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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“Gee, it’s impossible to describe Peter. He’s a nice guy, an excellent musician, he really lives music. He’s very quiet, Peter – he doesn’t leap around like I do! Quiet, thoughtful, the philosopher of the group.” ~ Micky on Peter – NME Magazine, 15th April 1967




“When all four Monkees turn up at an event, you can bet that it was no ordinary, run-of-the-mill opening. England’s Cream not only blocked the minds of America’s top group, but those of three hundred other Southern Californians when they opened a three-night stand at the Whiskee a Go Go before the biggest crowd the club has seen since the old days…Peter Tork, in a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off half-way, danced during the first part of the evening, but when the Cream came on, he went back to the booth he shared with Micky Dolenz (now with curly Jimi Hendrix hair and hippie clothes), and sat on the back of it, straining the famous neck to see over the heads of those crowded around the stage. Micky and Mike Nesmith wandered among the masses, trying to get a good look and a good hear…Also on hand, digging the fab sounds, were Davy Jones and his ‘just-good-friend’ Lynne Randell, some Jefferson Airplane, some Buffalo Springfield and the New Vaudeville Band’s road manager.” ~ The Monkees at a Cream gig – NME Magazine, 16th Sept 1967




“They were crummy to me, because they were very wrapped up in themselves and their huge social system. They used to laugh at me. I imagine I did weird things, but I don’t know what because if I knew I would have quit doing them. I really didn’t like them laughing at me. I suppose the reasons I didn’t get along too well is that I loved pulling pranks. I had my own conception of fun, which was nobody else’s conception of fun. I’d do a lot of very weird things.” ~ Mike on high school – NME Magazine, 18th Feb 1967




“We had a librarian named Mosel. Oh, yeah, she was a drag! I don’t know what most librarians are like, but this librarian was really out of it! She used to give me a hard time. I’d be sitting around, minding my own business, not really making any trouble at all. She’d do these incredible numbers about how I’d better shut up or I would really be in trouble. So one time I got totally fed up with the whole scene. I got together about 25 buddies of mine. I mean, they weren’t exactly buddies. What would happen is these guys would respond to the little ideas I had. They would say ‘Ha ha, Nesmith came up with a cool one.’ Actually, they all hated me. But we’d pull off a great trick, then they would take all the credit for it and I would sit home alone on Friday nights while they went out. Anyway, about 25 of us went and checked out about 50 books each (there was no limit). Oh, Mosel was so happy about it because it was National Book Week and we were all reading and she was really glad. We checked them out at different times, so she had no idea what was going on. Then one Tuesday we all got together and took them back! Like at two o’clock in the morning she was in there stamping and filing books – ‘zero, zero nine is before zero, zero sixteen…’ – trying to get them all back on the shelves.” ~ Mike on being a prankster – NME Magazine, 18th Feb 1967




“I never dated much. I couldn’t get a date. I’d call up and say, ‘Oh, would you like to go out?’ And they’d say, ‘No, I don’t like you.’ They used to really say this! It really used to shoot me down. Bad. I would mess around with a lot of different girls, but none of them would ever go out with me. I’d just be their ‘buddy’ and it was a drag! I really got tired of being a ‘pal’. They would tell me how much trouble they were having with Sid McClaine or how upset they were Bobby Lane wasn’t asking them out.” ~ Mike on dating – NME Magazine,  18th Feb 1967




“Micky and I got on very well, we communicated immediately but It wasn’t quite the same with Mike. Mike is very polite and well-mannered but we’re not really on the same wave-length. We just didn’t seem to switch on. Pauline and Phyllis chatted away about children which they both know a lot about and they hit if off better than Mike and I. Mike, like Micky, is fascinated by England but we didn’t even get round to this side. Maybe the feller was like tired, sometimes you get out of contact, can’t communicate, it happens to me quite often. I’d like to meet Mike again and talk more, try to get through to him. Mike’s completely staid that’s probably why we didn’t get through to each other. I like to loon and Micky’s a looner.” ~ Spencer Davis on meeting Micky and Mike – NME Magazine, 18th March 1967




“I spent a lot of time with the Monkees while they were here. I’d like to put it on record that Micky was lovely and very sweet, exactly the same off-screen as he is on. I thought Mike was lovely, too. Oh, I know it’s corny to keep saying that, but a lot of people don’t understand Mike. And he really is a nice person once you get to know him. It wasn’t easy at first. He seems to be a bit wary of people, so I steered clear for a while. Then, eventually, we got into a very chatty conversation when he found out I’d been to California. Basically, Mike is the sort of guy who prefers to sit back and listen rather than talk. But he’s got a marvellously dry sense of humour. The one I took to straight away, Peter would help you to converse with him, whereas if Mike didn’t want to talk – he wouldn’t. I had a preconceived notion about Davy. For some reason I had it in my mind that he was big-time and sure of himself, but I was wrong. I found him bewildered by everything that was happening, and for a couple of days I suppose he more or less didn’t make any move to talk to me while I was around. But once he settled down, he was fine.” ~ Lulu’s impressions of the Monkees – NME Magazine, 22nd July 1967





“Honestly, those Monkees have no fear at all! Davy was clowning around at the top of the mast, without turning a hair. And Peter Tork was fooling about at the edge of the gangplank. There were, believe it or not, sharks in the water below him. But he didn’t seem to care less! Micky Dolenz? Oh, well, Micky is just as mad as a hatter. He drives his car at unbelievable speed: enough to drive anybody out of their mind! I adore Peter Tork. He really is one of the most super people I’ve ever met. The day we said ‘Hello’ he seemed to play his guitar and sing to me for hours – talk about romantic! Peter is very talented; intelligent, too. We spent a long time talking about such things as classical music and reincarnation. We have similar views about life and death: he believes there will always be a Peter Tork and I believe there will always be a Jennifer Moss. Peter talked to me a lot. He put me right on a lot of things. I didn’t meet Mike Nesmith enough to talk to him a lot – we were on a boat and I don’t think he felt very well. But he was very pleasant and polite.” ~ Davy’s friend Jennifer Moss on the boys – NME Magazine, 25th Nov 1967




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