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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“We announce each of us is going to do a number on our own, because we keep on hearing this stuff about the Monkees being a manufactured group and we want to show that we’re versatile. So Peter comes out on his own and he plays the best banjo you’ve ever heard in your life. His fingers are fantastic. I can’t tell you how great he is. He does a Donovan-type folk thing. Next Mike comes out and does a Motown-style thing, sort of Spencer Davis with another group backing us. Then I come out in a tuxedo and sing and Anthony Newley-type thing – over there they know I was on Broadway for a few years and they more or less expect it. So as we do our singles the audiences get a chance to feel what each of us is in his own way.” ~ Davy on the tour set-up - Rave Magazine Issue #40, May 1967




“Mike Nesmith considers ‘Words’, on flip of ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’, is the more commercial number.” - Rave Magazine Issue #44, Sept 1967




“Monkee Mike Nesmith admits to having a machine complex. If it’s got a button and goes Mike will buy it. His vast mansion in Los Angeles is fitted out with every mechanical device known. All the doors in the house open to the spoken word, ‘Love’, and he has a big American Cadillac which can operate the devices from miles away by a simple flip of a switch on the dashboard. ‘I’ve got seven cars,’ says Mike. ‘My favourite is the Radford Mini that I bought in England. It’s strange how everyone has mentioned that “No Smoking” sign I had installed. It’s not that I object to people smoking, but in a car the smoke gets in the driver’s eyes, clings to clothes and you get ash all over the floor. That’s why the sign is there.” ~ Mike and technology – Rave Magazine Issue #45, Oct 1967




“When you meet him, Davy is a laughing, gay boy, but I think in many ways he’s a very lonely person. He has still not got over his mother’s death. The paintings in his house, for instance, are lonely. They’re paintings of hands, of open sea. Whether he’s consciously lonely I don’t know, I never discussed it with him. There are always lots of people running in and out of the house.” ~ Jenny Moss (childhood friend) on Davy – Rave Magazine Issue #48, Jan 1968





“I like girls who think for themselves. This is the most important thing to me. Anyone who takes somebody else’s opinion without finding out for themselves is a very weak personality. I like attractive girls, of course! But attractiveness to me is naturalness. I like a girl to wear as little make-up as possible, and lots of different types of clothes. I think people ought to looser their clothes and be as close to nature as possible, while still being socially acceptable. When I love somebody, I care for their well-being. I think love is a mutual thing. There’s no such thing as one person wanting another person more than that person wants him. Possessiveness and jealousy are not part of love either…I haven’t had a regular fare in so long I simply can’t remember the last one. When I’m dating a girl, we go up to my house and watch television and eat dinner, and sometimes we talk and sometimes we sit there and don’t say anything at all to each other. This is a true relationship to me, because we’re entirely natural with each other. When I speak of a relationship, it doesn’t mean that there’s just one. I relate to different people in different ways and I’ve often got many relationships going all at the same time. Often I’ll have several girls up to my house and we’ll all eat dinner, watch television and talk. There isn’t any jealousy. It’s beautiful. I’m not usually interested in the ‘most popular’ sort of girl. I like girls who stay home and read a lot. They’re the girls really worth knowing.” ~ Peter on girls and dating – Rave Magazine Issue #53, June 1968




“Davy was a charmer, such a nice boy, always ready with a smile, but nevertheless a trifle too treacly for my taste. Mike, it turned out, was more astute, more biting and more honest than anyone had imagined. There’s an awful lot of worthless, insincere flattery in the pop business and Mike cut through it all, he told it like it was. Peter was far from stupid, in fact he was amazingly articulate and put many a journalist’s vocabulary to shame, but he was, for a person of his intelligence, also extremely naïve. Micky nearly became my friend. If he had had more time I’m sure that it would have worked. I like him instantly – he was irreverent, funny, likeable, devastatingly charming and honest.” ~ Rave Magazine Issue #61, Feb 1969





“This last tour of Australia and Japan weren’t fun because I felt hideously under-rehearsed. I was constantly pushing for rehearsals, and they were constantly saying well, like later. We couldn’t get together. Also, we didn’t play any new music this last concert tour. It was all old tunes, nothing from our newer albums, and it was a bore.” ~ Peter on why he left the Monkees – NME Magazine, 25th Jan 1969




“I’ve got one number in the can called ‘Cuddly Toy’ which Mike thinks could be a single. He says it’s a lovely song which I sing with just the right amount of viciousness!” ~ Davy on ‘Cuddly Toy’ – Rave Magazine Issue #44, Sept 1967




“There was no question of the Monkees asking me to quit. Peter and Micky were both very kind to me. Neither were there any complaints from the kids, but a few of the young ones were brought to the shows by their parents, and they complained that my act was vulgar. Some people think the truth is vulgar!” ~ Jimi Hendrix on leaving the Monkees tour - Rave Magazine Issue #44, Sept 1967




“If you could say there was any kind of leader inside the group, it’d be Mike. He writes a lot of our songs, we take our start from him, we take our beat from him.” ~ Davy on the band set-up - Rave Magazine Issue #40, May 1967




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