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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“The Monkees film ‘Head’ was premiered this week in Hollywood and received a mixed reaction from the opening-night audience. You could hear the Monkees in the audience laughing hysterically at certain ‘in-jokes’ in the film, while the remainder sat idly by.” ~ NME Magazine, 30th November 1968




“By the time I travelled with the Monkees on their summer tour, Mike agreed to be photographed at whatever he happened to be doing at the time, but he would always skilfully disappear when I mentioned ‘interview’ or just talking…I increased my persistence but to no avail. Finally, after I’d followed Mike around the set for one entire morning, and remained unruffled throughout his rude comments and taunting remarks, he turned to me and said: ‘Look, I’m 25 years old, I have a wife, a child and another on the way. I don’t have time for your teenybopper ‘twaddle’”, only he didn’t say ‘twaddle’. [Later] He was distraught that I never printed that he was rude to me, or that he swore within a conversation and to a girl.” ~ Ann Moses on trying to get an interview out of Mike – NME Magazine, 4th May 1968



“He was very RUDE at the interview, turning up late and trying to play superstar. He complained about the way certain questions were asked, they were only rather mundane items about his life in the group. He talked for a while before wandering off muttering that the interview hadn’t been a pleasure. Mutual, I do assure you. But he did talk about smoking dope at parties and meeting a dwarf in Miami. Mmmm. Dolenz was a complete gentleman.” ~ RM writer Robin Smith on meeting Davy and Micky – Record Mirror, 28th Jan 1978





“I felt much more involved in the music that I wrote for the next album. The only trouble with the next LP is that it’s going to be too scattered. It’s not going to have a unifying factor. Like Mike’s things will be all Mike. He’s producer on those cuts. We did almost no collaboration, except one of Mike’s cuts has me on banjo, which you’ll be able to hear. That’s groovy.” ~ Peter on ‘The Birds, the Bees and the Monkees’ – NME Magazine, 6th April 1968




“You couldn’t go to the museum or anything, which meant staying in all the time like a prisoner. Fortunately the fans are not that age anymore, and I’m more mature. But someone is bound to come up and say ‘Someone says you’re Mike Nesmith’ before long. I remember on one visit to this very hotel. I had to lie on the floor with John Lennon in a cab to get in. Now that was silly.” ~ Mike on being identified as a Monkee – Record Mirror, 9th April 1977




“Backstage, on the other hand, was a veritable haven of peace and calm in comparison with the chaos in the rest of the stadium. Everything was well organised, and the atmosphere surprisingly relaxed, with the boys even finding time for a quick kip in between shows – especially Davy, who seemed to be spending a lot of time sleeping. And this is hardly surprising considering the amount of effort they were putting into their performance – however, this didn’t stop them from looning in the usual Monkee tradition. As Peter Tork said when a photographer asked them to stop playing about for a while, ‘Man, we’re paid to play about!’ Peter strikes me as being perhaps the most intelligent of the four – always very witty, and sometimes quite mad. As for example at the hotel, where he spent a while acting as a bodyguard to Micky Dolenz, keeping the over-enthusiastic fans away.” ~ RM writer Derek Boltwood on the Wembley shows – Record Mirror, 15th July 1967




“I was real upset by [the way they set up the meeting], I thought it was terrible. Paul is such a beautiful guy and he’s so friendly. I didn’t know what to say to him but he was so easy and relaxed that we were soon talking like old friends. We just sat around listening to the tracks from his next LP and he played us ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields’. They’re both beautiful numbers but I prefer ‘Strawberry Fields’ – it’s more progressive, it’s the kind of music I want to do.” ~ Micky on his impromptu meeting with Paul McCartney – NME Magazine, 11th March 1967





“As Micky and I drove to lunch one day he learned that Spencer (Davis) would be playing at London’s famous Marquee club that very night and would love to see the Monkee. ‘Spencer Davis wants to see ME? He really wants to see ME? WOW!’ A cry he was to reiterate throughout the afternoon…We went down to the Marquee in strictest secrecy, nobody expected Micky and we smuggled him backstage and had a few photos taken with Spencer and the others. Unfortunately the kids discovered Micky was there and started to grow restless – in the end he got mobbed. All Micky wanted to do was sit and listen to the Spencer Davis Group all night. He kept saying that he thought Spencer was the greatest in the world. He just sat there backstage listening but after threequarters of an hour the kids became so discontent that he had to make a dash for it. Spencer gave Micky a copy of his LP and their latest single ‘I’m A Man’ which Micky hadn’t yet heard. He was knocked out and played the disc all day, every day in the hotel.” ~ Cyril Black on Micky meeting Spencer Davis – NME Magazine, 11th March 1967




“You know, Micky is utterly out of his mind…zany isn’t the word for it. But he’s a smart businessman, and people say he’s probably got every dime he ever made. I believe it!” ~ Susan Howard on Micky – NME Magazine, 30th March, 1968




“I went to the film set with Davy and Frank Zappa was there and he’s so nice. I couldn’t believe it. I was dead scared of him and I kept away on purpose from where he was. It was like that the first time I met Jimi Hendrix. I was scared of him but he’s really polite and nice. Davy called me over to where he was talking with Frank Zappa and Frank told Davy that the Monkees were the only group of that type that he liked. He’s sweet, isn’t that strange?” ~ Lulu on visiting the ‘Head’ set – NME Magazine, 30th March 1968



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