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"To Prove My Love is Truly Yours - Part 1"



Title: To Prove My Love is Truly Yours
Pairing: Torklenz (of course!)
Rating: Only PG for this chapter.
Warnings: Nothing much. Slashy thoughts, mainly.
Summary: This one picks up pretty much where "Strange Voices" left off. Everything is blissfully happy in Micky's relationship with Peter, but there's just one loose end...

Micky woke to the bright glare of sunshine against his closed eyelids.

Must have forgotten to close the curtains last night, was his first fuzzy thought. The second was, Man, this mattress is hard. It didn’t feel like this last night.

Slowly he opened his eyes, squinting immediately at the huge expanse of daylight that was illuminating the entire room.

What the hell…? he thought, his brain still 3/4th’s asleep. Then he suddenly realized that he wasn’t in his bed. He wasn’t even in his room. He was still on the living room rug.

“Oh shit,” he muttered, snapping to a fuller alertness almost immediately. He struggled up on one arm and looked around himself, still trying to get his stubborn eyes to adjust to the light.

Curled up on the floor beside him, still sleeping deeply, was Peter. A thin sheaf of dark golden hair had fallen against his cheek, and Micky slowly reached out to push it back into place, using the gentlest of touches so as not to wake him. A secret little smile touched Micky’s features as he simply gazed at his lover. He almost reminded Micky of an overtired little boy who had tried to stay up past his bedtime.

Then Micky noticed that both of them had been covered up with blankets, probably off of Peter’s bed, and a sudden flush covered his cheeks. That could only mean that Mike, and maybe Davy as well, had arrived home last night and discovered the two of them zonked out on the floor, naked and cuddling with their respective clothing strewn about the Pad.

Micky sighed, carefully pulling himself up into a sitting position, wincing a bit at the soreness in his muscles and joints. He knew that part of the soreness was from sleeping on the floor all night long, but he knew that wasn’t all that had caused it.

The smile returned to his lips again as he recalled the amazing evening he and Peter had shared last night. It definitely ranked in Micky’s own personal recollection as the hottest sex he had ever had in his life, and even though he couldn’t know for sure, he had a feeling that it had ranked high on Peter’s top ten list as well.

Micky’s smile turned slightly wicked. Oh, the urge to move Peter’s blanket aside and wrap his lips around his sleeping cock was so strong right now. He could almost visualize it hardening and lengthening within his mouth. The image was so strong that he actually had to swallow suddenly as his salivary glands went into overdrive.

Just as quickly, though, Micky knew he couldn’t do that right now. They weren’t alone in the house anymore, and he had a feeling they had traumatized their roommates enough for one 24-hour period.

Right on cue, Micky heard the upstairs bedroom door open and then the tread of feet coming down the spiral staircase. Mike was taking great pains to try and be quiet so as not to disturb them, which Micky was grateful for.

Mike moved toward the kitchen and Micky shifted on the floor and turned to watch him. Mike caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and looked back at Micky.

“Hey,” Mike said quietly, and turned to start making coffee, as if this was a morning like any other morning and nothing unusual was going on.

Micky dragged himself to his feet, wincing again. Damn his legs were killing him, but it had been worth it. So very worth it.

He cast one last fond glance down at Peter, and then slumped off toward the kitchen, his blanket draped and gathered around him like a bulky, fuzzy toga. He reached the table and sat down in one of the chairs, watching Mike go through his usual morning routine. Or at least what he assumed was Mike’s usual morning routine. On a typical morning, Mike was up far, far earlier than Micky was. Micky was known for normally rising a bit later than this…like noon.

Not one for dancing around issues and not yet awake enough to even try, Micky asked, “Were you the one that covered us up last night?”

Mike looked at Micky over his shoulder. “Yeah,” he said. “I thought about waking you guys up so you could go to bed…but I thought maybe it would have embarrassed you, and…” He suddenly stopped, looked uncertain for a moment, then shook his head slightly and went back to making coffee.

“And what?” Micky prompted, noticing the abrupt end to his words.

“Well…” Mike said, turning back toward Micky and smiling a bit. “You just looked so damned cute down there on the floor. I couldn’t bring myself to disturb you.”

“Oh great,” Micky said, rolling his eyes. But in actuality, he was quite pleased by Mike’s comment, which was the first time he had really heard verbal acceptance of the situation fully expressed by either Mike or Davy.

“Well, you asked,” Mike said, shrugging and placing the coffee pot on the burner to start the coffee percolating.

“Yeah, yeah,” Micky said. “So where’s Davy?”

Mike craned his neck toward the other side of the Pad. “Not sure. In the shower, probably. He came home with me last night.”

“Oh great, so both of you guys got a good show when you walked in, huh?” Micky asked.

Mike cut his eyes to Micky and said with a slight chuckle, “Well, not half as good of one as we would have had if we’d got home a couple of hours earlier, I reckon.”

Suddenly visions of last night flashed through Micky’s mind again, making his cheeks flush. All the same he couldn’t help but smile back at Mike a trifle sheepishly. “Yeah, you’ve definitely got that right.”

Just then there was the sound of a door shutting and Davy was walking toward them, a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair wet and combed back from his face. Water droplets glinted off his shoulders as he walked in front of the bay windows.

“Coffee ready yet?” he asked, stepping into the kitchen and peering around Mike.

“Just put it on,” Mike replied. “It’ll be about ten minutes.”

Davy sighed and joined Micky at the table, glancing askance at the blanket cocoon that his band mate was adorned in.

“Groovy dress you’ve got on there, Micky,” Davy cracked, reaching into the fruit bowl in the center of the table and grabbing an apple.

“Man, no wonder I sleep in all the time,” Micky said with mild disgust. “You two are just a rolling bundle of wit first thing in the morning.”

“I don’t know what you’re so grouchy about,” Davy said, taking a small bite of the apple and speaking around the mouthful as he added, “at least you got laid last night.”

Micky scrubbed a hand over his face as he heard Mike snort back a laugh over by the stove. “I take it things didn’t work out as planned with Amanda, then?”

“Nah,” Davy said, looking slightly put out. “After draping herself all over me for most of the afternoon, she suddenly decides to go after this blonde surfer type instead. Maybe you have the right idea, Micky. It’s getting to where I don’t understand girls anymore.”

He took another big bite of the apple and chewed it thoughtfully, staring blankly out toward the living room as Micky lifted his eyebrows in mild surprise but said nothing. First Mike had casually “approved” of Micky’s and Peter’s relationship, and now Davy had just done the same thing. Maybe seeing the two of them together like that really had cemented the idea in their minds. They were forced to think of it as a reality, not just as a vague concept.

Or, maybe I’m the only one here that really had that big of a hang-up about the subject to begin with, he thought. Of course that was all in the past now. He was perfectly okay with sex between two men now, boy. No issues there at all anymore.

Oh really? his mind whispered again. Then why haven’t you let Peter fuck you yet? You know he’s dying to do it.

Oh no. It was much too early in the morning for having heavy conversations with himself, he decided. He forced his mind to shelve those thoughts for now. He could take them down and study them further later.

Just then Davy was tipping his chin up toward the living room and saying with a smile, “Hey Micky, I think your sleeping beauty is awake.”

Micky turned and saw Peter slowly sitting up in the middle of the patch of sunlight he had been laying in, staring groggily around as Micky had first done, as if unsure of where he was.

“’Mornin’ Pete,” Mike called cheerfully. “Coffee’ll be ready soon.”

“Mmm…No coffee,” Peter muttered sleepily, rubbing his eyes with the back of one hand. “Tea. Need tea.”

He gathered the blanket around him as Micky had done and rose to his feet, yawning, his eyes still not all-the-way open before he reached the kitchen.

Micky watched Peter approach, noticing how the sun touched off bright golden sparkles in his hair, and knew what he wanted to do right now. After the night they’d shared, it just seemed
right to do it…but should he in front of the guys?

Yes, in front of the guys, he decided with firm determination. This is who we are now, and we’re not going to hide it…at least not here at home with our friends who understand us.

So without another second of hesitation, Micky rose to his feet, secretly congratulating himself on not tripping over the edge of the blanket and falling flat on his face, and drew Peter toward him.

“Good morning,” Micky said quietly, and kissed Peter’s lips briefly but tenderly, loving the sun-warmth of him, and the lingering, intoxicating odor of sex that still clung to his skin. Peter made a contented rumble in his throat and hooked a hand around the back of Micky’s head to draw him into a second, longer kiss. Micky could feel the eyes of Mike and Davy on them, but neither of them interrupted the moment.

“Good morning,” Peter replied as they separated, smiling softly. Then he was shuffling into the kitchen. “’Morning, fellas,” he said to the other two in passing.

“What? No kiss for me??” Davy said, feigning outrage.

Peter turned to smile at the shorter man. “Sorry, Davy. I’m in a monogamous relationship right now.” His eyes flickered over to lock with Micky’s as he said pointedly, “I belong to Micky only.”

Micky said nothing, but the brilliant shine that came to his eyes told Peter everything he needed to know.

But when are you going to give all of yourself to him? The persistent voice whispered again, and Micky once more shoved it to the back of his mind in a hurry.


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