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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“Jody didn’t feel capable of giving time to being both my social partner – like going out everywhere – and still doing the dishes at home. Like there’d be dishes when company came and I’d pick on her for it. I mean, really make an issue because I didn’t know any better. I was a blind, fool kid. After a while she said, ‘I’m not going to take this abuse,’ and went to leave. I said, ‘You’re not going to leave!’ She said, ‘I am too!’ And it was beat, bash, belt – I mean I actually hit her once. And that was it. She split.” ~ Peter on why his first marriage dissolved – Tiger Beat Magazine, July 1968




“I was pacifist at the time and here I was hitting a poor little girl, much younger and much smaller than me – really hitting her! Where was that at? It really brought me face to face with a lot of convictions that I’d held sort of on the surface and I hadn’t had a real confrontation with. Friends of mine remarked as little as three weeks after Jody had left that the whole experience had cleared my head out and it made a man out of me, right there and then.” ~ What Peter learned from his first marriage – Tiger Beat Magazine, July 1968




“They are restless…and find it impossible to be quiet during the delays while scenes are being set up – as many as 90 setups a day, according to Rafelson, compared to 25 for most TV shows. Peter Tork may start strumming his guitar, and after a while Mike Nesmith joins him, and the two eventually sing. Davy and Micky Dolenz may occupy themselves with the girls who always crowd the stage (‘When girls work on the show, we ask ‘em to drop on back because it’s cool havin’ ‘em around,’ says Mike. Someone close to the show says, ‘Micky makes out best with the girls, but they come to Davy.’)” ~ How the boys keep occupied on the set – TV Guide, January 28th 1967



“I hate fans who say that they’re sick or seriously ill in order to get a phone call from me. I care deeply not only for my fans but for my fellow human beings, and if I think a little girl is in real need and I can help – I’ll do everything I can. But lately there have been some unprincipled kids who have deliberately ‘made up’ stories about being on their death-beds, etc…to get a call from me. And when I call and find out that they just did it to get to me, it really hurts me. I mean – what is the world coming to when somebody can pull a terrible trick like that? It makes me lose faith in people.” ~ Davy’s hates – 16 Magazine, December 1968




“I hate people who exploit the Monkees for money of publicity. For instance, a security guard in one town recently said that we ‘beat’ him up and he sued us for a whole lot of money. What really happened was that Micky was trying to rush into a hotel and the guard didn’t recognise him and refused to let him in. Micky had a choice between being torn apart by overly-enthusiastic fans or pushing his way into the lobby of the hotel. He did the latter. Believe me, that’s all that happened – nobody ‘beat’ anybody up!” ~ Davy’s hates – 16 Magazine, December 1968




“I hate girls who don’t like being girls. You know, the kind who wear slacks all the time and don’t comb their hair or take care of their nails – and like that.” ~ Peter’s hates – 16 Magazine, December 1968





“I hate stupidity. I guess there are some people who can’t help being a little backward, but most people just don’t stay awake! It really turns me off to see people sleep their way through this beautiful life.” ~ Peter’s hates – 16 Magazine, December 1968




“I hate repetitive people. I’ve got good ears and a fairly good mind, and it drags me when someone tells me the same thing twice or several times.” ~ Peter’s hates – 16 Magazine, December 1968





“Peter is sweet. He likes to talk about a lot of other things beside show business. When he isn’t in front of the cameras, Peter spends most of the time in his dressing room. He is quite serious minded and keeps informed on what’s happening all over the world. Micky was in a funny mood most of the time during the shooting. He had been staying up late at night working on some sculpture. He explained to me that when an idea hit him he just couldn’t wait to get at it so even if it took him all night, once he started, he had to finish. Mike has a dry sense of humour. When I first met him, I didn’t really know whether he was making fun of me by some of the things he said or just being funny. I discovered that his way is just like this and he turned out to be very friendly and quite unusual.” ~ Donna Loren (from ‘Everywhere a Sheik Sheik’) on working with The Monkees – Fave Magazine, Sept 1967




“I call her April because Phyllis is hard for me to say. She’s a real good wife but not much for show business.” ~ Mike on his wife Phyllis Nesmith – TV Guide, January 28th 1967



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