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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“My life between then and my senior year of high school was a total disaster. In fifth grade I started going downhill because I was unhappy. I was constantly trying to make friends, trying to be funny, but never succeeding because I was younger. I always had a small circle of friends, but that was at home. It didn’t have much to do with school.” ~ Peter at high school – NME Magazine, 25th Feb 1967




“We nearly tore the place apart! Here’s how we found out – a phone call came for Mike. Usually he doesn’t take any calls on the set. But this time he did and were we glad! It turned out to be someone calling long-distance from England to tell about our being No.1 there…I just freaked out completely – I never thought we’d make it in England. I mean, they didn’t like our first record, ‘Last Train to Clarksville’ at all. And there’s been so much talk about our copying the Beatles – I had given up hope. Davy was just sorta ‘pleased’. I mean, he’s been famous there already. Secretly I think he’s very proud of making it again, though he doesn’t want to show it. Mike…well, Mike’s always kinda quiet and philosophical, but for some reason having a hit in England meant a lot to him. I think it must be from a musical standpoint – he’s our music expert. Peter’s a general freak – he ran around kissing and hugging everyone, but he wasn’t quite as, ah, ‘vocal’ as I was. In other words, he didn’t scream much!” ~ Micky on their reactions to reaching No. 1 in England – NME Magazine, 28th Jan 1967




“Davy is a great musician, he just can’t play an instrument! He has the feeling for music and he is already picking up pieces on the piano, bass and drums. Some people you can never teach about music, but Davy is a musician at heart – he’s musically solid. He has the heart and mind for music with the will to want to know more. No one is going to suggest he does not sing on the discs, I hope. Of course, he’s a musician!” ~ Peter on Davy’s musical ability – NME Magazine, 5th Aug 1967




“Peter took a walk out onto his balcony across the hall to wave hello to the crowds gathered in Hyde Park. Mike declined. ‘I want to save myself so I can be attacked on the way to Wembley,’ he explained. He further explained that he gets embarrassed when he steps out on the balcony and no one screams. I offered to report his deplorable lack of fan mail. ‘Don’t do that’, he said, ‘I’ll just get a lot of letters saying ‘Keith Altham says you don’t get any fan mail so I thought I’d write to you. Please say hello to Davy for me!’” ~ Mike on his lack of fan appeal – NME Magazine, 8th July 1967




“Holymatherogod, was that 7,000 revs?...this is the greatest moment of my life…she’ll stay with  an E-Type up to 75 m.p.h. Am I going to surprise a few people back home…it goes like a scalded cat…I’m going to surprise you – I drive like a little ol’ lady…” ~ Parts of Mike’s commentary on taking his new Radford Mini out for a spin – NME Magazine, 8th July 1967





“At this point Peter proudly produced a fan letter for Mike, a rare occurrence. Mike looked vastly impressed with this fan letter and read aloud. ‘Dear Mike. We saw the Monkees at the airport on Wednesday and my sister Linda touched Micky’s arm and then I saw you and threw up…’ ‘Hey,’ said Peter, ‘let me see that! You’re not that bad looking. I don’t believe it.” ~ Mike and Peter goofing around – NME Magazine, 8th July 1967




“I don’t like talkative girls. I like them to be talkative when I’m alone with them, at home or something. When you’re joking around, watching TV or something, I like girls who come out with wisecracks, but not when they are at the dinner table or when you’re with other people. At the dinner table, for example, I’d want my wife to be quiet. Not that I want to be the main attraction, but I think a lady’s place is to be quiet.” ~ Davy on what he expects from marriage – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967





“I never sleepwalk anymore, but I did when I was young. I know I did, not just because my mother would tell me, but because I’d wake up in places other than my bed. I used to wake up in the closet, oddly enough, periodically.” ~ Mike on sleeping habits – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967




“Before I was married, there was a ‘girl of my dreams’. I used to dream about the same girl, but she wasn’t anybody I knew. Nobody in my dreams is ever anybody I know. I’ve never seen a girl like the one I  dreamed of. I’ve never seen anybody like anyone I dream about. I’m actually more of a day-dreamer than a night-dreamer. I sit and get lost in thought during the day. I don’t spend much time sleeping.” ~ Mike on sleeping habits – Monkees Spectacular Issue #1, April 1967





“Having defeated his teachers, Peter took on the draft board, who had a vague idea about putting him in the Army. ‘They classified me IY (you can’t go much lower). They thought I was crazy!’” ~ Peter and the military – NME Magazine, 28th Jan 1967




“There was no tension between us and the Monkees whatever. And all the rumours about being segregated on the plane were just nonsense. I got on well with both Micky and Peter and we fooled around a lot together.” ~ Jimi Hendrix after quitting the Monkees tour – NME Magazine, 29th July 1967




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