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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


“I have always felt that a home is a ‘feeling’ not just a place. A person shouldn’t dwell on it…just in it…Orange is the dominant colour in my living room. It has so much warmth and goes well with candles and quiet. (I always have candles in the house, all different shapes and sizes, because I prefer them to light bulbs. They give a marvellous colour, and it makes the room feel so colourful and intense…) The biggest feature in the living room is the sofa which fits into the corner (which is actually a bed) which I have covered with a bright orangey-yellow slip cover…Two other favourite things I have in the house; a poster which was a present from Steve Stills, showing a man and woman hugging on a deserted beach with the word ‘LOVE’ on the bottom. Also the groovy, artistic way David Jones printed the word ‘LOVE’ on my bedroom wall with his stamps.” ~ Peter on his home – Unknown source, 1967



“The boys drifted off in four different directions. Mike wandered to the empty chair next to me, and flopped himself down, muttering ‘Hello,’ and tapping the top of my head with a friendly pat. I judged by the quiet, contented look on his face he wasn’t in a talkative mood so I simply whispered ‘Hello’ back. We sat in silence for five minutes, and watched the activity of the crew preparing for the next scene. Sally Field, the young star of another Screen-Gem TV series, ‘Flying Nun,’ suddenly came cycling on to the set dressed in her white nun’s habit. Parking her cycle, she sneaked up behind Peter and gave him an enormous bear hug. Peter, in turn, gathered her up in his arms, and ran off, yelling, ‘Have nun…will travel,’ and singing ‘You’re getting to be a habit with me…’ Mike simply shook his head and laughed.” ~ Reporter Jane Marshall on the Monkees set – New Musical Express Magazine, September 1967




“Nesmith is central to the development of the Monkees’ movie; the producers have asked him to write the first draft. He prefers to devote himself to that effort this summer while the others Tour much as he spent last summer working on the album while the others toured. They will do a heavy US concert tour from June 20th to the end of September. Nesmith has always found live appearances taxing and not very artistically satisfying. There is no conflict or breakup; his absence from the Tour is intended to further their careers as Monkees and they expect to make music together for another 30 years.” ~ Ward Sylvester on why Mike left the ’97 tour (supposedly) – Band 6 Fanzine Issue 36, June 1997




“Mike did 14 stadium shows with us in England. Mike’s always been the odd man out. He’s limited as a musician and doesn’t have that much of his own stuff to perform on stage. Even when we were doing the show, Mike didn’t contribute a lot. There could have been a broomstick wearing a wool hat and it would have been as exciting as him. He didn’t do much, he really just filled up space on stage. Mike never exactly blew the charts into chaos. He’s not what you would call a team player. But he’s definitely an interesting character.” ~ Davy on Mike’s absence from the US leg of the ’97 tour – The State News (Michigan State University), July 24th 1997





“Seeing a packed Wembley Arena freak out to Listen to the Band was certainly a thrill for me. I had mixed feelings about it. I enjoyed seeing the fans. We came because of a mandate from the fans and that was satisfying. But I prefer to play songs I’ve written in a different environment, so playing those other songs was not as fulfilling for me as it can be when I stand there with my guitar and sing my songs.” ~ Michael on touring – Melody Maker, June 1997




“What do I think of Techno? I like it. One of the things I’m working on right now is, Latin-country. The thing that’s kept me from just completely falling into the country & western bag is you can’t dance to it.” ~ Michael on music genres – Melody Maker, June 1997




“The UK wears an international black eye, and it’s the tabloid press. On a global level, it’s understood that the UK press is the worst in the world. So I knew I was walking into the absolutely worst possible place I could go. Even so, I had forgotten how mean-spirited the press could be. I knew that it was sub-standard and unintelligent and tied to what advertisers want, but I didn’t realise it was mean-spirited. And that was devastating, to see that operating as the voice of the public. It put me right off. I walking into that, and I thought, ‘My God, this is a terrible thing to be involved in.’ The converse of that is that the shows were fun enough. It’s always fun to play at an arena level. And the Monkees fans being what they are, they had a good time. So there wasn’t anything unpleasant about that side of it.” ~ Mike on the UK press response to the ’97 tour – Record Collector, August 1997




“Michael just was not happy touring in England. I think he’s going to be in a ‘been there, done that’ attitude for the rest of his life. (On being asked how the tour was going with Michael) Better.” ~ Peter on Mike’s departure from the US leg of the ’97 tour – The Lexington Herald Leader, July 20th 1997





“Thank you for your sweet letter, your interest in ‘The Monkees’, especially Peter. Must tell you, ‘The Monkees’ play all their instruments, sing all their songs. I don’t see Peter too often as he lives in Hollywood which is across the continent in California. We all saw him during the Xmas holidays, I will again when he takes off for London from here the end of June for the concerts in Wembley. Think eventually ‘The Monkees’ will make all the big cities of the British Isles. I wish they would. So many requests have come in. Peter Tork is really a sweetpie, has infinite charm that he turns off and on like a spigot, an excellent mimic, sometimes a little selfish, all youth is. Do hope this answers some of your questions. Best wishes – A Monkee’s Grandmother.” ~ Letter to a fan from Catherine Strauss (Peter’s Grandmother), Band 6 Fanzine Issue 16, June 1992 (Letter from 1967)




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