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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“Mike was a ‘skinny’ boy at sixteen but I did not think he was ugly. To me he had a rather wistful, pensive look which was distinctive and most attractive. His was a face one could not forget. I often felt that Mike was innately shy but covered his shyness with witticism and a bid for attention. He was never boisterous or loud but he could cause others to be so by his quips and antics which were always done subtly. He wanted to be the center of attraction. I frequently had to stop his ‘attention’ getting so that I could have the attention and proceed with the class work. I never recall his walking out of class but I remember at the end of his senior year I had to discipline him rather severely and I sent him from the class. This, however, did not destroy our fine rapport for after graduation he came back to visit our choir and give them ‘pep’ talks as well writing us many fine letters.” ~ Mrs Analee Huffaker, Mike’s choir teacher on her memories of Mike - Monkees Spectacular Issue #3, June 1967




“…as I lay here in bed propped up with my writing board on my lap, I can sense the peace of the world outside. Night has fallen and the people rest from their day of work. Soon another dawn will burst forth across the morning sky and herald the approach of a new day – for some another chance and for some a new life. Yet for a few a dawn is just like any other day; for a few it holds nothing but strife and hatred from yesterday to be dealt with for another 12 hours. The dawn means different things to different people but my dawn was you, Mrs. Huffaker, and what a wonderfully joyous burst of light that was. You taught me to sing, sing from my heart and soul, for you have known for so long as many of us have learned, that music brings each man closer to his God than any other human action. You taught us that to love our fellow man is not something that is done only for personal gain or for creating the goodwill of others towards us, but that it is a foundation upon which we may build a lifetime of happiness. The spirit with which you taught us to sing is the spirit which we will lead the rest of our lives. This is why you are my dawn, Mrs. Huffaker. That is why I suppose I think of you as I do – and that is why you have the best dern concert choir in the city of Dallas!” ~ And excerpt of a letter Mike wrote to ‘Huffy’ - Monkees Spectacular Issue #3, June 1967




“The Entrance Hall has a black and white checkered floor and when we used to come in, Phyllis would get mad because there would suddenly be black marks on the white squares. We finally learned to tiptoe across the hall, because Phyllis is a demon housekeeper and used to clean and wax that floor every other day. Some of us used to try and leap over the squares unsuccessfully, and then there’d really be a scene. Eventually we all learned to go into the house through the back way to avoid hassles with Phyllis about her floor. In fact Phyllis is such a great housekeeper that she refuses to have anyone in the house when she’s cleaning.” ~ David Price on housekeeping Phyllis -  Monkees Spectacular Issue #3, June 1967




“Now Christian is something else. Because of all the musicians Mike hangs around with, Christian speaks in a very hip way for a two and a half year old. He says ‘later’ instead of ‘good-bye’ and ‘make it’ instead of ‘fetch’ to Spotte. People don’t really know what to think of him when he opens his mouth. They just aren’t ready for it. They’re always kind of taken aback and wonder where he’s been and with what. Another thing Christian does is love Spotte. He could love that dog to death. When Mike has scolded Spotte for something, Christian will start by hitting Spotte on the head and saying ‘no’ in a very sharp voice. This confuses Spotte and it wouldn’t be too bad if Christian didn’t have the bad habit of keeping it up all day! Sometimes that dog doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, but Christian loves that dog!” ~ David Price on Christian Nesmith - Monkees Spectacular Issue #3, June 1967




“John had met them on tour and invited them over, but he was quite put out when they actually turned up. I, on the other hand, was delighted. Even though I still wasn’t the most confident hostess, I had bought lots of cookbooks since the Cooks had come around and my repertoire had expanded. Now I was always glad to have new people to entertain. Mike’s wife, who appeared to live to please him, wasn’t the easiest guest, though. She would hover over me as I cooked, saying, “Mike doesn’t like it like that,” and “I always do it this way for Mike.” How I managed not to thump her I’ll never know.” ~ Cynthia Lennon on Mike and Phyllis’ visit - ‘John’ by Cynthia Lennon



"Jack was fabulous. We adored him, all of us. Michael practically fell in love with him, in a manly sort of way." ~ Peter on Jack Nicholson - The Guardian, 28th April 2011




“I knew Mike only briefly, I had spoken to him. I knew who Peter was, but I didn’t know his name. I had seen him around the Troubadour and out in Huntington Beach at the ‘Golden Bear’ and I’d see him working in the kitchen and he was a familiar face, but I didn’t know his name. He always said hello and I said hello. I remember Mike came in one night at the Trip when I was working there with the MFQ. It was about the time Donovan was there, I think, and we talked awhile about the MFQ and about what we were doing and that’s about as far as it went.” ~ Chip Douglas on prior meetings with the Monkees - Monkees Spectacular Issue #4, July 1967




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