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"A Special Request"



Title: A Special Request
Author: Barrelracer
Pairing: Torklenzsmith
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slash
Warnings: Hot, Hot, HOT man sex, oh and it’s pretty much pwp.
Disclaimer: I do not own The Monkees and do not claim in any way that this ever happened
Author’s Note: Ok, blame this little sexcapade on gondorbunny, who really, really hinted at a part three to the Torklenzsmith threesomes (LOL, I don’t mind , I’m very flattered that someone likes my threesomes so much they want more).

Mike lay in bed staring at the ceiling, the covers turned down to reveal his naked torso as he waited a little impatiently for Peter. Finally hearing the bedroom door creak open, he turned his head to see his blond haired lover stroll in. Mike let out a deep rumbling growl; this was the time he looked forward too the most, surprisingly more so than when he was playing his guitar, the times when he and Peter were in bed together. He quirked an eyebrow at the sultry look in his lover’s eyes, it was one of Peter’s “special request” looks.

“Hi, Michael,” Peter’s voice was low, husky and sexy.

“Com’re babe,” Mike said, feeling his body begin to stir as the bass player approached the bed.

Peter stretched out next to Mike as the Texan’s arm wrapped itself around his waist, pulling him closer. Mike sighed as hot, yielding lips settled against his, opening for Mike’s warm probing tongue. Both men softly moaned as their tongues roamed the insides of each others mouths, gentle and exploring.

Peter’s hand skimmed over Mike’s chest, feeling the slightly courser hairs under his exploring fingers. He gasped into Mike’s mouth when the Texan moved his hand down to his rear end, roughly squeezing. Peter’s fingers grazed Mike’s nipples, pinching them as the kiss became hotter and more demanding. Suddenly the sound of a throat being cleared from somewhere to his right got Mike’s attention, turning his head, he saw Micky sitting on the edge of his bed. This time Mike raised both eyebrows…..so this was the reason behind the look in Peter’s eyes when the blond had first come in.


Micky grinned somewhat nervously, “Hey Mike.”

“Micky asked if he could join us tonight,” Peter said when Mike looked at him, the sultry look in his eyes was still there but there was also another look behind the sultriness, one that Mike couldn’t quite decipher.

“Oh, he did huh?” Mike cast his gaze back on the curly haired drummer. Micky seemed a little nervous about something so Mike quietly watched, wondering what the two had cooked up.

Micky cleared his throat then said “Uh….yeah, well you’ve fucked Peter and I’ve fucked Peter and well, I was wondering…um….”

Micky’s unfinished question hung heavy in the air and Mike had to fight to keep from smiling.

……so that’s it…… Mike thought giving Peter a quick squeeze.

“And ya wanna fuck me.”

Micky swallowed and nodded, knowing that up until now,Peter had been the only one that Mike had been on the receiving end with, he wasn’t sure how the Texan would feel about having somebody else’s dick in him.

Mike looked at Peter, “You ok with this?”

Peter nodded, “I’m fine with it,” he glanced at Micky, giving him a knowing grin as he slowly started to slide down Mike’s body, pushing the covers down as he went. “Besides, I’m going to be a little busy myself,” he said, his voice became deep and rough with desire as he revealed Mike’s rapidly hardening cock.

Mike closed his eyes and groaned at the feeling of Peter’s tongue swirling around the head of his erection, he opened them and looked at Micky, “Com’re Mick.”

Happily, Micky bounded over to the bed, lowering himself into Mike’s embrace and fastening his mouth to the Texan’s. Micky moaned softly as Mike’s tongue expertly probed his mouth, sending little sparks of electricity shooting through his body. Micky felt Mike’s body tremble just then and he suddenly tore his mouth from Micky’s.

“Nnugh, fuck.”

Micky looked down to see Peter slowly bobbing his head up and down Mike’s shaft. Catching Micky’s eyes on him, Peter winked and keeping his eyes locked with Micky’s, brought his mouth up to the head of Mike’s erection again and slowly swirled his tongue across the tip, this time the corners of his mouth curled up in a grin when Micky groaned.

Micky stood and quickly shed his clothes then leaned ever and began kissing his way down Mike’s neck, pausing at his chest. Micky nuzzled his nose in the dark hair then swiped his tongue across a hardened nipple, gently sucking. Then as he began to work his way down Mike’s chest and stomach he saw Peter rise up out of the corner of his eye and move out of his line of vision. Hearing the rustling of clothes behind him, Micky correctly guessed that Peter was getting undressed.

Before Micky knew what was happening, he suddenly found himself flipped over, sprawled backwards across Mike’s stomach. A very naked, very hard Peter knelt between his legs. He watched in awe as Peter wrapped long fingers around his erection, slowly stroking. Micky closed his eyes, reveling in the feeling of that strong hand working its magic on his cock. Hearing Mike groan, he opened his eyes and glanced over to see that Peter had wrapped his other hand around the Texan’s shaft and was doing the same to him.

Micky turned his attention back to the blond just in time to see Peter gave him a wicked grin and lean toward him, running his tongue lightly across Micky’s balls, causing the curly haired man to gasp. Mike laid an arm across Micky’s chest securing him in place as he hooked the other under his head to watch the action. Micky’s gasp swiftly turned into a groan as Peter licked a long line up the underside of his shaft, flicking his tongue over the tip of Micky’s throbbing erection. Micky’s body slowly took on a glistening sheen as sweat broke out on his chest, his cock felt as if it were being pulled inside out as Peter sucked him, hard.

Micky put a hand on Peter’s head, “Oh fuck, oh god Peter, man you got to stop, I’m going to come if you don’t.”

“Mmmm, we can’t have that now can we, at least not yet,” Peter replied, getting to his feet and moving to Mike’s bedside table.

Getting the half empty jar of Vaseline out, he turned back toward the bed as Micky moved between Mike’s legs. Flipping the lid off, Peter knelt on the bed behind Micky dipping his fingers in and pulling out a small glob of jell. Micky moaned as Peter reached one arm around him, pulling him firmly against his body, and his rock hard erection. Pressing his hips hard against Micky’s ass, Peter reached around him with the other, applying the slippery substance to Micky’s throbbing erection, he heard Micky moan again as he slowly stroked, rubbing his thumb over the slightly leaking head. Micky felt Peter’s body vibrate against his back as Peter softly chuckled.

Micky felt Peter’s hot breath in his ear as Peter whispered, “You like that Micky?”

“Mmmm, yeah.”

Peter placed his hands on Mike’s legs gently pushing in an upwards motion, the Texan complied by lifting his knees toward his chest. Peter used his lower body to nudge Micky closer and once again grasping Micky’s cock, teased Mike’s entrance with the jell covered tip, gently rubbing it over and around the puckered opening.

Mike closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure, gripping the sides of the bed as he felt the head of Micky’s cock breach him.

Peter softly ran the palms of both hands down Micky’s sides and around his stomach, reaching between his legs at the same time Peter gently thrust against Micky’s ass, pushing the curly haired man’s cock further into Mike’s yielding body. Keeping his hands between Micky’s legs, Peter began a gentle rocking motion, rubbing his own throbbing erection against the crack in Micky’s ass at the same time controlling the depth and speed of Micky’s thrusts. Micky reached behind him grabbing handfuls of Peter’s ass, gasping in wonder at the feeling of his cock in Mike’s tight ass and the huge erection thrusting between his ass cheeks. Micky made a mental note to ask Mike later if having that massive dick inside him felt as good as he imagined.

“That’s it Micky, nice and slow,” Peter whispered, nuzzling Micky’s neck while keeping a close eye on Mike’s face.

“Doing ok, babe?” Peter’s question was directed at Mike who opened one eye and smiled.

“Oh yeah,” Mike sighed, and then gasped when Peter moved one of his hands to his erection, fisting it in the same slow pace. Peter reached lower with the other grasping Micky’s balls, massaging them.

“Oh Peter,” Micky moaned, slipping one of his hands between their bodies to grasp that huge erection, letting Peter thrust it through his hand.

Peter groaned at the feeling of Micky’s hand tightly gripping his cock and began to gently nip and suck at the curly haired man’s neck

“Oh god this feels so good, let me go faster, please, I need to go faster...” Micky gasped after a few minutes of the gentle rocking, letting his head fell back on Peter’s shoulder.

“You want to go faster? Fuck him harder?” Peter’s passion drenched voice whispered in Micky’s ear.


All three men groaned as Peter stepped up the pace, thrusting his hips rapidly against Micky’s at the same time speeding up the hand on Mike’s cock.

“Aw, fuck I’m gonna come,” Mike gasped as the tension quickly increased. He gripped the sides of the bed harder as his body jerked, groaning loudly as his seed spilled onto his stomach and chest. Watching Mike come apart was all it took for Micky, who suddenly pulled Peter hard against him, almost crushing Peter’s cock between their bodies as he shot his fluid deep within Mike’s body. Micky’s mind briefly registered the warm wetness spreading across his lower back as Peter grunted and clung to him.

Heart rates and breathing slowly returned to normal as the three sprawled on the bed in the aftermath of their adventurous activity. Micky was the first to move, placing a soft kiss on each of his band mates lips then slowly rolled off the bed and climbing to his feet went into the bathroom to clean up as Peter crawled up to mold his body against Mike’s.

“I love you, shotgun,” Mike said quietly, wrapping his arms around Peter in a loving embrace and placing a gentle kiss on the tired man’s lips.

“I love you too, Michael,” Peter replied, yawning sleepily.

Just then Micky came back into the room with a huge silly grin on his face, Mike noticed this and said.

“What’s so funny?”

“Train.” Micky replied, trying without much success to keep from laughing.

Peter lifted his head casting a confused look at Micky, “Huh?”

“Train, you know, we were kind of like a train,” he replied, giving a couple thrusts with his hips. Peter giggled and laid his head back on Mike’s chest while Mike just grinned, rolled his eyes and shook his head as Micky turned the lights off.

All was quiet in the room for a few moments, and then a soft train like sound came from the direction of Micky’s bed.

“Chuga, chuga, chuga, chuga.”

Mike felt Peter’s body shake with laughter.

“Choo, choo.”

“Will you two knock it off; the train has parked in the station already.”

Peter reached down, finding Mike’s now flaccid penis under the covers, Mike sighed as Peter began to slowly stroke.

“It may be parked, but the engine’s still running.”

The only sound heard in the room was Micky’s loud bark of laughter.



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