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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“I did a vocal version of one of the earlier songs. I walked into the studio, and I said, ‘How was that?’ Everybody said, ‘Pretty good’. I said, ‘Okay, well what else?’ Everybody sort of like faded away, and the picture went gray, and the next thing you knew somebody else was on the [vocal]. It’s like it didn’t make a dent. I was infuriated. It was really rough for me because I had these ideas about what it was supposed to be and what you were supposed to do and how it was supposed to go. Tommy Boyce, who didn’t have a clue about any of [my feelings], did it the way he was raised to do it. He just followed his instinct.” ~ Peter on not being allowed to sing on ‘The Monkees’ album – More of the Monkees Liner Notes, 2006



“Everybody seemed enthusiastic, except Mike Nesmith. [He had] a big attitude right from the beginning, and he said at one point, ‘I’m a producer too, and that ain’t no hit.’ So, it was like, ‘Ooooh.’ To break the tension I made what I thought was an obvious joke. I said, ‘Well, Mike, it’s not finished. You’ve got to picture this with the strings and the horns,’ when I thought there wasn’t going to be strings and horns, and he goes, ‘Well, maybe it could be something with strings and horns.’ The he realized everybody laughed, and the relationship goes down from there.” ~ Jeff Barry on choosing ‘I’m a Believer’ for the next single - More of the Monkees Liner Notes, 2006




“I assume that anyone who listens to any album does not need liner notes to tell them whether or not the music made the feel something…so that’s that. Therefore, I would like to use this space to tell you how to make home brewed beer.” ~ Michael’s Liner Notes for Tantamount to Treason, 1972




“One of the great advantages of being an artist is that I am able to utilize my craft periodically to write messages to myself. Basically that is what this album is all about. I have tried to be as skilful as I could in the hopes that you as a listener would not feel left out. I have tried to make music as honest and beautiful, as harmonious and graceful as I know how to make music…but I am afraid that I must admit, and somewhat unabashedly, that I did it for me. I hope that on whatever level of unfoldment this music may find you that it will reward you attention and contribute something to your consciousness. I personally enjoy singing along to it all…but then it’s very easy for me. I know all the words.” ~ Michael – ‘And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’ Line Notes, 1972




“I think ‘Sweet Young Thing’ was a good song. I liked Gerry [Goffin] and Carole [King] quite a bit. It was not the sort of songwriting alliance that I would continue at any great effect. You know, I’m just not a big fan of their writing environment. I didn’t like being cast in with some other folks and saying, ‘Write with them’. Gerry and Carole had very strong songwriting styles. I really enjoyed working with them; it was just the circumstances that were tough.” ~ Mike on writing with Gerry Goffin & Carole King – The Monkees Liner Notes, 2006





“I do remember that night very well. I had ‘em each on mic, and it was kinda like that show you got now, American Idol, you know, lettin’ each of ‘em sing. I was not happy at all…Then I announced the little guy there, Davy, was going to be the lead singer. They went #?!*ing berserko.” ~ Snuff Garrett on first meeting the Monkees – The Monkees Liner Notes, 2006




“It was a bit of a peace pipe that I thought was palatable, or I wouldn’t have done it. To get him from being more of a pain in the ass than he was, I wanted him to do his thing. If what he played me was awful, I wouldn’t have done it.” ~ Don Kirshner on giving Mike a producing session – The Monkees Liner Notes, 2006




“Carole and Gerry were giants; American writers. Mike – whose ego was bigger than anybody’s – probably said, ‘Great’. He never appreciated what I did, because I don’t let a lot of people write with my writers. I did everything so he would conform, but it didn’t work.” ~ Don Kirshner on setting Mike up to write with Carole and Gerry – The Monkees Liner Notes, 2006




“Owners of the original vinyl release of this album will have noticed that the running order is different on this CD release. I have changed the order for this release as I never liked the original. I think this flows much better – and is more to the intent and performance – but the bottom line decision was practical: the band just got progressively drunker from the catering as the sessions went on and played worse and worse each day. So this order sort of tracks that.” ~ The Wichita Train Whistle Sings Liner Notes, 2007





“As you might suppose, some of the instructions on the sheet music were to improvise a little cacophony, a little desafinado as it were, but this touch of seasoning turned into a howling riot as the band got looped, and I have many uninterrupted minutes of the band just making a racket to no particular end except their own good time. And I have to say – we were all laughing pretty hard. But at a certain point it was just noise. (No, I did not get drunk with them. I sort of wondered what might have happened if I had!) At the end of sessions, Tommy Tedesco threw his guitar in the air and let it smash on the floor!” ~ Mike on the musicians’ antics -  The Wichita Train Whistle Sings Liner Notes, 2007




“Laughter to me is the divine voice, and to imagine it ringing across the open plains I thought was beautifully musical.” ~ Michael on ‘Laugh Kills Lonesome’ – Tropical Campfires Liner Notes, January 2008





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