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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“I used to have a terrible recurring dream about being frozen in one position. It’s not just a dream. It comes on when I’m sleeping and it’s a particular feeling that comes over me. I feel stiff, just for no reason and I wake up the moment it starts to happen. Whenever these spells would come on me, I was half-way between awake and asleep. I would be awake enough to realize that I was in dutch in some way, but I can’t operate, I can’t move.” ~ Peter on sleeping habits – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967




“I sleep nude and sometimes I can’t go to sleep until very late at night, but sometimes I can. Now I have to get to bed eight hours before I have to be up for work or I can’t operate the next day.” ~ Peter on sleeping habits – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967




“I don’t sleepwalk, but I do sleeptalk. I talk in my sleep a lot! My brother told me I once sat up in bed and started shouting in Russian. I was studying Russian at the time and I sat there rattling off this Russian speech.” ~ Peter on sleeping habits – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967




“All my real-life situations are material for dreams, when I do dream. I’ve dreamed, but I don’t remember, specifically, but I know that I have dreamed about situations involving the other Monkees. I’ve had dreams involving girls. Generally they’re imaginary, if they’re really good. Like one dream I woke up in the morning and I felt good all day long. It involved a love scene with a really ‘with it’ kind of girl. It was like one of those perfect scenes that you can’t even imagine. I just felt great all day long after that.” ~ Peter on sleeping habits – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967




“I can remember having dreams about Davy, Peter and Mike, but I don’t dream about the Monkees shows or live concerts. I don’t sleepwalk or sleeptalk. I imagine that I’ve done these things at some time, but I just can’t remember.” ~ Micky on sleeping habits – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967




“There was a huge mob at the airport (some of them had been camping since Friday night), and we couldn’t get out of the airport the first time, so we had to go back inside. One thing that didn’t help at all was that they had the limousine waiting for us right out in front and people were just surrounding it. We got within 100 yards of it and the girls spotted us. One girl jumped right on top of Micky’s head from a ledge above him and I mean right on top of his head. She had a dead aim. Fortunately the police caught him before he could fall. My camera was bent by some of the mob and some others in the crowd took my cigarettes because they thought they belonged to Micky.” ~ Ric Klein on the trials of getting out of an airport with a Monkee - Monkees Spectacular Issue #2, May 1967





“Mike sat in the plane lounge most of the flight, talking with the other passengers and they all seemed to dig talking to him. A lot of the passengers came up to us and asked for autographs for ‘my kids’ and many of them said ‘My kids won’t believe that I flew with the Monkees.” ~ Ric Klein on his holiday with Micky – Monkees Spectacular Issue #2, May 1967




“Compared to the mobs in America, the mobs in England are deadly. It would take 100 American girls to do the damage that 10 girls in an English mob can do. That’ll give you some idea just how uncontrollable they are. Davy and Micky call them ‘Killers’ because that’s the only word they can find that would even half way apply to the English mobs.” ~ Ric Klein on English fans - Monkees Spectacular Issue #2, May 1967




“I remember Peter as a well proportioned young lad with an exceptionally alert face. I would select him as one of my favourite pupils in the 24 years of my teaching. He was always unpredictable and genuinely creative. I never did witness a mean streak in him. Peter was always well liked, for life was always interesting around him. He always had a ready joke or an unusual slant on things. He was exceptionally good reader. I recall his reading level on a nationally standardized test as 8th grade plus, although he was only a fourth grader at the time.” ~ Mrs. Bousfield’s memories of fourth grade Peter - Monkees Spectacular Issue #2, May 1967





“We woke up the next morning and, of course, word had gotten around that Davy was home and as we opened the door we saw at least 200 kids out front. They kept coming up and ringing the doorbell until we finally had to disconnect it. Two girls even brought horses there hoping that Davy would come out, but they were bringing the darn horses right up to the doorstep! There was complete disregard for Davy’s father’s garden! It was completely trampled…[The police] put a woman’s coat on Davy and a bandana on his head. Then they bribed four little kids, two on each side of him, to hold his hand and walk down the street, pretending he was a mother with four children…He walked very calmly and very discreetly and some of the kids looked and said, ‘No, it couldn’t be…’ and ‘It’s not him’. All of a sudden three of the kids recognized him and started yelling. So they raced ahead of him and by this time he was in bounds so he could leap over a fence. So over a seven-foot fence he vaulted. He made it and ran like crazy through knee deep mud and finally got safely into the house.” ~ Bob Custer on the insanity of fans - Monkees Spectacular Issue #2, May 1967



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