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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“[Flo and Eddie] asked him (Micky) if he would do a new Monkees’ movie with the other guys…but Micky said no, that’s all behind him now…He also said he sees a lot of Mike now, since they’re both in the same business (directing) and that he’s living in California now.” ~ An account of Micky on “The Flo & Eddie Radio Show” – March 8th ‘90




“’All the jokes I know are dirty,’ he explained, ‘I got them from Micky Dolenz’.” ~ Davy at the “Don Kirshner Rock Awards infomercial – May 22nd 1990



“Jack Nicholson keeps an explosively evil temper under a perfectly wonderful social veneer by pouring it all into his acting. In the meantime, he’s just the sweetest, most intelligent, clear-headed guy I’ve known, and one of the most of those things that I’ve ever known.” ~ Peter as co-host at “Beyond Vaudeville” – April 19th 1990




“I just wanted [The Newer Stuff] to be available. I really had all the taste of stardom that I wanted. It’s an interesting life pattern but…I wanted to work in the arts unencumbered by the stardom. Fame tends to be a difficult piece of baggage.” ~ Michael on releasing ‘The Newer Stuff’, Dallas Times Herald – June 1990



“A friend of mine at work recently gave me an article on Mike Nesmith that I found to be ‘one of the best’ personal interviews with Mike ever. It’s from a magazine that I thought would be the last place Mike would give an interview, a porno magazine called ‘Gallery’! It’s in the May 1990 issue.” ~ A fan in Monkee Business Fanzine, 1990




“[Then], while they played ‘I’m a Believer’, they held phone-in vote for the ‘Best Monkee’. Davy won with the girls, Peter with the guys.” ~ Account of radio show, KLTQ-96 – Mar. 8th 1990




“I don’t believe [The Monkees] have made their ‘Sergeant Pepper’ album yet, and while they’re all standing up and breathing I believe it’s possible that I could do it with them. And only I could do it. To use their talent to its fullest potential, I’m the person to do that with them, because I know them so well…But we’d have to sit down and discuss it, so hopefully they’ll read this article and their fans will write letter and say ‘Please sit down with Chip and put out your ‘Sergeant Pepper’ album.’” ~ Chip Douglas, DISCoveries – Jan ‘90



“The album will be quite different from what you’d expect from Micky Dolenz. It will be more rock n’ roll, more mature. I’m 45 years old. I can’t sing about little girls and puberty, I’d probably get arrested.” ~ Micky on his upcoming album, The Tucson Citizen ‘90



“They wouldn’t sing, they said they were actors. I said ‘You guys don’t wanna sing? I got a show to do.’ And I brought in four ringers from New York. After that, the Monkees worked with me.” ~ Don Kirshner, New York Daily News – Dec. 13th ‘89



“We learned pretty well what can happen when you get wrapped up in someone else’s fantasy. You ride it, things get crazy and you begin to lose yourself or believe what everyone’s telling you. Things like this are great, but they should also have a warning label stamped on them---‘Don’t take it too seriously. This too shall pass.’” ~ Peter talking about The New Kids on the Block, Providence Sunday Journal – Dec. 3rd ‘89



“Micky has instituted a telephone hotline with a recorded message so that fans can keep up on what he is doing…You can leave a message for Micky on the answering machine. He does sometimes listen to his messages, as his schedule permits, and the next message he hears may be yours!” ~ Monkee Business Issue #52




“They were fakes from the beginning…They were just four guys who couldn’t act or sing.” ~ Bob Rafelson, ‘Premiere’ magazine Feb ‘90



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