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"A Sweet Surprise"



Title: Two Hearts – A Sweet Surprise
Author: Barrelracer
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Torksmith
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dirty words, Sexuality
Disclaimer: I do not own The Monkees and do not claim in any way that this ever happened.
Summary: A trip to the grocery store leads to an interesting experience for Mike.

“Hey, you guys ready?” Mike asked as he reached the bottom step of the winding staircase, he looked around, saw that one of them was missing and rolled his eyes.

“Ok, where’s Davy?”……
like I don’t know......

“His favorite place.” Micky said, pausing in his conversation with Peter long enough to reply to Mike’s question.

Mike shook his head and walked over to the closed bathroom door. “Hey man, you’re pretty enough, lets go.” He hollered through the closed door, giving it a few good whacks with the side of his fist for good measure. It didn’t take a genius to figure out the small Englishman was primping in front of the full length mirror hanging on the inside of the door.

A mumbled “Be out in a minute” came floating out threw the thin wood.

As the Texan leant on the wall next to the front door his gaze fell on the blond man leaning on the back of the couch, engaged in an animated conversation with Micky.

Peter laughed at something the curly haired drummer was saying as he reached up to brush the honey colored hair out of his eyes. Since becoming lovers, Mike had discovered that Peter’s sexual appetite was every bit as strong as his own and the blond also had a penchant for dirty talk…the more into it Peter got, the more vocal he became and Mike definitely knew which buttons to push.

Mike’s eyes traveled to the perfectly rounded rear end clad in denim jeans leaning so provocatively on the back of the leather couch.

Just last night that rear end had been as naked as the rest of Peter as the blond had bent over the back of that same couch, groaning in pleasure as Mike had pounded into him.

Mike’s eyes took on a faraway look and he couldn’t stop a small self satisfied smirk from creeping onto his lips as he reminisced about the previous nights activities
…..oh fuck Michael,…..mmmmm that’s it, suck it…… Peter had moaned as he’d watched his cock disappear into Mike’s mouth again and again. Suddenly Mike had stood, flipping Peter around and bending him over the raised back of the leather couch. Peter’s moans had turned into loud groans then as Mike had taken him in one swift forward thrust of his lean hips. The groans became harsh, grunted words, at first appreciative and low then rough and loud, encouraging Mike to go deeper…faster……

“Hey, earth to Mike”

Mike jumped as he was rudely brought out of his musings by a hard shove to his shoulder.

Micky grinned, his eyes dancing with mischief. “Are you ready?” the curly haired drummer asked as Davy gave the tall dark haired man a wide grin. Knowing Micky the way he did, Mike couldn’t help but think that there was probably an entirely different meaning behind those three words.

…more than you know, Mick old buddy…

“Oh, yeah lets go.” Mike cast a quick look at Peter, only to see the blond regarding him with a lop sided smile and a twinkle in his hazel eyes. Peter had seen Mike’s eyes glued to his crotch and knew exactly what the Texan had been thinking.

As the four went out the door Mike whispered in Peter’s ear, “You are really gonna get it tonight.” Quickly running a hand to Peter’s enticing rear end and roughly squeezing.

“I hope that’s a promise.” Peter replied quietly in Mike’s ear as he closed the door behind them.


Mike turned the cart down another isle and shook his head in disbelief as he watched Micky and Davy playing catch with a loaf of bread. As he caught up to them, Mike caught the half squished bread in mid air and placed it in the cart.

“Ok you two, cool it.” Mike said, trying to smooth the badly rumpled bread back into a faint resemblance of a loaf, he sighed and shook his head, keeping an eye on these two was like running a circus. “Mick, it’s your turn to cook dinner tonight, better grab something while we’re here.”

Micky scratched his chin thoughtfully. “What are you guys hungry for?”

“Spaghetti.” Davy piped up, grabbing a bag of cookies off the shelf.

…Peter… Mike thought, but wisely kept his mouth shut.

As Micky went off in search of the noodles and sauce, Mike caught movement out of the corner of his eye and turned his head just in time to see Peter walk up and place a small hand full of items into the metal cart.

Mike’s eyebrow’s rose as he looked at the things Peter had dropped in the basket and quickly glanced at the blond who’d turned away before Mike could catch his eye and see the secretive smile that had formed on his lips.


Davy scooped the last of the uneaten spaghetti into a bowl and placed it in the refrigerator as Mike and Peter began to wash the dishes.

“So. what are we going to do tonight?” Micky asked still sitting at the table.

Davy handed a plate to Mike to be washed. “Maybe there’s something good on TV.” He said while looking at Micky and missed seeing the dark look Mike shot his way.

Micky hid a grin; he’d figured Mike would want to find some way to get him and Davy out of the house for a few hours and seeing the look the tall slim man had given their band mate decided to have a little fun at the Texan’s expense. Not too much though Micky thought, he knew how riled up the dark haired man could get.

“We could play monopoly.” Micky said, pasting an innocent look on his face.

Peter turned to look at him over his shoulder sending him a teasing grin as Mike visibly stiffened next to him. Sending a quick wink back in the blonds direction, Micky decided to put Mike out of his misery.

“Or we could go check out that new club that just opened down town.”

“That sounds like a great idea, give me an hour.” Davy said, trotting off toward the bathroom.

Peter put the last of the dishes in the cupboard as Mike turned to go into the living room. “Funny Micky, very funny.” He grumbled as he walked past the drummer.

A playful grin crossed Micky’s lips. “I thought so.”

An hour and a half later, Davy and Micky were off to the new club and Mike and Peter were stretched out on Peter’s bed.

“Mmmm, this is nice.” Peter murmured, lifting his mouth from Mike’s and looking down at his lover from his perch atop the Texan’s naked body.

“Yup, better than watching TV or going club hoppin.” Mike answered, running his hands down Peter’s back to his buttocks, enjoying the smoothness of Peter’s warm skin under his palms.

“Much better.” Peter agreed, lowering his mouth to Mike’s neck. Mike sighed and closed his eyes, feeling Peter’s warm lips placing open mouthed kisses from his ear lobe to the top of his collarbone as the bassists hands roamed over the Texan's quickly over heating body.

“Feels good, babe.” Mike whispered, tilting his head back as Peter’s tongue gently rolled over his Adams apple.

The corners of Peter’s lips curled up in a brief grin…
if you think this feels good, just wait

Peter’s lips and hands continued to roam over Mike’s body as he slowly worked his way down. A faint moan escaped his lips when Peter paused briefly to tongue the head of his cock. Mike then felt his legs being raised and a hoarse shout was wrenched deep from within him at the first touch of that hot talented tongue flicking over his tight opening.


Peter grinned inwardly as he gently spread Mike’s buttocks wider, slowly licking around the puckered entrance then darting his tongue inside. He had been doing this to Mike every chance he got for a week now and the Texan’s response was becoming more enthusiastic each time.

Mike’s hands gripped hard onto the pillow under his head, his eyes rolling back into his head as Peter’s tongue dove into him, again and again.


Peter glanced up at the ridged tower of Mike’s erection pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Giving one last full tongued lick to Mike’s entrance he raised his head, nuzzling his nose into the nicely rounded sacks of Mike’s testicles, breathing in the rich musky scent. Mike groaned as Peter tongued first one sack then the other before drawing both into his mouth and gently sucking while his hand firmly stroked Mike’s throbbing erection.

Mike was nearly delirious with pleasure by the time Peter began licking long lines up the underside of his cock, he raised his head in time to see Peter’s warm tongue roll over the top of his pulsating cock head.

“Oh yeah babe, suck it.” Mike growled.

Peter’s eyes had a mischievous look in them as he raised his head. “I forgot something, be right back.” He said grinning when Mike gave him a disappointed look.

“Oh sure, get me horny as hell and ya forget something.” He grumbled, smoothing out the slightly rumpled pillow then folding his arms behind his head.

“I think you’ll like this.” Peter answered, giving him a quick kiss and disappearing out the door.

Before Mike could blink an eye Peter was back, closing the door behind him. As he turned around Mike got a good look at what was in his hands.

“Just what do ya think you’re going to do with that?” Mike asked, eyeing the can of cool whip and the jar of cherries Peter held.

Peter’s eyes held a hot lustful look as he gazed at Mike’s cock. “I got hungry.” The Texan’s eyes widened when he realized what Peter had in mind.

“Noooo way shotgun, you’re not putting
that on my dick.”

Peter gave Mike a playful frown. “Ah come on Michael, it’ll be fun and I promise I’ll lick it all off.” Peter said sweetly giving Mike one of his dimpled grins. Mike groaned, when Peter looked at him like that there was no way he could deny him and Peter knew it.

“Ya better lick it all off…every…fuckin…inch…” Mike growled but at the same time the thought of Peter licking his cock clean sent a bolt of lightening shooting through his body…hell, the idea of Peter licking his cock period was enough to make him come right then and there.

Peter shook the can for a few seconds then squirted the cool, sweet foam onto Mike’s erection, carefully covering every inch of the hard cock then placed two cherries on top.

“Two cherries?” Mike asked, both eyebrows going up. Peter grinned and bent his head picking up one of the sweet fruit in his lips. Crawling up to Mike he leaned down and popped it into Mike’s open mouth.

“I always share.” He said, with a teasing glint in his bright hazel eyes.

Mike grinned as he chewed the fruit and watched to see what Peter would do next.

Kneeling between Mike’s outstretched legs Peter bent down, licking up the underside of Mike’s cock, catching the sweet foam on his tongue. Mike had barely managed to swallow the cherry before a groan burst out. The sensation of Peter’s tongue sliding up his cream covered cock sent bolts of electricity shooting through him. Peter kept his eyes locked with Mike’s dark ones as he reached the top, rolling his tongue over the throbbing head and picking up the cherry, quickly chewed and swallowed, he had far more important things to do then eating food. Mike tucked the pillow further up under his head to keep it slightly elevated and watched as Peter swiftly licked the remaining sweet whipped foam off his erection.

Peter’s hands firmly held onto Mike’s hips as his mouth closed over the head of Mike’s cock. One of Mike’s hands shakily found its way into the silky blond hair as the other gripped Peter’s wrist tightly as the bassist began to slowly lower his mouth toward the curly thatch of hair beneath.

Mike’s eyes rolled up into his head again as Peter’s hot talented mouth began to work him, slowly bringing it up to the tip and then back down; each time pausing at the top to flick the tip of his tongue through the crack. Peter slowly increased the momentum on Mike’s cock and knew from the sounds of Mike’s heated moans and the way his hips had begun to lift off the bed that the Texan was getting close. He hollowed his cheeks and began to suck harder.

Mike knew he wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate and as much as the thought of coming down Peter’s throat drove him nearly mad with desire that wasn’t where he wanted the blond to be when he exploded.

“Wanna fuck ya babe, wanna come in that sweet ass of yours.” Mike managed to gasp, his voice harsh and raspy.

Peter’s heart rate quickened and his own hard as granite cock jumped at Mike’s words. Lifting his head, his eyes were heavy lidded as he crawled up and placed his mouth next to Mike’s ear.

“So you want to shove that cock up my ass and fuck me do you?” Peter whispered seductively in Mike’s ear, while running a hand across Mike’s hair covered chest.

“Yeah.” Mike grunted.

Peter swung a leg over his hips, straddling him and the sound of two appreciative groans filled the air as Peter slowly lowered himself down onto Mike’s cock.

Leaning forward, Peter fastened his lips on Mike’s as Mike bent his legs and began to rock under him. His tongue darted in and out of Mike’s mouth in rhythm with the Texan’s thrusting hips. Finally Peter rose up locking his elbows and attaching his desire laden, heavy lidded gaze on his lovers’ slightly glazed eyes.

“Oh fuck, ya feel good.” Mike’s quiet voice reached Peter’s ears as the blond fisted his hands in the pillow under Mike’s head. Peter kept his eyes locked with Mike’s, feeling the Texan’s hands gripping his waist roughly as he began pushing back hard against Mike’s upwards thrusts.

“Does this feel good Michael…fucking me like this?” Peter said, his eyes glowing hotly.

“Love fuckin…that…tight…ass.” Mike answered, emphasizing each grunted word with a hard thrust. He reached down and roughly grasped Peter’s huge cock, stroking in hard jerky movements.

Peter’s breath began coming in shallow little pants and he threw his head back and groaned. Mike’s hand gripped him harder, tugging unmercifully.

“Oh god Michael, I’m going to come.” Peter ground out roughly.

“Come on then, babe.”

Peter gave a hoarse yell as his seed spilled onto Mike’s stomach seconds before Mike gave a loud groan, emptying himself into Peter. Mike gave a few more pulls and thrusts, milking himself and Peter of the last of their fluids then Peter slumped forward onto his elbows trying not to smother Mike as they fought for breath. After a few minutes when each was able to breathe easier, Peter curled up against Mike’s side, sliding an arm across Mike’s chest while at the same time Mike wrapped his arms around the blond, holding him close.

Suddenly feeling Mike’s body began to shake in silent laughter, Peter lifted his head, giving him a curious look.

“Well, at least it wasn’t chocolate syrup.” Mike said with barely concealed amusement in his voice.

A devilish grin spread crossed Peter’s lips and Mike shook his head.

“Don’t ya dare.”

Sometime later the bedroom door quietly opened as Micky and Davy crept in. Seeing the two fast asleep and curled up in each others arms they grinned and shook their heads as they got ready for bed.


Merry Christmas, Micky Past the Point of No Return