover standing there...♫

Mike trails off, leaning towards Peter and whispering the last words, staring intently into Peter's eyes.

♫I've known you for I long time but I've just begun to care...♫

He waits nervously for Peter to respond.

Peter sits for a second, butterflies filling his stomach.

"Michael, that was the most beautiful song I've ever heard. You can't even imagine how happy that made me. You mean so much to me Michael. So much."

Peter leans in closer to Mike.

"You're the only person that I could ever see myself with. I was so afraid, so afraid you wouldn't love me. Afraid that you didn't feel the same. I love you Michael, and I'm not embarrassed to say so. You are everything to me. Please tell you weren't joking. Please tell me I'm not crazy for feeling this way for you."

Peter's eyes lock with Mike's and his stomach fills, once again, with those same butterflies.

Mike slowly shakes his head.

"No, Peter... you're not crazy. If you are, then I am, too. Because just seeing you smiling, makes me smile. And every time I see you, songs come into my head that I never thought I'd be able to sing to you. But now... do you feel it too? You're... you have my heart, Peter. It's yours. If... if you want it."

Mike looks at Peter hopefully.

"Do you?"

"I want it more than anything Michael. As long as you'll accept mine."

Peter keeps his eyes on Michael.

"I've never had feelings this strong before. Just hearing you say my name makes my heart skip a beat. Seeing you smile makes me happier then I've ever been before. And if I'm the one who's making you smile, then I've reached my goal. I want to be there with you Michael. For everything. If you ever need someone, I'll always be there. I'll be there whenever you need me. Because I know I would want the same."

Peter leans in a little closer.

"I trust you with my heart Michael. And to hear you say that you trust me with yours... well, that just makes me the happiest person on this planet."

Peter grins, one of his spectacular grins that makes Mike's heart stop.

"You can't be the happiest person on the planet... because I am."

Mike leans even closer.

"Peter," he whispers before licking his dry lips. "Can I... Can I kiss you? I've been dreaming... forever, seems like... Can I?

Peter feels all the butterflies rushing around in his stomach.

"Michael... the butterflies... they're moving all around, I think that means yes. Yes, I'd love for you to do that Michael."

Peter looks into Mike's eyes seriously.

"Please, Michael...kiss me..."

Peter's eyes become curious and amazed as Mike's face gets closer and closer to his own.

'I've been waiting for this for so long. I'm ready. This is all I've ever wanted. He makes me happier than anyone or anything. I love him.'

Mike presses his lips gently to Peter's, his eyes fluttering shut at the gentle pressure of lips against his own.

'Yes... this is what I wanted...'

Mike smiles against Peter's lips.

'This... is more amazing than I imagined it. This is what I want for the rest of my life. I want to spend forever with Michael.'

Peter feels Mike smiling against his own lips. They part.

"Michael, that was wonderful. That's the first time that I've actually... kissed someone..."

Peter blushes, embarrassed.

"You... You're my first kiss. And if you don't mind. I'd like for your lips to be the only ones touching mine forever."

Peter grins slightly at his own corniness.

"I don't think I've ever been anyone's first kiss, Pete..." Mike smiles slightly. "It feels good. You feel good," he adds, running his hand lightly down Peter's side.

"I just want to..." Mike blushes before finishing his sentence. "Kiss you forever..."

Peter looks down at his stomach.

"They're moving again Michael."

Peter feels a rush of goosebumps roll up his side under Mike's touch.

"Michael... I want you to see me. I'm willing to show you. Anything you want to see. I want to be with you forever Michael. I want us to know each other. Inside and out. I don't want to keep any secrets from you. So if you want to ask me anything... please, feel free to."

Peter grins at Michael again.

"I just... I want to feel you. To surround you." Mike says. "Your lips." He runs his thumb over Peter's lower lip. "Your hair." He sifts his fingers through the fine blond strands. "Your... everything. I want all of it, Peter. I want you."

Mike kisses Peter's lips again, gently. "Will you let me have you?"

"Michael, you can have anything you want. I want you to have me. Because you having me is the same thing as me having you." Peter grins, knowing he didn't make much sense there.

"I want to be everything to you. As long as you don't mind..."

Peter flushes as he feels Mike's hand trail through his hair.

Mike smiles again.

'He's so goshdang cute. I just want to kiss him all over.'

Mike's breath catches in his throat for a moment as his mind kindly conjures up an image of himself actually kissing Peter all over and he runs a shaky hand through his own hair.

"Michael? Is something wrong? Are you okay?" Peter moves so he is looking up at Michael from below. "You look a little shaky..." he says worriedly. He places a hand on Mike's lower back underneath his shirt. "You don't feel like you're sick...Are you feeling alright? Did I do something wrong?"

Mike gasps lowly, reaching a hand out spasmodically to grasp Peter's thigh for support. His skin feels ultra-sensitive, the warmth from Peter's hand almost unbearable. It's almost like he can feel every part of Peter, even though Peter is only touching his back.

"No, Pete," He says quietly, voice rough. "You didn't do anything wrong. I just... was thinking about something I shouldn't've been, that's all." He attempts to move subtly away from Peter's hand.

Peter pulls his hand away, feeling Michael's movement.

"A-are you sure Michael? Did I...make you uncomfortable? Because I just want you to be comfortable and I don't want you to not be comfortable..." Peter rambles on.

'Oh gosh, why do I keep doing this? It's like I'm digging myself into a deeper hole. Why am I so bad at explaining things? They sound good in my head...'

"And so you're sure you okay?" Peter finally finishes looking at Michael again, expecting to see an annoyed look on his face.

"No, no, Pete, it's not you! It's just me, I was thinking things I shouldn't have been! It wasn't anything you did wrong, it was all me!" Mike hurries to reassure. "I'm fine, really."

He attempts a shaky smile.


Mike realizes his hand is still on Peter's thigh and snatches it back, blushing furiously.

'Aw, hell, I'm blushing again...'

"What were you thinking Michael? I'm sure it couldn't have been that bad." Peter reassures him. He feels the warmth of Mike's hand leave his thigh and jumps slightly at the sudden movement.

"Michael...you know something? You don't have to be afraid to scare me away..."

Peter holds Mike's hand in his own and presses it to his cheek lightly.

"You don't have to be afraid to touch me, Michael... it's just another way to show our affection. And not to sound too..."

'Oh god, here we go again... what word would I use here?'

"...too... quick..."

'Nope. That was the wrong word but I think he got what I meant.'

"But I like it when you touch me, Michael. It shows me that you really do love me. And I like that feeling."

Peter grins at Mike, his dimples showing through on his cheeks.

"I like touching you, Pete," Mike says, keeping his hand held to Peter's cheek and stroking his fingers along the smooth skin there. "You feel good. I just... I want to touch you... everywhere." Mike blushes harder. "But I don't want to push you. I don't want to... to just ravish you. I want to love you. Does that... does that make sense?"

'I sure hope it did to you, 'cause I got nothin' up here.'

"I want you to touch me, Michael. I want to feel you wrap your arms around me and kiss me and tell me how much you love me. I want that with you. Everyone may not think so, but I am a man, I do have those kind of thoughts too."

Peter's face turns a light shade of pink.

"I've had dreams, Michael... about you... and me..."

Peter looks into Mike's eyes confidently.

"I trust you, Michael. I trust you with everything that I hold important. And I think that if you can have my heart, if you want it, you can also have my body..."

Peter turns a darker shade of pink and his eyes widen.

"I don't mind Michael, I really don't..." 'I love this man. He can have everything he wants from me.'

"Oh, God, Peter..." Mike says, leaning forward to bury his face in Peter's shoulder.

"I want you... I want you so bad... I've had dreams, too... Dreams where I'm touching you, where I... Where I'm with you. And I just... I want them to come true."

Mike bites his lip, looking up at Peter unsurely.

"If you want them to be true, then I don't mind making them come true. I can't lie, Michael. I want you, too. I've wanted this for so long. You don't know Michael. Every time you'd come to us with a new song I always wished it was about me. When you'd talk about kissing a girl's lips or touching her hair. I wished so much, deep down inside, that it was me you were really talking about."

Peter's face turns a bright red.

"I want you to be happy Michael. I want you to have me. And I want your dreams to come true."

'I hope he understands that I want this just as much as he does. I just can't express it in the way he does.'

Peter reaches out a hand and brushes his thumb across Michael's bottom lip lightly.

"I want you to kiss me... everywhere."

Peter finally brings himself to make some kind of move, to prove that he really does want this with Mike. He presses his lips softly to Michael's and is delighted when he sees Michael is just as happy as he is. He can feel the smile spreading on Mike's face.

Mike breaks the kiss slightly, speaking his words against Peter's lips.

"They're all about you, Peter... All of the songs... They're you, Pete, only you..."

He presses his lips to Peter's once again, tentatively swiping his tongue over his lower lip.

Peter lets Mike crawl on top of him before realizing where they actually are; laying on the bandstand in the middle of broad daylight.

"Uh... Michael?" Peter asks nervously.

"Do you think... maybe, we could continue this in a bedroom?"

Peter blushes again, Mike staring down at him lustfully.

"I mean, not that I mind... it's just... I kind of want it to be in a more... secluded place."

'Oh gosh,he's going to get annoyed of my rambling. I really need to learn how to talk.-

'Bedrooms. Peter in a bedroom. Peter on a bed. Me and Peter on a bed...'

"That'd-" Mike's voice comes out in a squeak. He clears his throat. "That'd be fine by me, Pete."

Mike stands up, lowering his hand to Peter to help him up.

"More than fine..."

Peter take Mike's hand and is escorted to Mike and Micky's shared room.

"Michael," Peter waits until Mike has turned around and is looking him directly in his eyes.

Peter begins to blush before he speaks.

"I love you. I just...can't say it enough..."

-Really Michael. I'm so in love with you.-

Mike smiles back, kissing Peter gently on the forehead.

"Every time you say it, my heart starts thuddin' a little faster."

'I love you... Even if I can only say it in my head...'

Peter follows Mike into the room, holding onto his hand for dear life.

'I feel like if I let go I might just float away, all these butterflies will float me to the moon.'

Peter lays on the bed as Mike crawls on top of him.

'I'm ready for this. This is what I've been waiting for. My dreams of Michael are finally coming true. This is definitely the best day of my life.'

'I want to... cover him in kisses.' Mike thinks, looking down at Peter lying underneath him.

So he decides to.

He starts at Peter's neck, right below his ear, tiny, baby kisses, moving down to his collarbone. He unbuttons the first few buttons of Peter's shirt in order to reach more of that skin, that delicious, smooth skin...

'Oh, I've wanted this for so long...'

"This is amazing. Michael, this feels so good."

Peter stares up at him innocently.

"That's all I want, Peter... to make you feel good. I want to make you as happy as you make me." Mike places another kiss on Peter's collarbone.

"Trust me, Michael, you make me happier than anyone else in this world. All I want is to be with you and to make you happy."

'I'm ready for this. I want Michael to have me.'

"I want to spend forever with you Michael..." Peter moans lightly under Mike's touch.

'Oh,' Mike thinks faintly as he hears Peter moan. 'Do that again.'

Mike undoes a few more buttons, kissing farther down as more skin is revealed, wet, sucking kisses with hints of tongue darting against Peter's skin.

'I just want him to make that noise again...'

"Ahh, Michael... That feels so... good..." Peter moans again as Mike's tongue rolls over the skin on this stomach.

"Mmm..." Mike moans in response to Peter's moan, shivering from arousal.

'Jesus, a sound is affecting me this much... Because it's a sound Peter's making. God, I could get off just from his voice, couldn't I...?'

His kisses reach Peter's hipbone and he trails his tongue back up to his belly-button, delving it slightly inside before continuing on his journey.

Peter moans again under the feeling of Mike's tongue.

"Ahh, Michael...this is so much more than I imagined it to be." Peter feels Mike unbuttoning his pants and grabs his hand. "Michael...are you sure you're ready for this? I mean, I am... but I don't want you to only be doing this to make me happy."

Peter blushes under Mike's lust-filled gaze.

"Peter... trust me... you're not the only one who's happy here."

Mike bites his lip, deliberating for a moment before leaning forward and pressing his erection into Peter's leg.

"You feel that? That's how much I want you."

Peter whimpers under the feeling of Mike's hardness on his leg.

"I..." Peter bucks up lightly to show off his own hard length. "I want you, too..."

Peter leans up and presses his lips once again to Mike's.

Mike moans into Peter's mouth, sliding his tongue past Peter's lips desperately.

"Peter... I want you... I want you so much... All of you..."

He moves his hand to Peter's clothed hardness, stroking it gently.

"Oh, god!"

Peter moans into Mike's mouth.

"Please Michael...I want you to have all of me."

Peter begins to unbutton his own pants.

"Lemme get that..." Mike says as he undoes Peter's pants for him. He looks lovingly at the display before him and mouths Peter through his underpants.

Peter moans loudly.

"Ah, Michael. That feels amazing! Please, keep going. I want this. I want you. I want you so badly, Michael."

Peter runs a hand lovingly through Mike's hair.

Mike cranes his head upward, eager for more of Peter's touch before dipping back down. He tugs down the elastic waistband of Peter's underpants, moaning in delight at what lay underneath.

He gives it a small lick, unsure of himself.

"Ahhh, Michael, this...it really is so much better then I ever imagined. I love you so much, Michael. Never leave me..."

'He's so perfect. I never want to lose him.'

'I never want to leave you...'

"I never want to leave you, Peter... Never..." Mike leans down and plants a kiss on Peter's stomach, just above his pubic bone before trailing kisses down to the object of his desire.

Peter moans, enjoying the feeling of Mike pressing his lips lightly on his now fully hardened length.

"M-Michael... O-oh, yes... This is..." Peter takes a deep breath in when he feels Mike press his lips to his stomach. "Amazing...That's all I can say..."

'My love for this man is ever growing...'

'I love him... I know I do... the thought of doing this to anyone else is disgusting... but it's Peter... just look at him...'

Mike gazes up at Peter's face before dropping another kiss onto him.

Peter's face contorts under the pleasure he is feeling.

"Oh, yes Michael. Please... I want more of this... more of you."

Peter looks down at Mike, eyes full of lust but with a hint of innocence.

"You -You're the only person that I could do this with... You're the only person who is what you are to me. I love you."

Mike winces. 'I should say it back... I do, I love him... But I can't. Not right now. I will, because he deserves to hear it, just... not now.'

"You're the only person I could ever..." Mike trails off, his voice slightly hoarse.

He bends and slowly takes the head of Peter's dick into his mouth.

'Hm. This isn't that bad,' He thinks as he sucks lightly.

Peter writhes under Mike's mouth.

"Ah," he gasps "Yes!"

He holds onto the covers of the bed tightly.

"S-so good..."

"Mmmm," Mike moans around Peter's length.

'Definitely not bad if he keeps makin' those noises...' Mike hollows his cheeks as he brings his lips back to the tip.

"Mmmmm, oh yesssss," Peter moans, reaching around him and trying to find something sturdy to hold onto.

'I... I've never felt this... good before... this is definitely the best day of my life.'

Mike grabs one of Peter's flailing hands and pulls it to rest on his head.

'That's right... just tangle your fingers in it... Please, I want you to...'

Mike bobs his head, sucking the rigid member hard and fast.

Peter feels Mike grab his hand and place it on his head.

'I...I don't want to hurt him...' Before Mike can fully pull his hand away, Peter grabs it. 'I just want to hold his hand. Feel him being protective of me.' Peter squeezes Mike's hand slightly as he feels his member being taken in once again.

Mike gives the equivalent of a mental shrug. 'Alright... that's not bad... it's kind of nice. Like we're connected...'

Mike squeezes back.

He brings Peter out of his mouth and licks up the underside before recapturing the tip and swirling his tongue around it.

Peter lets out another moan of pleasure.

'Oh god, I didn't think it'd be this...'

Peter can feel Mike's tongue swirling around his tip.



"Mmm," Mike hums around Peter, rutting his own hardness against the bed, eager for release.

'Jesus, I'm about to get off from suckin' another man's cock. I bet mama never had this in mind for her boy when I left to find myself...'

"Oh, geez, Michael' I'm going to-" Peter feels his release coming. 'Oh god, why can't I talk? He needs to know I'm about to...'

Peter comes, arching off the bed as white flashes explode in front of his eyes. He feels his body shaking from his reached orgasm.

"Mmmm," Mike comes as well as Peter floods into his mouth. He swallows curiously.

'Huh... not bad...'

He kisses Peter's hipbone and nuzzles his thigh.

"Michael, this is honestly the best day I've ever had. It's like I'm dreaming. I still can't believe that I can finally tell you how I feel. I love you Michael, more than anyone or anything else in the world." Peter places a hand on Mike's head, playing with his hair gently.

Mike purrs quietly, tilting his head further into Peter's hand.

'Ohhh, I like that. Do that some more...'

"Me, too, Peter. I can't remember ever being so happy."

Peter continues to play in Mike's hair.

"I know what you mean. I know I look happy all the time Michael, but really... I've never been this happy before."

Mike is half paying attention to Peter, half dreamily fixated on the feeling of Peter's hand in his hair.

"I've never been this happy... either... hmm," Mike closes his eyes and makes a small sound of enjoyment.

"I'm glad I can make you so happy Michael. It means the world to me. Man, you must be tired of me doing all this talking." Peter giggles to himself. "I even talkedthe whole time you were... Anyway, I'm sorry. I know it must be kind of annoying."

"No, no," Mike protests drowsily. "I love your voice... it helps me figure out if I'm doin' good or not."

'Must not fall asleep... oh, hand, you feel so good! You need to stop or I'm gonna melt into a puddle of Mike!'

"You are, you're amazing, Michael. You're perfect in every way." Peter continues his patting motion.

'I think he's getting sleepy.' Peter smiles to himself.

"Mhm," Mike mumbles, cuddling his face up into Peter's hand. "Feels nice... S'nice..."

Peter looks down at Mike. 'Aw, look at him. He's all sleepy. I love when he looks all ruffled, though this is the first time he's been this way 'with' me.'

Peter grins into the pillow.

"I love you, Michael."

"Mmph," Mike snuggles his face against Peter's leg as Peter continues stroking his hair.

"Love you, too," he mumbles, not entirely awake and not realizing the words he just spoke.

Peter grins.

'He said it. He really does love me. I'm so happy right now. Oh, there are those butterflies again.'

Peter taps Mike lightly in the shoulder to motion him to move up into his arms. Mike sleepily acknowledges Peter's instrustions and uses his leg to propel himself upward into Peter's embrace and wrap an arm around his chest.

'This is where I want to be. With him, here.'

Peter and Mike drift off to sleep.